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Fox News apologizes for Kate Hopkins and Nigel Farage’s debate on Muslim internment camps

Former UKIP leader and Donald Trump pal Nigel Farage and to-deadline media shocker Katie Hopkins have managed to achieve a notable media milestone: they’ve shocked Fox & Friends hots into an apology. Hopkins might care to get her notoriety printed on a commemorative T-shirt, or at least a CV. Farage can get some celebratory cufflinks. The pair’s aim is to be relevant. Incredibly, Hopkins has managed to find the words to get herself noticed in the US. Farage is an opinion for hire.

It’s all marketing, isn’t it? Farage and Hopkins are their own brands. And their’s is a cheap business, requiring only an ego-fed mouth.

One of the show’s guest commentators, Katie Hopkins of The Daily Mail, raised the prospect of rounding up Muslims in the United Kingdom and placing them in internment camps as a way of preventing future attacks. Another guest — Nigel Farage, the British political figure and “Brexit” advocate who is now a Fox News contributor — also mentioned the idea of internment.

Later in the broadcast, the “Fox & Friends” anchors paused for a formal denunciation of the statements, lest viewers be left with the impression that Fox was endorsing the idea.

“On behalf of the network, I think all of us here find that idea reprehensible here at Fox News Channel, just to be clear,” a co-host, Clayton Morris, told viewers.

Ms. Huntsman added, “It’s important to be said.”


What did they say?

Discussing the terror threat to the UK following three deadly attacks in as many months, Farage said: “And if there is not action, the calls for internment will grow. We have 3,000 people on sort of a known terrorist list. And we’re watching their actions. But a further 20,000 people who are persons of interests, namely they’re linked by some way to extremist organisations. Unless we see the [government] getting tough, you will see public calls for those 3,000 to be arrested.”

Farage then said, “I’m not sure that that is the right approach, because the big danger with that is we might alienate decent, fair-minded Muslims in Britain,” but The i reports that Hopkins disagreed, saying: “We do need interment camps.”

Collective guilt and prison without trial. Nice.

Maybe we should round up all people whose views we don’t share, put them in a field and…



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Clickbait Balls: Daily Telegraph tricks ‘paranoid’ Liverpool and Manchester United fans

The Manchester United v Liverpool match was memorable for a number of things, according to the clickbait-mad Press.

The Mirror’s football expert learned “five things” from watching the game, one of which is that Paul Pogba’s “handball handed Liverpool the early advantage”. That was the handball that gave Liverpool a penalty kick, from which they scored their only goal of the game. David McDonnell leaned that. He also learned that Wayne Rooney got a yellow card and “Ibrahimovic keeps on scoring”, which he did when he scored United’s equaliser.

The Express also learned five things, one of which is, “Simon Mignolet put on a solid display.”

Coincidentally, the Sun also learned five things. Fred Nathan delivers his fistful of insight. He watched Pogba give away a penalty and learned that he “must not let silly mistakes creep into his game”.

In the Indy, which didn’t make enough money to remain as proper paper so went web only, there are just four things learned. But Fox News, which has oodles of money, learned seven things. Ryan Rosenblatt learned that when United and Liverpool drop points, their rivals are pleased. The other top sides “love this result” he learned.

But the prize for the biggest Clickbait Balls goes to the dire Daily Telegraph. The once great newspaper is now a clickbait factory. “Martin Tyler accused of ‘bias’ following Manchester United vs Liverpool commentary,” says the headline. It also says just that in the URL for the story:





So who accused Sky TV’s commentator of bias? Liverpool boss Jugen Klopp? Manchester Untied manager Jose Mourinho? Well, no. A clue to how the story was the product of the paper’s clickbait factory is in the now revised headline: “Liverpool fans round on Martin Tyler following Manchester United’s last minute equaliser at Old Trafford.”

They “rounded on” Tyler on Twitter. The Telegraph picks three tweets to back up its story, which beings: “Paranoid Liverpool fans are becomingly increasingly convinced that SkySports’ Martin Tyler is a secret Manchester United fan.”

Tweet 1:

Martin Tyler just called Zlatan: “THE TOWER OF POWER!” #MUNLIV

Tweet 2:


Still coming to terms with the fact Martin Tyler just called Zlatan the ‘Tower of Power’, since when has that been a thing?

Lest you think those “paranoid” Liverpool fans are just having a laugh and mocking Tyler’s absurd phrase, @Footy Humour tweets the third piece of evidence.

Tweet 3:

Martin Tyler: “Rooney here. Is it in the script? Is it in the stars?”

*Rooney gives away posession*

Martin Tyler: *silence*


The troubling thing is that the clickbait works. The story even the Telegraph recognised as bad enough to warrant a chance of headline (but not a change of URL) is the second biggest story on the paper’s website:




Such are the facts.


