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Jerry Pournelle On How The World Works


The purpose of modern government is to take money from the folks who save and pay their bills and live within their means, and use that to hire government workers; and to keep their power by using the money to buy votes from those who do not save and pay their bills and live within their means. And of course the money comes from those who work and save and pay their bills and live within their means — who else will have any money for the government to take?

Or am I unduly cynical? But you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Lottery winners are not taxed in the UK…

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Man Knifed By Sandwhich

TO New York, where John Agnesini is risking life and innards on a Cold Cut Trio Subway sandwich.

No slight on the gut-stretching loaf of “sliced turkey, bologna, turkey ham and turkey salami with your choice of fresh vegetables and condiments served on freshly baked bread”. As if.

More a comment on the 7-inch (18-cm) blade baked into the foot-long snack.

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A Tip On How Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama Got A Bad Deal

PSSST! Want to know how to save money on your political campaign?

The US Presidential race is an expensive affair: Republican agonist John McCain has total receipts of $100.4 million for the whole campaign, less than half of Barack Obama’s total of $266.6 million since January 2007.

Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign to secure the Democrat Party’s nomination cost $212 million.

Big money.

But it could have been all decided for less, much less. No, not by a game of Russian Roulette, rather by aping the New Labour project.

The Deal, Stephen Frears’ “prequel to The Queen” is having its “world theatrical premiere” at an American Cinematheque screening at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood on July 23.

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Equities Bounce On A Dead Cat Trampoline

WHATS this? US shares are soaring JPMorgan Chase, the mega US investment bank, revealed that its second quarter trading is ahead of analysts’ gloomy expectations. Yes, it is the same JP Morgan Chase that has been hit by a 52 per cent fall in profits.

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Summer Holidays With Cameron And Brown

CLASS war in the Mirror where hackette Julie McAffrey is given the task of visiting “posh” Padstow, Cornwall, and “sophisticated” Southwold, Suffolk, where, respectively, David Cameron and Gordon Brown and spending part of their summer holidays.

When he wasn’t prime minister, Brown was a regular visitor to Cape Cod in the US; now he’s in charge he stays in the UK, offering us no respite and him no rest.

(Picture: Beau Bo D’Or Website)

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Mick Hume And Johnathan Pearce On Cristiano Ronaldo’s Slave Labour

JOHNATHAN Pearce looks at Cristiano Ronaldo’s slave labour, and Mick Hume’s reaction:

But the recent comments that Ronaldo’s contract amounts to a form of slavery is stretching the use of language to breaking point, contrary to what Mick Hume, a self-described “red” both in political and sporting terms, says. If a person signs a contract to work for a bank or football team for a minimum of say, four years, he must serve that contract out, unless there was any clear proof that he signed under conditions of duress. A footballer who signs terms with a club binding him into a four-year contract is not selling himself into slavery. It is not as if Mr Ronaldo was kidnapped, frogmarched into the club and forced to play. It is not even as though he was starving, and so desperate for a job that he was prepared to do anything to get a job. Marxists of old like Mr Hume used to argue that workers, who had no reserves of cash to live off, were “coerced” into signing work contracts and hence exploited, an argument that might have just about held water in the early 19th century when thousands of people were living on the edge of starvation, but hardly applies now.

He can always withdraw his labour, or play badly and see how Ferguson treats him then…

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South Carolina Is Sooo Gay

LAST one to South Carolina’s a…

A state employee has resigned and officials have disavowed an international advertising campaign that led to calls for an investigation of tourism posters proclaiming “South Carolina is so gay.”

Not soooo gay, then..?

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Swindon Bans Speed Cameras, Maybe

FERGUS Shanahan says, “Well done Swindon Borough Council, which is axing all its speed cameras because they are, in its words, ‘a blatant tax on the motorist’.”

A few pages on and the Sun is less certain:

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Why China Backs Mugabe’s Zimbabwe: Money

CHINA supports the Mugabe regime in Zimabawe. Why? Why:

In a series of barely reported developments over the years, the Mugabe regime has progressively “nationalised” – i.e., expropriated – these assets, culminating in a deal with China in 2005 when he sold mining rights to China. The foreign exchange earnings made from this deal have kept the regime alive, allowing Mugabe to buy what he needs, and keeping his supporters financed.

