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Guardian job advert for teacher pays £2375996117 per annum

WANT a job that pays loads money? You do?  Then get down to Croydon, where the teaching job with Protocol Education pays “£25117 – £2375996117 per annum + DEPENDANT ON EXPERIENCE” [sic].

There are places for 5 x Key Stage 2 Teachers in South Croydon, Thornton Heath, New Addington and Caterham areas.

Greece should apply pronto to avoid disappointment…


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How to avoid £650 million in bank and credit card charges

QUITE incredibly UK consumers seem to pay £650 million a year in bank overdraft charges, late credit card payment charges and so on. That’s the sort of amount that makes payday loans look cheap (which, in some circumstances, they actually are in comparison).

British consumers have paid nearly £650m in credit card and bank account penalty fees in the past year, according to research from the UK’s first fully-secure, multi-platform finance management service OnTrees.

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The Secret European Union budget deal that isn’t

THE European Union. It’s out to get you. The Daily Express says so. Today the Express yells “SECRET EU PLOT TO STITCH IP BRITAIN.” Macer Hall’s story is that EU officials are “stitching together an ‘alternative’ financial plan that could be agreed with the 26 other member states, leaving the UK isolated”. It’s about the EU’s next €1tn seven-year budget. Britain is the only country calling for a complete EU budget freeze. The long-term budget – 2014-2020 – requires unanimity.

THe “SECRET” the Express exposes was written about on November 15. Reuters reported:

European Union officials are examining legal options to side-step a possible British veto on the bloc’s long-term budget, in a bid to weaken Prime Minister David Cameron’s trump card in the talks, diplomats said.

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How to save money: make a shopping list

MAKE a shopping list to save money. Or at least that’s the advice here. Consumers waste thousands upon thousands of pounds a year in the supermarkets. The secret to not doing so is to make a meal plan, create a shopping list and only buy what’s on it.


Shoppers overspend by an average of £30 every time they visit the supermarket, and men aged between 35 and 44 are the worst offenders. Almost a third of shoppers have no set budget for food – meaning they more frequent visits to the supermarket and greater monetary waste.

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How much money do you need to get by? Depends how high taxes are

HOW much money do you need to get by? No, not to afford all the little luxuries of life, but how much do you need just to be able to get by? As a couple, with children that is?

British families need to earn nearly £30,000 a year just to survive, even without ‘luxuries’ like holidays and meals out, according to a survey.

The study suggests that an average family now needs £24,801.51 every year for essential expenditure such as mortgage or rent payments, utilities, insurance, food, petrol, mobile phone and landline costs, and clothing.

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NatWest chase dog called Noodles for overdraft payment

BANKS, as we know, are joyless, recession-causing imbeciles. Those delightful swine at NatWest are showing this off with aplomb at the minute, chasing a dog called Noodles for money.


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What a silly complaint about the Southern Cross collapse

SOUTHERN Cross was, as you will remember, the care homes company that went bust. At the time it did there were great wailings that the elderly would be thrown out on hte street and how this proved private profit making was just appalling. Man.

Of course what actually happened is that the people who owned the care homes simply found another manager and no one was moved at all. Just the shareholders in Southern Cross lost all their money for the mistake of hiring the wrong people using the wrong business model. Which is exactly the way this capitalism shtick is supposed to work.

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Why don’t we all move our bank accounts more often?

WHY don’t we all move our bank accounts more often? It’s one of these very strange things about the British economy. We’ve a number of national banks. It’s easy enough to move one’s bank account yet very few of us do so. But we all also complain interminably about how the bastard banks rip us off.

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Your Kindle books, iTune songs and online videos are worthless

I’M sure we’ve all done the trudge down to the second hand bookshop when the shelves get overloaded. Get back 50 p a copy for the old paperbacks sorta stuff. Or the equivalent at the CD shop, even bundled up the stuff and gone to a car boot sale.

The big question in this modern digital age is whether we’re going to be able to do the same with out Kindle books, online videos and MP3 music files.

The short answer is: No.

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Lady Gaga wants to share Obama’s cake

LADY Gaga was for Obama:

“I’m a Catholic and I make a lot of money and I want to give a lot of it back and I don’t want any tax breaks. I want people in my country that don’t have a lot; I want them to have more. I want them to have what I have. I feel guilty every day that I can’t give it to everyone.”

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Floods, hurricanes and the cost of home insurance

AFTER Hurricane Sandy we’ve had the usual claims that climate change is going to make life more expensive for us all. We also get the same thing being said here in the UK whenever there’s a flood. The idea being that as climate change makes floods and hurricanes and tempests and cyclones and disasters and Aiiiieee!we’reallgonnadie!  more likely then the expense of these things is going to continue to rise.

Rebuilding after them will become ever more expensive, house insurance, hurricane insurance, flood insurance, all will be come more expensive as a result of climate change. As all of those things have been getting more expensive in recent years and it’s all climate change’s fault.

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On The Nonsense That Is Bill McKibben

SO. Dear Old Bill McKibben is out and about again telling us that it’s all these evil corporations that are to blame for climate change:

As gutsy New Yorkers begin the task of drying out the city, here’s one thought that occurred to me last night watching the horrifying pictures from a distance. It’s obviously not crucial right now – but in the long run it might make a difference. Why don’t we stop naming these storms for people, and start naming them after oil companies?

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I wonder if we can get The Guardian into the 21st Century?

