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Woof Woof Is Meow Meow And Other Fishy Killer Drugs

MEOW Meow, aka mephedrone, is banned. But there is a new killer legal high and it’s called… No, not alcohol. No, this one is called woof woof, or MDAI for short.

You may recall that Meow Meow, though toxic (as labelled), has not killed anyone. Yes, people have died who have taken it, but they did not take it in isolation. And there is, as yet, no proof that the drug hastened their deaths.

So. Here’s woof woof and, as the Sun says, it “is set to flood the streets of Britain”. Anyone unable to afford proper drugs – the illegal ones that have been well researched, or get off thei face on hooch and prescription medicines – can buy cheap legal highs.

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When Jedward Met Adam Lambert And The Black Eyed Peas: Pictures

JEDWARD are in the Shake ‘n’ Vac advert. And, as we have reported, although John and Edward Grimes, as Jedward are known, spritzed the streets of Soho with a white powder – with no sign of a vacuum cleaner nor carpet – Shake ‘n’ Vac does NOT contain meow meow, mephedrone, sparkle nor any narcotic and is not the “new cocaine”.

Before Jedward move onto advertising instant mash, sucking on a flake, beating off a cup of Gold Blend, having one of those nights for Lemonade or getting an “ology” – toxicology – they have been meeting the stars. Here they are with Adam Lambert and The Black Eyed Peas…


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Health Alert: Jedward’s Shake And Vac Does Not Contain Mephedrone

WHEN we spotted Jedward – John and Edward Grimes – stood on the pavement of London shaking white powder about, fears of an anthrax infestation were alleviated when we noted that the X Factor products had become the faces of Shake ‘n’ Vac, a white, powdery substance that rids the carpet of foul smells.

It’s a marketing campaign. And the hope seems to be that the icons of dazed and confused youth will take Shake ‘n Vac to their young fans’ hearts, possibly with the same gusto as the youth embrace meow meow, Sherbet Dip Daps, Vim and all other household products.

Jedward Gallery

Their agents got in touch to remind us that Shake ‘n’ Vac is not a drug that makes you sing and dance as you get the stench of cat wee out of your rug. Shake ‘n’ Vac is a narcotic-free matter that should neither be snorted nor injected.

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N-Dubz Dappy Does Meow Meow: Cocaine Dealers Amazed

NOW that meow meow, aka mephedrone is illegal, here’s a picture of “vilethreatening N-Dubz front man, Pob look-alike Dappy, snorting the stuff following a gig.

The best bit about the Sun’s picture is that Dappy is said to be “hoovering” up the plant food through a rolled up bank note. He is in a “grimy back office”, and not on a yacht or swanky penthouse or any other super slick venue where you take real cocaine.

Meow meow is billed in the tabloids as the cheaper alternative to cocaine. But given that Dappy is a popstar and using an actual bank note – although it might be Greek fiver or one of these – meow meow seems to be a drug in its own right.

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MDAI Is The New Mephedrone, With Added Sparkle

MEOW Meow is banned. Mephedrone is too pricy and risky now that it’s illegal. If you’re gonna takes risk you might as well buy some cocaine. So. Got any Sparkle? You know, MDAI. Got any? The Star says “experts say it could be lethal”.

The Mirror says Sparkle is the new big thing:

Danger drug meow meow’s successor MDAI could flood Britain

To help you to identify it, the Mirror produces a picture of a small bag containing a smattering of white powders.

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Mephedrone Madness: Blackburn Man First To be Nicked For Meow Meow

THE fist mephedrone raid – that’s meow meow to you; or whatever you kids are now calling ti and shopping for – took place in Blackbun, Lancashire. Police raced to Livesey Branch Road and with the cry “FIRST!” scooped 30 bags of the noxious plant food.

Meow meow, or ‘bubble’ as Blackburn locals call it, became illegal last night. And the local bobbies were quick to nap a 21-year-old man, who was also growing cannabis.

