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Ill woman wants stolen illegal medicinal marijuana returned

At her home in Christchurch, New Zealand, Jane, 49, is surveying her loss. “They took my medicine,” she says of her missing marijuana crop.

Thieves broke in and stole Jane’s drug of choice, the one she uses to treat chronic debilitating foot and leg pain after a car accident. “Other drugs upset my system so badly,” she says. “I have tried all the pills, none of them agree with me. Tramadol put me in hospital, damaged my pancreas. I rely on cannabis – it’s the only thing that doesn’t upset me.”

They took her Afghan Kush.

“I can’t have any old stuff. I need the stuff that numbs me,” she adds. “I know that does it beautifully. Other varieties I need to take three times the amount to get the same effect, just so I can walk without screaming.”

But weed is banned in New Zealand. Jane is unfazed: “I have a mother who is 84 years old. She’s seen me on the pills, in hospital. She approves of me smoking. As far as she’s concerned hers is the only permission I require.”

Good on her.

If it helps Jane, why should Jane be made a criminal for helping herself? Whey should the State own her body?

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Tory MP: I watch porn and smoke cannabis

"It was either porn and weed or put my knob in pig's mouth"

“It was either porn and weed or put my knob in pig’s mouth”

Conservative Party MP James Cleverly says he’s watched internet porn and smoked cannabis.

But Cleverly, MP for Braintree, Essex, did not tell BBC Radio Five whether or not he had turned to porn and drugs since joining the Commons.

Maybe its just part of the initiation ceremony?



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Shona Banda: Police rip child who argued school drugs policy from medical cannabis oil using mother



Shona Banda


Shona Banda has a problem of location. Her Chrohn’s disease can be legally treated with cannabis in Colorado, where she’d lived for some time. Shona uses cannabis oil. She says it helps. But in the State of Kansas, her current home, using cannabis for the same condition makes her a criminal.




Trouble began when Shona’s 11-year-old was at his Kansas school’s drug education class. She tells Ben Swann that the lad told the drugs expert: “Mom calls it cannabis and not marijuana.” Says Shona: “He let them know how educated he was on the facts.”

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Cannabis: non-psychoactive cannabidiol can curn your epileptic seizures

More evidence that marijuana can be good for you. A cannabis extract containing non-psychoactive cannabidiol cut epileptic seizures in half:

The experience of 213 hard-to-treat patients age 2 to 42, including some who were already taking a dozen drugs to fend off seizures, is a promising start for the strawberry-flavored liquid extract [Epidiolex], which may be a potent new therapy for the condition, said lead researcher Orrin Devinsky, director of the New York University Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center. The findings released Monday are scheduled to be presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s annual meeting on April 22 in Washington.

And in the UK, cannabis is outlawed…

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Devon Man Guilty Of Possessing 9 Pence Worth Of Cannabis

Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 07.43.30


TO North Devon Magistrates’s court, where Christopher Saunders, is answering the charge of being in with possession of nine pence worth of cannabis, roughly 0.09 grams of prohibited drugs.

Tim Hook for the defence, argues:

“If I close one’s eyes and try to imagine nine hundredths of a gram it is a very difficult thing to fasten your mind on. I think it is a quantity that is barely capable of measurement… I am staggeringly surprised it couldn’t have been dealt with by way of a caution at the police station, when so many things are.”

Mr Saunders pleads guilty. He is awarded a conditional discharge.

The war on drugs goes on…

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Peter Lilley Says Legalise Cannabis – Local Paper Photoshops Him In A Rasta Hat

PETER Lilley, Conservative Party MP for Hitchin and Harpenden and former Government minister, says cannabis should be legalised.

Good. Agreed. It’s time for a sensible debate on the drugs. And cannabis should be legal.

Or is it. Because the local Mercury newspaper has seen fit to photoshop a rasta hat on his bonce.


Peter Lilley cannabis



Spotter:  @martinbeckford


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Cannabis: The Terrible Truth Is That All Users Will Die

TODAY in cannabis news:

Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 12.20.53


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Devon Gardener Asks BBC Viewers To Identify Her Big Cannabis Plant

DEVON local Patricia Hewitson wanted help identifying the huge weed growing in her gaden. She asked BBC Radio Devon’s The Potting Shed for help.






