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How To Make A Russian Jet From Cigarettes

russian-jet3IN Anorak’s masterclass today, readers learn how to make a Russian Jet fighter from a cigarette box.

Old Mr Anorak once dispatched me to Cuba, approaching from Cancun. The plane was Russian. The seat fell backwards and remained supine throughout the flight. The overhead fan when touched lighted collapsed. The onboard staff laughed and then went “Whoooooh” when the plane fell and rose repeatedly.

When we landed, there was three-hour wait in the airport while a crowbar was retrieved to prise open the hold.

Anyhow, enjoy. Pass the smokes:

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A Sexy Advert For The Sexiest Chair In The World

THE Divided Salli saddle chair seat is the sexiest, greatest chairiest chair ever, in the history of the world.

“See how the genitals make use of the gap.”

See the advert and wonder:

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Scientists Build Inflatable Tower That Reaches Edge Of Space

inflatable-rocketIN New Scientist, news of an inflatable tower that “could carry people to the edge of space without the need for a rocket”.

It’s the ultimate inflatable toy and “could be completed much sooner than a cable-based space elevator”.

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South Korean Babies Trained To Attack The North With Robot Cars

bomo-babyWHEN North Korea attacks, South Koreans will strap their children to the Bomo – the world first Robot Baby Carriage – and sent them onto battle.

Says the battle brief:

The smart Bomo which tends the baby at the vicinity of the mother gives pleasure and comfort to the baby, and gives the tired young mother and father a moment of leisurely time to enjoy a cup of coffee.

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Pedistate To Sedate Young People

pedisedateCANCEL the Phenogran, the all-lettuce diet, the wee snort of Malibu and the priest’s lesson – the PediSedate is here, and it’s the last word in child sedation:

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New .tel Means The End Of Phone Numbers

DOT TEl – .tel – will not make you more popular, your p1enis bigger (you too, girls), your Viagra more potent and enable you to construct Twitter messages in 140 characters exactly and instantly. .tel will, however, save you having to remember anyone’s phone number. 

It also means businesses get an ID that namechecks the business.

Play the video and be changed:

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Prince Charles Shuns Japanese Toilet Pillow

toilet-seat1IN Japan, more than two shakes is the first steps in a record breaking w*nk. So there’s the “Angels Knee Pillow” to get you more in touch with your toilet.

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The Top 10 Best Hubble Space Images

IF the astronauts onboard The Atlantis achieve their aim of upgrading the Hubble Space Telescope, “it will extend humanity’s vision yet farther out in space and back in time – to an era when the first stars and galaxies were lighting up a dark universe.”

We will see wonders. Anorak presents the 10 Best Hubble Images Of Space:


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In China Mobile Phones Are Disguised As Cigarette Packets

china-smoke-mobileIN China mobile phones are disguised as cigarette packets -to avoid embarrassment, and a fine.

This is China, where Gongan county responds to concerns about a fall in its tax take by issuing a smoking edict, ordering officials to inhale 230,000 packs of local Hubei-produced cigarettes over the year.

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The 10 Most Bizarre Things About Kindle

kindleALL hail the Amazon Kindle, the electronic reader that will to do for newspapers and books what the iPod did for music. The Kindle is the device that pronounces “Barack Obama” as “black Alabama”.

Conspiracy theorists will just love the Kindle, which speaks truth to power like no hack can. Or has the Kindle just been programmed by a Cockney geyser, narrating stories in a transatlantic rhyming slang?

In light of this, Anorak brings you the top Ten Kindle Truther Speakers Ever, aka The Kindle Cockney Translator.

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iSnort: iPod Cocaine Application

YOU can get an iPhone Application for anything. So says the advert. So Anorak put it to the test. And we bring you the iSnort  Cocaine app.

Take advantage of our 2-4-1 offer with this associated iPhone app:

Shake A Baby To Death With iPhone Nanny Training

Spotter: Lone in the Forums

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Wolfram Alpha Is Bigger Than Google

WOLFRAM Alpha is the creation of British-born physicist Dr Stephen Wolfram.

Says he of his technology at a demonstration at Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society:

“Our goal is to make expert knowledge accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.”

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Shake A Baby To Death With iPhone Nanny Training

inflatable-baby-punch-bagYOU can do anything on your Apple iPhone. You can join a social network and pretend to have friends; call your therapist; and play loadsa games while you wait for new freinds to join your virtual Tupperware Party. And you can ever prepare for that nannying job in the US by shaking the crying baby to death with iPhone Baby Training

APPLE has apologised after a “deeply offensive” game for the iPhone called Baby Shaker was approved for sale in their online store.

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Six Days In Fallujah (Video Game)

SIX Days in Fallujah is the new shoot-‘em-up video game from Atomic Games.

Under George Bush the aim would have been to shoot the enemy in the face. But now Obama is in charge, there is new directive. Says Atomic’s Peter Tamte:

“For us, games are not just toys. If you look at how music, television and films have made sense of the complex issues of their times, it makes sense to do that with videogames.”