Says the Lancashire Telegraph:

Mephedrone has been linked to several deaths across the country after it began to be used as a substitute for illegal drugs like ecstasy and cocaine.

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Laura Main RIP: Abused By Meow Meow And The Tabloids

MEOW MEOW has been banned. And rightly so. Nothing keeps the kids off drugs like banning them. Meow Meow is to be a Class B drug, and anyone caught with it “could face a five-year prison sentence”. The Scotsman has the facts, but the Sun has the sensation. Laura Main has died. Or as the Sun puts it:


So. The bright Aberdeen University graduate died from taking mephedrone. Finally we’ve got a clear link between the toxic plant food and a fatality. Says the Mail:

Law student who led ‘Lady Asbo’ double life as escort died after taking meow meow

In the Sun, Laura Main is “law student” first and foremost. Online she is “a pretty law student”.

She was also Eve, an escort for the “elite” Bunnies of London.

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Media Says Mephedron ‘Killed’ Wesley Sharples As Gordon Brown Ignores Ban

MEOW MEOW has not been banned. The papers were wrong. The drugs, also know as mephedrone has not been banned because Parliament has broken up for the election that Gordon Brown called.

If your son or daughter dies from meow meow, then you know who to blame. Blame Gordon Brown. You’ll find him on your doorstep looking tough, and later on the back benches in Westminster.

Says Gordon Brown:

“They have been misled into believing they were taking a drug which did not have lethal qualities.”

Misled by whom? Meow meow is legal. Gordon Brown could have helped to make it illegal had he only waited a short while longer to put his premiership to the vote. But Gordon and the wonks say it is legal. So legal it is.

But the drug is deadly, say the media and Gordon, despite there being no firm evidence that it is.

The Scotsman hears of 23-year-old Wesley Sharples who “was found with gunshot wounds at his flat in Bolton, Greater Manchester”.

Says the paper:

Police were unable to confirm reports that he may have taken the dance drug mephedrone, known as Meow Meow, after inviting friends to his home on the day he died.

Such are the facts. So, let us not turn the traffic death of a young man into a scare story.

Or as the Daily Mail screams:

Partygoer, 23, blasts himself in head with a shotgun ‘after taking meow meow drug’

But we don’t know that he took that drug, or any drug.

A police spokesman says:

“We have sent blood samples off to toxicology and until we get that back we cannot guess or speculate what he may or may not have taken. These may take several weeks to come back.”

Still, meow meow is a killer, right?. But not in Reading, Berkshire. Not any more since local firm Meph Direct shut up shop.

It told shoppers:

“We regret to announce that prices have risen nationwide due to the manufacturers hiking up their prices and the product becoming increasingly scarce. Please be cautious of other sellers that have not increased their prices as you will find that they are mixing their product with unscrupulous substances.”

Good news, then! Killer drug cut with worming food and Vim. A source at the firm tells the local paper:

“But the media has killed mephedrone. They’ve got their ban and we’re finished.

Anyhow, back to Mr Wesley Sharples, in the Sun:

Last night a Greater Manchester Police source said: “There have been reports from his friends that he may have taken meow meow.”


One neighbour said: “No one knows why it’s happened. He was nice and very polite.”

Still, if Mr Sharples can be used to help the Sun in its campaign – and it is only campaigns that stop newspapers from being all the same – at least he did not die in vain…

Meow Meow: Mephedrone Is This Week’s Scare Story

Mephedrone: Dr Polly Taylor’s Letter To Home Secretary Alan Johnson

Meow Meow: How To Buy The ‘Killer’ Drug In Bulk And Crank Up The Fear

Meow Meow The Panda Bear Goes Nuts

How To Buy Meow Meow From A Labour MP’s Son

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Meow Meow Sold In Chinese Restaurants And Take-Aways

MEOW Meow is here. Mephedrone must be banned. Eric Carlin is unimpressed. Meow meow is being sold in Chinese restaurants and take-aways…

Meow Meow: Mephedrone Is This Week’s Scare Story

Mephedrone: Dr Polly Taylor’s Letter To Home Secretary Alan Johnson

Meow Meow: How To Buy The ‘Killer’ Drug In Bulk And Crank Up The Fear

Meow Meow The Panda Bear Goes Nuts

How To Buy Meow Meow From A Labour MP’s Son

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Meow Meow: Mephedrone Is This Week’s Scare Story

MEOW Meow, aka mephedrone, is in the news. The Sun talks of a “TWO-WEEK RACE TO BAN MEOW”. The Sun says that in two weeks there is to be an election, maybe, and after that Parliament breaks up.