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Wonderful TV: KTVA Charlo Greene Quits Live TV After Revealing She Founded The Alaska Cannabis Club

KTVA Charlo Greene quit on live TV after revealing she was the founder of the AK Cannabis Club.


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Good manners cost Aberdeen DJ his career and his cannabis stash

Polite DJ weed
WHY did Aberdeen DJ Lee Falconer sell cannabis? He tells Aberdeen Sheriff Court he did it to be “polite”.
Mr Falconer has “taken a step back” after being constantly approached by clubbers asking him to source drugs.Mr Falconer, who was caught with £2,000 of the Class B drug, has been sentenced to a Community Payback Order with 200 hours of unpaid work by Sheriff Graeme Napier.
Looks like you mum was wrong: manners do cost something.

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How to conceal the smell of cannabis

weed paint copy
HOW do you cover up the smell of cannabis? The residents of a former estate agency on Edinburgh’s Leith Walk disguised the stink of their marijuana crop of 60 plants by painting the shop’s exterior every day. Two men spent five hours a day every Monday to Friday painting the shop a deep cream. So as not to arouse suspicion, the men worked only Monday to Friday.  
Says a witness:
“We were wondering what was going on because two men were painting the outside of the shop every day. They did not appear to be professional painters. They were just wearing jeans and things. I think some people in the street had noticed the smell. They were obviously hoping that the fresh paint smell would cover it up.”
They should have baked cakes instead.
Derbyshire Police were summoned by a couple who had purchased cakes in Ilkeston market. They said they cakes smelled of weed. The police investigated. They assure one and all:

“The smell was just the jam or cream inside the cakes.”

So, there you have it. If you want to conceal your marijuana operation, paint your farm in cream.

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Crimestoppers release Marijuana scented scratch ‘n’ sniff cards, which will make great roaches

crimestoppers cards

THE war on drugs is an amusing/disturbing one, when you think of a load of policemen harassing a hapless stoner as they make their way through ten packets of Aldi jaffa cakes and watch Freddy Got Fingered for the seventh time that day.

Sure, stoners are useless individuals, but they’re thoroughly harmless.

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Electrocuted dog used wee to detect Liverpool cannabis factory

TO Liverpool, where a dog taking a leak has been electrocuted on a live metal shutter. The Jack Russell was outside the former Oluyole restaurant in Prescot Road, Fairfield. The emergency services were called. Firemen cut their way into the premises. Inside they found 55 cannabis plants in an upstairs flat. Live wires dangled from the flat, conducted along the metal shutter.

It’s a tragic event.

Merseyside police detective inspector Julie Milburn then wades in:

“This incident shows the dangers of cannabis farms and highlights the misconception that cannabis and the growth of the drug is harmless.”

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Nottinghamshire Police sell cannabis at auction

FOR just £21.50, Nottinghamshire Police sold a Sony PSP games console made of cannabis. The item had been handed into lost property. No-one claimed it, so Nottinghamshire Police put it up for auction at Mansfield Police Station. The advert trilled:

“Sony PSP with case. Not tested. Average condition.” 

Bidding gtarted at £1. Daniel Ford, 33, won the day. He tells us:

“It was strange that the police didn’t open up the compartments of the carry case and look inside. I found a pair of headphones and the cannabis, which smelled strongly.”

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Tabloids say skunk smoker mistook pylon for bridge: what really happened

DID you hear about the Czech woman who, having smoked cannabis, mistook an electricity pylon for a bridge? She climbed it. The Daily Mail says the woman spent “four hours smoking super-strength ‘skunk’ cannabis“. She was “hallucinating“.

The Sun agrees, stating that the woman from Zlin, Czech Republic smoked skunk and mistook a pylon for a bridge. The Sun gets identifies her as a “21-year-old girl”.

The Mirror notes that the “girl” was wearing a “tiny pair of denim hotpants and a t-shirt.”

