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CNN v HansAssholeSolo: Trump’s Reddit meme tweet exposes the old media’s thin skin

trump cnn memeWhen Donald Trump tweeted a meme made by Reddit user HansAssholeSolo, CNN were upset. The meme was a mash-up of footage of Trump wrestling WWE CEO Vince McMahon to the deck in 2007 altered so that McMahon’s face was replaced with CNN’s logo.

Trump and CNN are at loggerheads. He says they broadcast fake news to an anti-him agenda. They say he’s America’s enemy. HansAssholeSolo morphed this sad war of words into an actual fight. Joke. Geddit?

CNN didn’t. It’s issued a threat. No, not to Trump. They’re threatening HansAssholeSolo. If he lampoons CNN ever again, the broadcaster will stop talking truth to power and attack. Judgmental CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski says CNN “reserves the right to publish his identity” if he commits “ugly behaviour on social media again”. To some this sounds like “blackmail“. Take on the corporation and you will pay. Comply or else. That Kaczynski’s makes his threat beneath the headline “How CNN found the Reddit user behind the Trump wrestling GIF” only adds to the absurdity. Unless the BBC can discover which leg Trump puts first into his trousers, that Pulitzer’s in the bag.

In a lengthy apology, a worried HansAssholeSolo says: “Free speech is a right we all have, but it shouldn’t be used in the manner that it was in the posts that were put on this site. I do not advocate violence against the press and the meme I posted was [not] advocating that in any way, shape, or form.”

It was a joke that thanks to Trump’s priapic tweet finger and monocular news agency CNN has gotten out of hand. And it’s exposed how prissy CNN is; how like Trump, CNN is over-sensitive, vain and self-regarding. It shows us how terrified CNN is of the power of newer, non-telly media. CNN’s viewers are in bed by 10pm and watching from rented rooms because they’ve tired of the hotel’s infomercial; twitter and Reddit users are tuning in anywhere at any time.

It’s as illuminating as it is entertaining. And the row is mildly contradictory: like The Donald’s skin, it’s terrible – and there’s not enough of it.

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Fail: CNN illustrates Nice horror with advert for tyres

So how did CNN illustrate the story of the Islamist maniac who murdered scores of people on Bastille Day in Nice, France? With an advert for Falken tires [sic] that grip:


breaking news ads nice cnn


Native advertising is a horror, Whoever invented it should be taken from this place and forced to live in an echo chamber.

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CNN: ‘Australia Building Fence at Slovenian Border’

CNN fail


As @TheMichaelMoran puts it: “Taking no chances, the Aussies.”

CNN: ‘Australia Building Fence at Slovenian Border’



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CNN produces this tasteless report on the Germanwings crash

So. How does CNN repoft the news that the co-pilot locked the pilot out off his cockopit and steered German A320 Airbus flight 4U 9525 from Barcelona to Duesseldorf and killed all 150 people on board?

French investigators say co-pilot Andreas Lubitz sent it into a dive intentionally.

Families of the victims might like to look away:


erman A320 Airbus flight 4U 9525 from Barcelona to Duesseldorf came down in a remote mountain valley in France on Tuesday 24 March, killing all 150 people on board.

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CNN reports: attack on Paris kosher supermarket was an attack on Muslims who shop there

We go live to Paris, where CNN are by a kosher supermarket where people have been murdered. Some, like the French Preesident, say the attack on a kosher supermarket was driven by rabid anti-semitism.

But CNN seeks to clarify. Chris Cuomo is talking to grocery expert Isa Soares. It turns out that the kosher supermaket is a Muslim supermarket. It’s not anti-Semitism, after all:



If the BBC Tim Willcox is looking for a new challenge, he’d fit right in at CNN…


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CNN Live News: ‘Seal Kills Obama’


cnn seal kills obama


Join the club…


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How Did CNN Cast The Scottish Independent Referendum? Like This


Screen shot 2014-09-19 at 16.33.07

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CNN says Hong Kong is in Brazil (photo)

THE average American is smarter than CNN’s killer hornet map expert, who managed to local Hong Kong in Brazil.

