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You Won’t Believe The Filthy Tsarist Muck Putin Serves Journalists

SAY what you like about Vladimir Putin (some of you might even live and adapt to your injuries) but he puts on a decent spread. This is the menu served after the press conference with the world’s leading news agencies and Russian President Vladimir Putin which was held in St Petersburg, Russia in May 2014.

His one error was in only serving Russian wine (which is a bit like Irish tea 210):



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Nigel Farage: Friend To The Mentally Ill Of Essex But Not Newark



NIGEL Farage has shown the elite that you can shake up politics.

Rafael Behr and Matthew Parris have written two thoughtful pieces on UKIP man.


… the Tories know that they can only begin to push that message once the smoke raised by the European election result clears. This is where the Newark by-election – and Farage’s decision to sit it out – becomes interesting. The seat has a solid Tory majority of 16,000. With different boundaries in the past, it has returned Labour MPs. The present vacancy exists because the incumbent, Patrick Mercer, resigned over egregious breaches of parliamentary rules regarding cash for lobbying. It is the kind of contest that delivers an earth-shaking upset ahead of a general election when there is a prevailing sense that the country is about to jettison the government of the day – as in the run-up to Tony Blair’s 1997 landslide and Gordon Brown’s despatch in 2010. No one in Westminster detects such a mood abroad today. Labour is playing down its chances. The Liberal Democrats will be happy just to finish ahead of the Bus Pass Elvis Party.

Farage looked at the odds and decided that he, too, couldn’t win…

In Newark, the party’s candidate is Roger Helmer, a 70-year-old former Tory MEP whose record of social commentary includes defending a policy to repatriate immigrants, claiming that some rape victims should “share part of the responsibility” for being attacked and sympathising with people who finding homosexuality “abnormal and undesirable”…

Nigel Farage’s jovial bluster is no longer sufficient to launder the more sinister views that swirl around him. He turns tetchy when challenged over his distaste for foreign languages spoken on trains. His casual conflations of Romanian nationality and criminal behaviour have prompted hostile comment from previously indulgent Tory-leaning newspapers. Farage seems unsure whether he should be defending the assertion or apologising for it.



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War On Free Speech: Danish TV Journalists Defeats The Extremists With A Whistle

HOW do you deal with intolerance? How do you face down someone who won’t listen and doesn’t want anyone else to either? How do you deal with censorship and enemies of free speech? With the reverse whistle:


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Look Natural Ed: The Best Of Ed Miliband V Food And Cameras

ED Miliband only needs a baby blue bow in his hair to look more like a gift to the Tory election strategy.

Anorak’s problem with him is that he can’t speak properly. His inability say even the most basic words without sounding like a balloon fating out the last vestiges of air grates.

Politically, he’s limp. After years of coalition rule, the Labour Party hasn’t laid a glove on the Tories. Their Plan A seems to have been to sit back and let UKIP destroy the Conservatives. But they failed to realise that UKIPs job was to smash the BNP and many Labour voters don’t like foreigners much, either. After all, it was the Labour Government that made Romanians and Bulgarians second-class Europeans by keeping then out of Britain when those two nations joined the EU in January 2007. Romanians and Bulgarian had to wait seven years to join the Poles in the UK. The Labour Party failed to spot that its own illiberal polities were not all that different to UKIP’s. 


Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 09.25.14


They are surely heading for defeats at the next election.

But before Ed goes, he’s being turned into laughing stock:




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UKIP Photos: Nigel Farage Heads To Cudham Church of England Primary School in Kent

WE took lots of photos of UKIP Leader Nigel Farage arrives at Cudham Church of England Primary School in Cudham, Kent, to cast his vote in today’s Local and European elections:



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Prince Charles Know His History: Vladimir Putin Is Doing A Hitler




WHAT are we to make of the news that Prince Charles likened Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler? Charles didn’t make his views known in a public address. He was, as the BBC put it, “privately conversing” in Nova Scotia, Canada, where one day he hopes to be head of State. Charles told a woman whose relations were murdered in the Holocaust: “And now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler.”

A senior Russian diplomatic source tells the Telegraph:

“We are seeking clarification [from the FCO] at a working level. It’s not clear if it is an official position. The response from Clarence House is it was a private talk. We hope there is nothing behind it. But it is unclear to us: what does it mean? He is the future king, after all… It is very serious. Every family in our country lost someone in that war.”