WILL the Guardian move into the 21st Century? Might be slightly difficult, trying to get the liberal arts types who write the Guardian up to speed. But could be worth it if we can manage it.

They’ve an editorial today about the decline of the High Street. How terrible it is, great national crisis, Boo Hoo etc.

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Polly Toynbee really needs to learn some economics

OK, so there are some nutters out there (like me!) who think that we should leave the European Union. There are arguments about why this might not be a good idea. But this is not one of them:

The cost of membership is not high: we pay a net 1% of GDP, the same as France, 85% of it redistributed to poorer countries. What we get back in trade is far greater:

The mistake being in the “what we get back from trade”.

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A nuclear bomb is not a dirty bomb

I’M not sure here whether it’s the Mail getting things mixed up or whether we’ve actually got a government minister getting mixed up. The likelihood of either is so high that who is able to tell?

A dirty bomb attack is a ‘real threat’ faced by Britain, the Foreign Office will warn today. The government claims nuclear terrorism is still one of the biggest threats to global peace. Minister Alistair Burt will use a speech to warn of the dangers posed by a rise nuclear weapons being smuggled around the world.

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UK Uncut really don’t know what they’re talking about, do they?

IN a press release from UK Uncut we see this:

A report in the Times newspaper (20/09/12) outlined how 533 directors of UK companies have registered addresses in Monaco. Despite vetting by HMRC, the government has still seen fit to award several tax exiles with honours. These include the billionaire Sir Phillip Green- who avoided £285million in capital gains tax in 2005. UK Uncut activists have repeatedly targeted Green by occupying branches of his Arcadia fashion empire.

Err, no. Just no.

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Amazingly, we treat too many women for breast cancer

WE treat too many women for breast cancer… Yes, yes, I know, this story is from the Mail where everything either causes or cures cancer. However, they are actually correct here:

About 4,000 women each year endure gruelling, unnecessary treatment for breast cancers that were not life-threatening, a review has found.

For every life saved by early detection, three women have therapy they do not need, according to the most definitive investigation of breast cancer screening so far.

Nearly all are given aggressive treatments – including chemotherapy, radiotherapy or having a breast removed – even though they might never have experienced any symptoms during their lifetime because their cancers were slow growing or non-aggressive.

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Why manufacturing jobs are leaving China

YOU may not know that this is true: but it is. The number of manufacturing jobs in China is falling. The reason why is really very simple:

A 16pc annual rise in Chinese wages over the last decade has changed the game.

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French want Google to pay to link to websites

THE latest installment of the Gallic incomprehension of the most basic pieces of economics is that they want to charge Google for indexing the French newspapers. Something that is really very absurd indeed.

France’s new government has been making noise about forcing Google to pay for the privilege of linking to French news sites.

Erm, what?

Google responded by threatening to remove all French news sites from its index, which would presumably eliminate the 4 billion clicks it sends to those sites every year.

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A pictorial history of the Made In Britain Ford Transit van

IS FORD ready to close the Ford Transit Assembly Plant in Southampton? Union officials said it was a “very worrying time” for the 500 employees at the Southampton site, which has been making Transit vans since 1972. Have any of you been in one?


Picture 1 of 15

The remains of the Ford Transit van used to launch the mortar attack on Tempo RUC station, Co. Fermanagh, on Saturday evening. No-one has claimed responsibility, but the IRA have been blamed for the attack. Photo by Brian Little/PA. SEE PA STORY ULSTER Attack.

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Amazon’s about to get more expensive

THE EU has finally woken up to that despicable little bit of tax dodging:

Amazon is to be stripped of its huge tax advantage on the sales of electronic books after the European commission ordered Luxembourg to close a VAT loophole.

Amazon is registered as a Luxembourg company and pays that country’s VAT charge of 3% when it sells an ebook to a British reader, rather than the 20% it would have to charge if it were UK-based.
The European commission – which oversees European Union law as the EU’s executive arm – on Wednesday gave Luxembourg 30 days to increase its VAT rate on digital services from 3% to 15%. This will close a tax loophole that has encouraged companies such as Amazon, Skype and Netflix to be based in Luxembourg to benefit from the 3% rate when selling throughout the EU.

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Why is Barroso lying to us about the Robin Hood Tax?

A CERTAIN Mr. Barroso tells us today that the Robin Hood Tax is a really wonderful idea:

Mr Barroso said the legal requirements and conditions had been met and he did not believe the tax would undermine the single market if it were imposed across limited parts of the European Union. “I am delighted to see that 10 member states have indicated their willingness to participate in a common financial transaction tax,” he said. “This tax can raise billions of euros of much-needed revenue for member states in these difficult times.”

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Climate Change will not mean you die from malaria

ONE of the things we’re often told about climate change is that the increasing heat will bring back malaria. As temperatures rise then the mozzies that carry it will be able to live further north and thus we’ll all die aiieeeee!

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Apparently eBay’s dodging taxes too

EBAY is dodging taxes. Or so said the Sunday Times over the weekend. The company, instead of collecting money for stuff here in the UK collects it through it’s Luxembourg PayPal company. So all the taxes get collected over there, not over here.

This is being called, umm, tax dodging, or tax avoidance. It’s certainly not tax evasion as everyone knows it’s legal.

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The best placards from the TUC anti-austerity march

AT yesterday’s TUC march, aside from watching Ed Miliband’s train face, the eyes were on the placards. Could they be funny?


Picture 1 of 16

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