China also keeps Mugabe supplied with weapons to underpin his power base – at enormous expense. In June 2004 alone, Zimbabwe purchased from China 12 FC-1 fighters and 100 military vehicles worth an estimated $240 million. The order actually went above and beyond the $136 million defence budget.
The huge wealth from mining revenues, directed straight into Mugabe’s coffers, the amount of financial leverage that the UK – with or without the EU – can exert is minuscule. In fact, EU aid between 2002 and 2007 was worth €107.5 million and in 2008, the “assistance” is expected to be around €25 million.

This compares with the recent increase in platinum production, from 90,000 ounces per year to 160,000 ounces annually. Additionally, through a parallel deal with the Chinese, nickel production has increased from 1,540 tons to 2,900 tons annually. As a result, reported in May of this year, mineral exports, with the exception of gold, for the first four months of the current year stood at $302 million.

And Gordon Brown condemns it all in the strongest possible terms. No chance…

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LibDems Want Subsidised Flooding Risk


Liberal Democrats : Flood insurance must cover those at most risk – Webb

Commenting on the announcement that insurers have agreed to cover households with a flood risk of up to one-in-75 years, Liberal Democrat Shadow Environment Secretary, Steve Webb said:

“It is all very well making insurance available, but it must be affordable to people living in the most vulnerable homes.

And how is that going to work? What he actually means is that he wants people to pay less than the risk demands, do you think the insurance companies are going to subsidize the bad risks?

No. And, er, no…

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Alan Rusbridger And Emily Bell Make The Media Guardian’s 100

THE Guardian newspaper’s MediaGuardian 100 is “our annual guide to the most powerful people in the industry. Candidates are judged on three criteria – their cultural, economic and political influence in the UK.”

This arbitrary test of media might is decided by a panel of ten, including:

Janine Gibson, executive editor of and editor-in-chief of MediaGuardian.
Jane Martinson, editor of MediaGuardian.
Brent Hoberman, a non-executive director of Guardian Media Group

The questions is: where does the panel place the Guardian and its editor?

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Only Olympic Judo Winners Get Paid

A SURVEY by the Sunday Herald Sun, Australia, says Britain pays nothing to Olympic champions, except those who triumph in judo.

Given the recent headlines on youth crime and the Jeunesse D’ore’s favoured hobby of kebab-shop-stabbing, the British taxpayers’ money is safe when it comes to awarding trials of unarmed combat.

But why should any Olympic athlete get paid anything? Do you get paid to run about, hopping and swimming all day?

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Bigger Bills For Bigger Bras At M&S

SAYS Beckie Williams, founder of Bust 4 Justice, on Radio Five Live: “That’s fair enough. But they don’t apply the same policy to other clothes that use more material and more resources to make as well.

“I just think it should be one policy for all items of clothing.”

Ms Williams beef is with Mark and Spencer which charges more for some of its bras that are DD cup or larger.

Williams calls it “an unfair tax”. Says she: “This is not something that we have chosen… If you don’t charge a size 20 woman more for a pair of trousers, then why should you pay more for an E cup bra?”

This appears to be an oversight on the part of retailers who will most probably respond to Williams’ campaign by upping the cost of clothing in larger sizes.

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McDonald’s Responds

THAT McDonald’s response in full…

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The Credit Crunch Bites

CREDIT Crunch bites…

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Wanted: Blind Air Traffic Controller

SAYS the advert for an air-traffic controller at St Mary’s airport, Isles of Scilly:

“If you require this document in an alternative language, in larger text, Braille, easy read or in an audio format, please contact the Community Relations Officer.”

It’s political correctness gone maaad….

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Toyota Employee Worked To Death

A SENIOR car engineer at Toyota died from working too many hours. He succumbed to ischemic heart disease in January 2006.

The 45-year-old man was developing a hybrid version of Toyota’s successful Camry line at the time of his death. A victim of global warming?