Over 20millions Russian died in World War 2.

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UKIP: One Out Of Two Romanians Agrees wIth Nigel Farage


DID you enjoy that Channel 4 News interview, the one where Jon Snow asked two Romanian guests what they thought of UKIP and Nigel Farage’s comment on “unruly Romanians”? We met Mariana Gordan, a woman who moved to the UK as a refugee, escaping the murderous nutjob Ceausescu. She’s lived here for 35 years. Snow asked her:

“How would you feel if somebody told you you would have to live next door to Nigel Farage?”

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The UKIP Carnival In Photos: Pinko Jew Boy Nigel Farage Is Prig Of The Dump In Crap Croydon



SO. UKIP staged a carnival in Croydon. All carnivals are crap. This one was no exception.

In 2011, UKIP’s party’s director of communications and European candidate, Patrick O’Flynn, told Daily Express readers that London’s Notting Hill Carnival was a “propagandist message” and should be shut down. It’s not. It’s got no message. It’s just cramped, dull and full of people pretending to have al fresco fun. It rivals only Zurich for its cloying sense of civic pride. And that’s in neat and tidy Switzerland where they understand it if you want to kill yourself.

UKIP’s carnival would be a monocultural village fete on wheels. UKIP, the Party that dreams of Leni Riefenstahl directing episodes of Midsomer Murders (we all know who did it; just high time everyone else knew it, too), staged its carnival. The party booked a band of steel drummers (trad jazz for the ethnic vote), who left when they found out they’d be playing Yellow Bird for Nigel Farage and his supporters. But before the UKIPers had time to stick Max Bygraves singing Under the Coconut Tree on the gramophone, a gang of intolerant protesters turned up to scream that the UKIP party was intolerant.

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Turkish PM’s Advisers Goes On Sick Leave For Injuries Sustained Kicking A Protestor



TO Turkey, where the the PM’s adviser is on sick leave for injuries to the leg he used to kick a protester.



Yusuf Yerkel was touring Soma with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan when he hurt his leg.

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Listen As Nigel Farage Gets Vigorously Shafted By An Invisible Romanian On The James O’Brien Show

The mask slips

The mask slips


FINALLY! UKIPS’ one-man-band Nigel Farage is exposed by LBC’s James O’Brien to be the crap politician he surely is. His one mission was to destroy the BNP and EDL. Job done. Anything other than that, the man’s a dead duck.

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Just Like The Greens, UKIP Try To Shut Down Free Speech

free speech

THE METRO heralded the arrival of “the tweet police”, the anti-free speech brigade who nick you for saying nasty things (but only if the target is a popular one). The story went that the twitter cops had called on Green Party member Michael Abberton. He had mocked up a UKIP poster on Twitter. He was “fact checking” UKIP’s ten-point party policy.

UKIP councillor offended. (So much for the stiff-upper lip.) They contacted the police. And the police, in their wisdom, laced up their heavy boots and went over to have a word with the tweeter.

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David Cameron Threatens Islamist Schoolgirl Kidnappers And Rapists With A Hashtag

david cameron is a twat


LOOK out Boko Haram. You Islamist nutjobs have nothing our our Prime Minister, David Cameron. Sure, you’ve got over 200 girls in our dungeon in the wilds of Nigeria. Sure, you want to forcibly marry them off to be raped for your perverted view of spiritualism. But Dave has a hashtag. He has Twitter.

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Nigel Farage Stands In Front Of A Sign Saying ‘TWAT’

THE cameraman could have moved a bit to the right. But the man form the BNOP wasn’t shifting. So. We get to see Nigel Farage, UKIPs sole voice, standing before the word “TWAT”.


farage twat


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Today In Sussex: Sussex MP Misspelled Sussex

TO Sussex, where the MP for Lewes, Liberal Democrat Norman Baker, is in the mire. He can’t spell the name of his constituency.

Poor old Norma left off a letter, making Sussex ‘Susex’.

These small things matter at erection time for the men in the gay suites.

(Ok, enough already – ed).


Screen shot 2014-05-07 at 07.05.22

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Sarah Palin: ‘Waterboarding Is How We Baptize Terrorists’




SARAH Palin was once destined to be the president of the USA’s VeePee. She would be a heartbeat away from becoming Leader of the Free World. Recently the former Alaskan governor spoke to the National Rifle Association’s yearly convention in Indianapolis.