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Unveiling The “Sixth Sense”

WHAT follows is a talk by Pattie Maes & Pranav Mistry: Unveiling the “Sixth Sense,” game-changing wearable tech. Watch it:

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Australia Bans Wikileaks

HAVING outlawed adolescent porn doodles, the Austrlaiaqn government is bannign Wikileaks, “the website that publishes anonymous submissions of sensitive info on everything from corporations, religion and governments”.

We know this because – oh, the irony:

On its website, Wikileaks, which leaked the news that the government had banned it for leaking information, simply said: “The first rule of censorship is that you cannot talk about censorship.”

The Australian communications regulator has issued a stark warning that websites who link out to ‘banned’ hyperlinks are liable to fine of up to Aus $11,000 a day.

The news comes after web forum Whirlpool was threatened with the fine for posting a hyperlink to a blacklisted anti-abortion website.

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Man Replaces Finger With USB Drive

JERRY Jalavam, a computer programmer form Finland, has replaced a finger lost in an accident with a false finger with an inbuilt USB drive.

Mr Jalavam now has a two gigabyte finger.

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DNA Radio Is The Sound Of Life

DNA Radio is the sound of your life. DJs Katrin Bierkand and Jens Bierkandt broadcast DNA radio uninrterrupted (unless the server goes down) for the next 23.5 years, until all code has been distributed over the internet.

DNA Radio is the sound of all life. (You can use that – call me.)

Not that it should be played, necessarily – the result not enough unlike a waking nightmare of being stuck in a talking lift with an experimental Kraftwerk album playing on loop.

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How Google Killed MC Hammer (Video)

YOUTUBE is dying. Google, which owns YouTube, is just big business. And now it is killing the music.

UK users are blocked from accessing professional music videos on the YouTube website. Google says PRS for Music, formerly the Performing Rights Society, are asking too much money in royalties. And Google – which takes your news for free and makes money from it on Google News – says that’s not right.

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Tim Berners-Lee Falls For Online Con

SIR Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the worldwide web, fell victim to an online con when bought a Christmas present on the web which never arrived.

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Microsoft .Net Setup Framework Fail

MICROSOFT .Net Setup Framework Fail

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The Carnivorous Lampshade Robot Turns Insects Into Fuel

OIL is running out. We need power. Insects are invading the country. The solution is the Carnivorous Lampshade Robot:

Material Beliefs have created a Carnivorous Lampshade Robot inspired by the pitcher plant, a carnivorous plant that attracts and consumes insects to survive. The insects fall into the plant and are unable to escape. In the same way, this spherical lampshade has multiple holes in its surface which are long funnels going deep into the lamp.

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The Mannequin Speaker System: Uses For Katie Price

INTRODUCING the mannequin speaker system.

The Katie Price:


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The World’s First Personal Stereo

LISTEN up – it’s the world’s first personal stereo…

spotter, via

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Twitter – the new British obsession – here’s 10 reasons why we love it

So it is official, Brits absolutely love the micro blogging (no I don’t know what that means either) service Twitter. According to online trend watchers Hitwise UK Internet traffic to Twitter has increased 10-fold over past last 12 months.
As techy gospel UK TechCrunch notes

UK Internet traffic to the website has increased by a staggering 974% over this period. Hitwise also admits that Twitter is probably even more popular than its numbers imply, as Hitwise is only measuring traffic to the main Twitter website, not access via mobile (it’s big on the iPhone, I can tell you) or third party applications like Twitterrific and Tweetdeck.

So why is this? It is obvious why Twitter is growing on the other side of The Pond

1 The Yanks invented it 2 Culturally Americans are not afraid of sharing their plans, achievements and disappointments. 3 They have just had their May 1st 1997 – a one time moment of political optimism which is made for sharing over 140 charactars.

But why then do us Brits love it so much? Well here are the results of our scientific survey of an office full of Twitter devotees

1 We did kind of invent it – Except it was called text messaging and was used on mobiles and you only shared with one person. The American never got texting the way we did so maybe Twitter is their text alternative.

2 As a nation we aren’t that demonstrative – Stiff upper lips and all that. One of the reasons why blogging isn’t as big over here is that we really don’t have that much to say. 140 charactars give us more than enough words to express ourselves.

3 Moaning about the weather – Our national pastime and with Twitter we can talk about our favourite topic with a large group of people instantly. Brilliant!

4 Celeb stalking – Ok, so I might not be too bothered about what Philip Schofield has for breakfast, but Brits do love to find out about their lives of their favourite celebs. Interesting to note that Stephen Fry now has more Twitter followers than either of the heavyweight Yanks Scoble or Calacanis.

5 Public transport – In British cities this is obviously completely shit, so what better way to let the entire world know that you are few minutes late because you have ducked into Starbucks are waiting for the non existent bus

6 We love mobiles – And those all you can eat data tariffs mean that we can happily let the world know our every move without having to worry too much about the cost

7 Queuing – Well we are used to be being a little patient, so Twitter’s consistent down time doesn’t annoy us as much as it would say the Italians.

8 No ads – Yep it is almost a public services, a bit like the BBC. We are used to that

9 Flirting – We perfected the art of the flirty text years ago. Twitter enables us to take that coy but complimentary comment to another level.

10 We are too busy to blog – Allright so our economy might be going down the toilet but most of us are still wedded to that old Brit work ethic. So while we might not have the time to blog we can def find just enough time to tweet

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