In the two months leading up to his death, the man averaged more than 80 hours of overtime per month, his wife’s lawyers said. Workers in Japan often put in very long hours and “sudden death from overwork” is referred to as karoshi.

John Prescott, non-hybrid Jaguar driver, is 70.

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Iain Dale’s Total Politics Is Heat For Ugly People

IAIN Dale, the wannabe MP Tory blogger, is involved in a magazine called Total Politics. Lord Michael Ashcroft’s money is buying:

Total Politics is a lifestyle magazine dedicated to all things political. Our overarching goal is to be unremittingly positive about the political process and to bring you the most interesting, informative and insightful features and commentary from across the UK and the world

It will sell politics to people who have bought a magazine about politics. But what’s unique about it?

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MEPs Get Their Own Train


European parliamentarians have been enjoying their first ride aboard their very own train. The high-speed Thalys train has launched a new, direct service from Brussels to the French city of Strasbourg exclusively for MEPs.

The service is an effort to silence growing discontent over the ‘travelling circus’, which involves the entire European Parliament uprooting to the Alsacian capital for its monthly plenary session at a cost of 200 million euros a year…


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American Woman Has Sex For Petrol

THE petrol crisis:

JULY 2–A Kentucky woman is facing prostitution charges for allegedly trading sex for gasoline. Angela Eversole, 34, was nabbed last weekend during a police stakeout at a Days Inn, where she allegedly trysted with customer Kenneth Nowak. According to court records, Nowak admitted paying for Eversole’s services, in part, with a $100 Speedway gas card. Eversole was hit with a prostitution rap and also charged with doing business without an occupational license. Nowak was charged with promoting prostitution. Eversole and Nowak are pictured below in mug shots snapped following their June 27 arrests. A local prosecutor noted that it was sad to see someone selling their body for gas, in this case about 25 gallons worth.


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AP Is Watching Bloggers

Business Week looks at how the big publishers are watching the bloggers:

The AP, a not-for-profit news cooperative owned by thousands of subscriber newspapers, has been using a system from Redwood City (Calif.)-based startup Attributor. Like other content recognition systems, Attributor’s software extracts a small digital fingerprint—a string of bits unique to a given article, song, or video—and collects them in a database. Then it continually crawls billions of Web sites and blogs, much as Google does when a user launches a search, to detect where that fingerprint recurs. In the recent incident, AP had unearthed instances where its content—at times whole articles—was posted to the liberal-leaning Web site Drudge Retort. Other Attributor customers include Thomson Reuters (TRI), Condé Nast Publications’ CondéNet, and the Canadian Press. The AP and Attributor declined to comment on the incident.

Copy And…

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The Welfare State Generates Wealth, Apparently

Oh dear:

It isn’t capitalism that generates wealth. It’s competition matched by a strong welfare state.



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Nicholas Sterns On Carbon And Brass

SIR Nicholas Stern doing well:

Lord Nicholas Stern, author of the UK’s Stern report on climate change, will launch a new carbon credit ratings agency on Wednesday, the first to score carbon credits on a similar basis to that used to rate debt …

The agency, run by the IdeaCarbon group of which Lord Stern is vice-chairman, said it would offer investors a guide to the quality of credits and the likelihood that they would be delivered. Sellers of carbon credits would have to pay to have their products rated, while buyers would also pay to gain access to the ratings.

Making money from climate change…

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Caroline Lucas Eats Locally

GREEN MEP Caroline Lucas wants local things for local people:

She concluded: “A re-localisation of our food systems would allow us take back control of our food from industrialists and financiers, and to feed a growing population in a way that is equitable and sustainable, while safeguarding human health, as well as the welfare of animals and the environment.

Let’s hear it for the Dark Ages…

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The Crisis In Newspaper Journalism

OUTSOURCING a newspaper to India:

An Indian company will take over copy editing duties for some stories published in The Orange County Register and will handle page layout for a community newspaper at the company that owns the Pulitzer Prize-winning daily, the newspaper confirmed Tuesday.

Time to invest in Anorak…


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