The highlight of her chat was he telling the good folks “waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”

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BEHOLD! The Huge Satanic Statue Made For The Oklahoma State Capitol

Oklahoma State Capitol 1


A 7-FT TALL STATUE of Satan could soon be sat on the lawns before the Oklahoma State Capitol next to a monument of the ten commandments, pictured below. Note the spellings of “SABETH” and “MAIDSERAUNT”. The Divine hand was big on Creation but not too hot on spelling.




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A Few Highs And Lows From Nick Griffin’s Hacked Twitter Account

THE hacker with the Anonymous group known only as @Anon_0x03 has gained access to the Twitter account of British National Party’s chairman Nick Griffin. You’ll remember him from that time before Nigel Farage became the go-to face of intolerance. Onr theory is that UKIP leader Farage’s sole mission is to destroy the BNP vote. After all, UKIP is an empty vessel into which people can pour their pet hates and prejudices.

So. What did the hackers twitter from @nickgriffinmep?

@jamiesont quips:

Nick Griffin has apologised to his followers for a series of grammatically correct & inoffensive tweets posted after his account was hacked.


 just wish someone funny who could really have gone to town had hacked it.

HackRead records a few of the tweets, which are crude and could have been much funnier:


nick griffin hacks


The Telegraph reports an exchange that suggests the hacker had little idea what a Nick Griffin is:

What are you actually going to do with the account now you’ve got it? @bnp”one user tweeted to the hacker.

No sure, any ideas? I don’t really give a ****. It was just a random target. I’m not even from GB,” the hacker replied

The Journal says Griffin’s website,, and have also been hacked.

We leave you with a few more tweets:


Screen shot 2014-05-03 at 21.35.34

Screen shot 2014-05-03 at 21.35.21


Nick Griffin and the BNP have been more ludicrous…



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Police Release Two Efits Of Suspects Who Both Looks Like David Cameron

WHEN you see one efit that looks like David Cameron, you laugh.

This one was issued by police in Stockbridge, Hampshire, seeking a man who had conned an elderly woman of £60.A police spokesperson says




And now we see another efit of ‘Dave’ and it’s get us thinking…



Spotter: UsvThem


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UKIP Poster Portrays Their Voters As Monty Python Loonies

UKIP, once derided as “loonies” have issued a set of posters that look a little familiar.


UKip poster



Spotters: Independent, Private Eye

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Nigel Farage Is The Victim Of A Sign Langauge Cock Up in Bath

NIGEL Farage, leader of Ukip  – sole mission: to destroy The BNP- has been hit by a bout of improvised hand gesturing as he stood outside the Bell Inn in Bath, now renamed the Bell End.


nigel-farage-wanker (1)


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UKIP Employed An EU Immigrant To Pretend To Be An Uemployed Brit

DID you see those new UKIP posters, the ones warning about foreigners coming over here to take our jobs?
ukip poster balls


The man in the frame was there to illustrate “British workers” being “hard hit by unlimited cheap labour”. He is seen begging. He is one of the hard hit.

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Nick Clegg Has Cojones The Size of A Nanny From Belgium




THANKS to Nick Clegg (wage:  £134,565 a year) and his wife Miriam González Durántez (wage: 500,000 a year), we know how to raise our children. Miriam interrupted a speech by Nick on how men should get time off work to care for the kids (he says men must see themselves are carers not breadwinners) to tells us that men who look after their children have “more cojones”.

He told the audience of working parents that he and Miriam shared the work after their birth of their three sons, Antonio, Alberto and Miguel.

Nick has cojones the size of a nanny from Belgium.



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UKIP Versus The Poles: Epic Ad Placement

UNFORTUNATE UKIP ad placement:


ukip adverts poles

Spotter: @JamieRoss7, via @willie_dunn

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Tony Blair Was Framed: George Bush’s Art Become Bootleg Merchandise

GEORGE W. Bush’s paintings have been adapted to feature on pillows, bags, throws and clocks. Bush’s collection – “The Art of Leadership: A President’s Personal Diplomacy” –  features the faces of his dad, Tony Blair, Vladimir Putin and Hamid Karzai.


tony framed

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