All papers quote “police spokesman Jan Macalikova”, who says:

“It was a nightmare because she was very much under the influence of drugs and wasn’t making much sense….She received treatment at hospital for her drugs consumption but was otherwise unhurt. She’s lucky she didn’t get a new high – high voltage.”

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Cannabis and the Daily Mail’s schizophrenia scaremongering

WHEN the Daily Mail told its readers “Just ONE cannabis joint ‘can bring on schizophrenia’ as well as damaging memory” back on October 25, 2011, we wondered. Could it be true? Well, no. It wasn’t. A mere five months later, on pril 3, 2012, the Mail wrote:

A report on research by the University of Bristol on 26 October was headlined ‘One cannabis joint “can bring on schizophrenia”.’ We are happy to clarify that, as the article explained, the research on rats found that the active ingredient in cannabis could induce symptoms similar to schizophrenia, rather than schizophrenia itself.

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Does cannabis make you more creative?

DOES smoking cannabis make you more creative? Two videos:

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Tayside police revoke hero’s award because he grew three cannabis plants

WHEN Tayside police went to praise Adrian Mailer, 33, for administering first aid to an injured nine-year-old boy, they smelt cannabis. They then searched Mr Mailer’s home and found a cannabis “farm“.  (This farm was a small tent in his living room in which he was growing marijuana plants.) The helpful police duly arrested him.
Tayside Police boss Justine Curran detailed his officers to go to Mr Mailer’s home and thank him for his good deed.
A police “source” tells the Daily Record:
“The officers were there to tell him that he had been selected to receive an award. Mailer had helped out when this young boy was severely injured after he was involved in an accident while driving an off-road buggy. But the officers noticed a pungent smell of cannabis from another room. Mailer went from hero to villain in a split-second and was nicked on the spot. It goes without saying that the award was withdrawn.” 

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The National Cannabis Trade Association Will Franchise Your Legal British Weed

THERE is big money to be made in medical marijuana. And that means corporations and unions. Should weed be made legal in the UK, chances are the refers and pills will be sold by an American brand. You’ll be working for the man, man. The National Cannabis Trade Association…

was founded on the principle of power in numbers. Thousands of American businesses are involved in some fashion in the cannabis industry, yet they are often ignored at the federal level.”

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Aberdeen Drugs Professor Roger Pertwee Calls For Legalised Cannabis

LEGALISE cannabis! So says Professor Roger Pertwee. He says that the current laws aren’t working. The approach is doing no good.

Says Pertwee, Professor of Neuropharmacology and Director of Pharmacology, GW Pharmaceuticals at Aberdeen University, whose research focuses on the pharmacology of cannabinoids and its therapeutic potential:

“I’m talking about harm minimisation. At the moment there is an awful lot of harm caused by what we have at the moment, with children going to a drug dealer or they try and grow it themselves and then they get into trouble with the law.”

Indeed. And not only children. Before we go on, it canto have passed you by that GW Pharmaceuticals is a AIM-listed company that:

is to be the global leader in prescription cannabinoid medicines, through the rapid cost-effective development of pharmaceutical products which address clear unmet patient needs.

And the Prof is “a member of GW’s senior management team as Director of Pharmacology”.

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Scotland’s New Plan To Fight Cannabis In Country Soaked In Booze

IN his presentation to journalists to highlight serious crime Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill holds up a bag of cannabis.

Mr McAskill wants people who think someone has a cannabis farm in their area to, er, grass them up. The campaign (cost: £25,000) is the work of the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency (SCDEA).

Says Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill:

“We need the public’s help to expand our knowledge, and disrupt these criminals’ operations. Even the smallest piece of information about an individual or group’s activity can be the key that unlocks the door to disrupting an entire criminal empire.”

It’s the war on weed. Meanwhile, in Scotland:

One study last week [in March 2009] said hospital admissions from alcohol-related diseases and violence had now exceeded heart disease for the first time. One study suggested misuse, bingeing and violence cost the Scottish economy £2.25bn a year.

Alcohol-related deaths were at 1,500 a year, and Scotland now had the world’s eighth highest alcohol consumption rate, at 11.8 litres of pure alcohol a head, compared with 9.9 litres a head in England and Wales.