So. It’s a race against time. Maybe the election should be delayed?

The paper says the drug must be banned “after 26 deaths”. We hear of a girl of 14 “lucky to be alive”. She took meow and collapsed. We’re not told if the girl had any pre-existing medical conditions, had been drinking or taking other drugs, only that she collapsed in a Tesco car park. And the police say she is “lucky to be alive”. Although, she made a full recovery.

It is left to the Swindon Advertiser to complete the picture:

She had taken a cocktail of alcohol and the drug.

No proof yet exists that toxic meow meow specifically resulted in death. In place of facts we do hear from bereft parents who have lost their children. They, understandably, want the drug banned. They want their child’s death to count for something. It’s emotive stuff.

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Meow Meow: How To Buy The ‘Killer’ Drug In Bulk And Crank Up The Fear

MORE on Meow Meow (aka mephedrone), the “killer” drug that has not been proven to have led to any deaths, although has been “linked” to “several deaths”. So says the Daily Star.

The Sunday Mirror said yesterday that Meow Meow was to be banned today. Only the news was wrong. After the headline, the actual news was:

Lethal drug meow meow will be banned by MPs in record time after an emergency meeting tomorrow.

It’s a political issue, not only because a Labour MP’s son is selling the stuff legally, as the Sun claims, but because the politicos are using Meow Meow to look tough in the run up to the election. Says Gordon Brown:

“They have been misled into believing they were taking a drug which did not have lethal qualities.”

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How To Buy Meow Meow From A Labour MP’s Son

SEAN Ellman, son to Louise Ellman, MP for Liverpool Riverside, is, as the Sun claims, Britain’s Meow Meow “DRUGS BARON”.

He’s a drugs baron in much the same way that the Government which rakes in a fortune from alcohol taxes is a Booze Baron, or a Tobacco Baron or a Diazepam Baron.

Like those other legal highs and lows, Meow Meow is legal. The drug is also known as 4MMC, M-CAT, meow, miaow, meoowwwwww or drone. Meow Meow is made from plant food mephedrone.

The NHS describes Meow Meow as:

Meow meow is a common name for 4‐Methylmethcathinone, a synthetic substance based on the cathinone compounds found in the khat plant of eastern Africa, which locals chew for an amphetamine-like high.

The Sun was offered meow meow within minutes of entering Ellman’s Dr Hermans Salsa shop in Warrington, Cheshire. See, kids, that’s where you get it from. It’s not an acrticle it’s a shopping guide.

Our investigator simply asked a female assistant: “Do you have any MCAT?” – its club name. She replied: “Oh yes, there in the glass cabinet.”

The legal drug is being kept behind a glass cabinet in a “drugs accessory shops”. The purpose of the Sun’s scoop seems unclear. Is Meao Meow so very dangerous that we need to be hysterical about it, ban it and make it so that the kids can only buy the toxic mush in the street, where it will be spliced with Vim and cost more? Of course, Louise Ellman is “Labour Louise”, so you can make something of that.

The facts seem very hard to come by, not least of all for the Sun which in place of scientific data uses the mum of 18-year-old called Joslyne Cockburn who died after a high out. Josylne had taken meow moew and her grieving mum is “convinced” the drugs killed her daughter.

She says “it needs to be banned”.

Perhaps it should be. And then the kids not old enough or rich enough to buy booze and fag can buy a new legal drug. Or else they can be weaned off meaow meow in mum and dad’s drinks cabinet…

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