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Five Sci-Fi TV Series that FOX TV Axed Before Their Time



JUST this week, Fox Television announced the cancellation of the high-profile series Almost Human (2013 – 2014), a science fiction endeavor starring Karl Urban and Michael Ealy, and executive-produced by J.J. Abrams.

Fans of the short-lived series remain heartbroken that Fox showed so little faith in the promising venture.

But perhaps the saddest fact here is that the early axing of Almost Human conforms to Fox’s long-time pattern of murdering genre TV programs while they are still in the cradle.

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Reporter drops double F bomb, which is nice

NEWS reporters dread the phrase “Kent countryside” for fear of getting their tongue tied. Sometimes, reporters just turn the air blue because their brains switch off.

And so to the Fox staffer who went potty mouthed over some strawberries.

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Fox News celebrates Women History Month with creep shots of their boobs (video)

creep shots

FOX are, as we all know, completely mental and this week, they’ve outdone themselves while covering Women’s History Month.

Fox CT was reporting on a march in Connecticut, and what did they show while the report chirruped away? Super creepy close-up shots of women’s boobs. And these shots lasted for the entire duration of the segment. RIGHT ON WIMMIN!

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Fox bites off baby’s finger in Bromley

A FOX has attacked a four-week-old boy in Bromley, South-East London. The other saw the the tot’s hand “halfway down the animal’s throat“.

The story triggers two debates:

1. Kill the fox

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Fox News Fail in Obama attack: misspells ‘illiterate’

FOX Nation attacks Obama in North Carolina. And misspells “illiterate”:


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Anti hunt campaigners rescue fox from Berskshire Hunt in Oxfordshire (video)

ON the Old Berkshire Hunt in, erm, Oxfordshire, where anti-hunt campaigners have filmed themselves rescuing a fox.

Old Berkshire Hunt (led by Lord Astor, stepfather of Samantha Cameron) says of the 14 November footage:

 “A fox appeared in a farmyard with five stray hounds and was jumped on by animal rights activists.”

Can it be that this fox is the leader of a gang of wayward hounds?

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Foxes soon to control London after mugging mother-of-two

LONDON is a place where human contact is at a minimum, with people crammed into steel cylinders, underground, hiding in their iPod earphones and Kindles, only to be spat out toward offices and silent commuting trudges. Fear and loathing grips the capital and on the blindside, while the middle classes coo at lidos and bicycles, and the working classes baulk at rent, the foxes are taking over.

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Fox demands beheading and hanging at University of Hertfordshire

DO animals like being decapitated and their heads hanged on walls. To the University of Hertfordshire, in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, where a fox has burrowed into an office This photo was taken by builders doing renovation work.

RSPCA worker Kate Wright describes the scene:

“I just had these big eyes staring at me. Here was this fox’s head poking out of a floor and he was so jammed he couldn’t move. I actually think he had quite an embarrassed expression on his face… I think it was his pride that was hurt…”

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Summer of the fox: Urban vermin ‘scalps’ for garlic bread

THE fox is back! The Sun introduces readers to “shaken mum” Lisa Pearce. When she felt a tug on her hair as she lay in her garden in Cannock, Staffs, Lisa thought it was her cat Puss. It was a fox. She tried to “shoo it” away.

But it became aggressive and sank its teeth into her head as she shielded daughter Holly, three, from the attack.

Lisa “whacked it in the face”. But her hands became “drenched in blood”.

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RonRon the fox gets aural sex

RONRON is the foxy fox. In this extract from the Joy of Fox, the fox enthusiast gives aural stimulation. To save you browsing this ‘paperback’ for the best bits, we suggest heading to the 2 minute mark…

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Dispatches from a Fox News mole confirms everyone’s prejudices

EVER wondered what it’s like to work at Fox News? Then this new column over at Gawker will fill you in.

“The Fox Mole”, an anonymous long-time employee of Fox News Channel, according to Gawker, will be posting dispatches from within the organisation. In the first column, the mole, a self-described left-winger, suggests that working at Fox has made him/her undesirable to other employers and that Fox’s audience is full of racists.

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The magical black fox of Bassingbourne is dead

THE mythical black fox spotted was spotted in Bassingbourne, Cambs., is…dead.

Neither dogs nor hunters were employed to kill the black fox. It was simply hit by a car on the Old North Road between Royston and Bassingbourn today.

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Fox News Proves Jet Packs And Live Telly Do Mix Epic Fail (Video)

FOX 5 San Diego Morning News provers that jet packs and live telly do mix. It’s all about the entertainment…

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Golfer Hit Fox That Stole His Tunnocks Caramel Wafer

NEW ways to kill foxes: Donald Forbes’s Golf Club.

Forbes, a 55-year-old golfer at the Peterculter Golf Club, Aberdeen, used a club (unspecified, but believed to be a driver. What club would you use?) to strike a fox that stole a Tunnocks Caramel Wafer from his golf bag. Forbes hit it on the head. Another golfer, seeing the striken animal was refusing to die quickly, finished it off.