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Gloucester Cannabis Farmer Goes Free Because Judge Says His Plants Are Rubbish

TO Gloucester Magistrates’ Court, where District Judge Joti Bopa-Rai is looking at photos of Peter Bowkett garden-grown cannabis crop.

Says the judge, originally from India:

“These plants are in a pretty sorry state – there’s not much left of them. Where I come from they (cannabis plants) grow liberally and are not a banned drug.”

Bowkett, of Harrison Way, Lydney, admits to producing cannabis and possessing cannabis and heroin. The weed is five three-foot high cannabis plants behind his garden shed.

Say the busy police, who arrested him and took him to court:

“The defendant then volunteered to hand over a small quantity of cannabis and 2.1 grammes of heroin, with a street value of £210. He said he found the plants in woodland two days earlier and dragged them home. The defendant has previous convictions, the last one being in May of last year for possessing heroin.”

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Cannabis Farmer Helps Devon Police With Tomato Plants

MORE cannabis police news now as we note that the wooden tops at Devon’s Tavistock Police Station have been letting one Gordon McAulay, 32, tend their fruit and vegetables. Mr McAulay is a convicted cannabis farmer. (Mr McAulay has not been trafficked and never knowingly been Vietnamese.)

McAulay, of Gunnislake, Cornwall, was found with 69 plants weighing 6.68kg. In cannabis terms, 69 plants is a “farm” (with tiny cows, a barn made from a converted matchbox and a small EU subsidy).

Every week, Mr McAulay has been arriving at his local police station. And there he has been helping the coppers with their ‘tomato plants’.

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Drug Experts Says Legalise Cannabis But Politicians Who Smoked It Say No

CANNABIS is a big cash crop in the UK. The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) has today published a cannabis report. And the BBC has sensational news:

Across the UK, the study found the number of commercial cannabis factories found by police every day totalled 6,886 – more than double the 3,032 discovered two years ago.

Can we look at a definition of factory?

Commander Allan Gibson, the Acpo lead on cannabis, said the findings came as no surprise.

Really? In other BBC news:

Between 2004 and 2007 police discovered an average of 800 factories a year. In 2007/08 that rose to just over 3,000, and by 2009/10 it ballooned to almost 7,000.

Those headline numbers are falling. But cannabis isn’t all that bad?

Bryan Dent, drugs co-ordinator for West Yorkshire Police, said the force had “mounted a series of operations in order to make the county a hostile place for organised crime groups who are determined to use cannabis factories as a way of producing drugs and exploiting the vulnerable”.

The vulnerable is the student buying a bag of weed? Isn’t that the willing? Isn’t the vulnerable the woman who has MS but can’t buy marijuana legally because the Government prefers to license other drugs? Are the police turning cannabis into a scare story to keep us all paranoid?

But this is all very serious and very bad.

The report explains how illegal Chinese and Vietnamese immigrants are trafficked into the country and then put to work as ‘gardeners’ in the factories…

The report says children have been trafficked into the UK to work in factories, to divert electricity and to raid rival cannabis farms.

But the report also says:

The face of cannabis growing is also changing, the report said, with more white British offenders than ever before, the majority of them aged between 18 and 35.

Of course – and whisper this – if weed were legal then the criminals would not be, er, criminals. They would be farmers. They would pay taxes.

Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, the outgoing president of the Royal College of Physicians, has given this some thought. He thinks that marijuana should be legal. Says he:

“There’s a lot of evidence that the total prohibition of drugs, making them totally illicit and unavailable, has not been successful at reducing not only the health burden, but also the impact on crime. I’m trying to take a fresh look, as many people have done. There is a strong case for a different approach.”

So say the expert. But Mr Gilmore is not a politician. And so he deemed to know sod all about it. A Home Office wonk tells us:

“Drugs such as heroin, cocaine and cannabis are extremely harmful and can cause misery to communities across the country. The government does not believe that decriminalisation is the right approach. Our priorities are clear; we want to reduce drug use, crack down on drug-related crime and disorder and help addicts come off drugs for good.”

Only, that doesn’t work. Maybe David Cameron is still on drugs..?

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