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Fox Found Living Atop London’s Shard Skyscraper For Winged Humans

ROMEO the fox has been found squatting on the top floor of The Shard, the shell of what will be the tallest building in the UK. Says Ted Burden, the centre’s founder:

“We explained to him that if foxes were meant to be 72 storeys off the ground, they would have evolved wings.”

Which is why the building that features flats, a spa, restaurants and offices is being marketed exclusively to winged humans, like Bono and Tony Blair.

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The Firefox Is Stuck On Your Windows: Video

FOXES are at the gates! In this video the Firefox has a big problem with windows.

What’s the noise? Is it the foxes tongue on the glass?

(plaudits to Arbroath for the headline).

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Fox Shoots Man: 2011 Is The Year Of The Fox

201o looked like being the Year of The Fox. But after the Koupparis horror, the story ebbed away. But now the fox is back. The year was young when the giant fox that ate a pet cat was killed. And now news reaches us of fox that has shot a man.

To Belarus, where the fox and the man are doing furious battle. The pair scuffle. They both reach for the gun. The fox wins. Bang!

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Giant Fox Caught In Kent: Boy Smiles

WHEN twins Lola and Isabella Koupparis were attacked by a fox in their London home, the media went full out for the fox. Foxes were monsters that must be killed. The urban fox hunter went to work.

Now, we see a photo of a huge 26.5lb fox trapped in a Maidstone, Kent, garden by vet Keith Talbot.

Mum and dad had told Keith that a fox had killed and ripped to bits their pet cat Amber. The fox was made to pay.

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Londoners Hire Marksman To Slaughter Foxes In Roehampton Close

MARKSMAN Bruce Lindsay-Smith has been hired to shoot dead foxes in Roehampton Close, Roehampton, London. Property management company Nightingale Chancellors had hired the killer to kill 10 foxes, whish, according to the Roehampton Close Residents Association, have befouling the area, digging holes and, lest it go unsaid, looking sly.

Bruce Lindsay-Smith, of County Pest Control – “a self-styled ‘Dirty Harry’ of the pest control world” – was to use live ammunition to shoot the creatures.

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Kent Council Uses Dead Fox As Kerb: Photo

THE fox on the road in Kent is believed to have died before council workers painted a white line over its body.

The fox is not thought to be a method actor or mime artiste who saw the line and thought it a trap rendering him unable to move and causing him to die of starvation.

Roy Gladdish, 66, saw the fox:

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we drove past. We were so gobsmacked we had to go round the roundabout and come back. I can’t believe how a human being could do something so despicable to an animal. It’s just atrocious behaviour.”

But isn’t it better that the fox serves a useful purpose as a roadside buffer than be a pariah?

Dead animals save lives – and not just the hedgehogs!

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Woman Kills Rabid Fox With Bare Hands – And Plastic Bag

MEET Rachel Cohen, of Eastern Pennsylvania, who killed a fox with her bare hands. No dogs. No gin fizz. No braying mares.

Cohen was walking along when a fox crept from a drain pipe and made for her ankles. A flash of leg flushes out the fox. Says she:

I was just focused on, ‘Must, must keep the animal so they can test it for rabies,’ and, you know, obviously, you don’t keep a wild animal. It had to be dead.”

We and the Koupparis family are listening. Karen de Balbian Verste, Cohen’s pal at the scene, says:

“It felt like a life-and-death battle with the forces of good and evil.”

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‘Mary Bale’ Kills Kitten In New Fox Attack

THE Summer of The Fox takes us from the Koupparis family home in Hackney, East London, to Folkstone, Kent, where a fox is eating a kitten called Reggie. For purposes of identification (it’s what Aesop would have wanted) let’s call the fox Mary Bale.

Urban Fox Hunting Is A Hoax The Tabloids Lapped Up

Leah Betts is at home: She tells the Telegraph:

“I was gobsmacked. I won’t leave my windows open at night now and it gets really stuffy, but I’m so paranoid. To think it was brave enough to come in and stand on my bed like that – I couldn’t believe it.”

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Urban Fox Hunting Is A Hoax The Tabloids Lapped Up

FOXES Kill. Foxes are running wild in East London. Something must be done. The Koupparis sisters have been attacked. A fox tried to eat them.  Paedo foxes are at large. Thankfully there is help. Urban Foxhunters are here. And the media is lapping them up. Tally noooooo!

The Guardian reported om the shadowy Chris Atkins and Johnny Howorth;

A group calling itself Urban Foxhunters has been condemned by animal rights campaigners after posting a video on the internet purporting to show a fox being clubbed to death with a cricket bat in an east London park. The gang, which describes itself as “a collective from Victoria Park who hate foxes”, claimed it was performing a “public service”.

Urban Fox Huntes will swing for their kidz:

“I have kids and I don’t want them being bitten by a diseased vermin scum, what’s wrong with that?”

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