As Brazil’s giant hornet community says: “Visit China before China visits you.”

CNN fail

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CNN hacked Christopher Stevens

THIS is unreal. Christopher Stevens lay dead in Libya. The US Ambassador and three other Americans have been murdered. So, CNN goes looting. It looks over the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. It finds Mr Stevens’ diary. The US State Department’s Philippe Reines taks a view:

Whose first instinct is to remove from a crime scene the diary of a man killed along with three other Americans serving our country, read it, transcribe it, email it around your newsroom for others to read and then call the family?

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Is CNN dying?

IS Big Media dying? No. It’s just that 24/7 rolling TV news is not the must-see broadcast it was:

It’s no April Fool’s joke — last month CNN delivered its lowest-rated month in total day in over a decade, since August 2001, the month before the September 11 attacks. The once-dominant cable news network posted decade-lows among both total viewers (357,000) and Adults 25-54 (108,000).

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CNN tells Americans London is in Norfolk

ACCORDING to CNN, London is now in Norfolk, England. CNN wanted to show its US viewers the epicentre of the phone hacking story. Either CNN knows something we do not – isn’t the police hacking school based at GCHQ in Gloucestershire? – or else the station made an error.

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‘Fight Over NY Mosque Shits To DC’ On CNN

THE fight over the New York Mosque is making news-  not helped by Barack Obama ambling in and then working the reverse ferret. On CNN, the news can be summed up as “Fight Over NY Mosque – Shits to DC“.

Well, yes.

It’s the news in a nutshell…

Bar For Islamic Gays To Open Next To 9/11 Mosque

Stop The Manhattan Mosque – It’s In A Muslim Zero Tolerance Area

Funny TV News Captions


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CNN Recruits Journos From Gay Porn: Collin O’Neil Reports

NEWS is in such a desperate state that it will use anyone as a reporter, so long as they are cheas and are live near the scene. Anorak’s man in LA looks at CNN and it’s new reporter Collin O’Neill. We go live to gay porn central:

KNOW how CNN recruits and relies on eyewitness accounts from viewers with video cameras (or cell phones) for their on-the-scene “i-Reports?”

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CNN Created The Michael Jackson Ghost

YOU know that Michael Jackson ghost at Neverland? Well, it’s an impersonator ghost.

Well, it’s not. CNN created the ghost when a crew member walked (surely moonwalked? – ed) past a light.

File this report under Beyond Parody as Larry’s TV man in the know gets excited about seeing his rot on  TV. Let’s make up news, people:

Michael Jackson Attraction: The Ten Best Neverland Experiences

Michael Jackson’s Nurse Denies Stomach Pump Claims

Micheal Jackson’s Debbie Rowe Claims News of World Interview ‘Fake’

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China’s Intranet Internet Bans CNN And Digg

CHINA Telecom loosk to be blocking “unhealthy” content, popping up a green damn to stop the viewers seeing things like CNN and Digg. The message claims to be from “mommy and daddy“.

China is your family now.


On Danwei, readers react:

The notice asks you to enter a password if you want to see the “unhealthy” content, and says that it’s a notice from “mommy and daddy.”

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Michael Jackson: CNN Raises Questions About Bubbles’ Parentage

MICHAEL Jackson Watch: CNN tracks down Bubbles, and raises questions about his parentage…

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Susan Boyle Watch: Susie Simple Stalked By Demi Moore And Meets Oprah Winfrey

SUSAN Boyle Watch: Anorak’s looks at Britain’s Got Talent agonist Susan Boyle in the news…

Never been kissed?

Says Neighbour Brian Smith, 51:

“It’s not true Susan’s never been kissed. I’ve given her many a peck on the cheek to say ‘Don’t worry, everything’s going to be all right’. She comes to me when she needs help or a shoulder to cry on…I never knew her to have a birthday party because she was busy caring for her mother” –

Daily Mirror

Assuming she is a Protestant, and I may be wrong, but let’s assume it anyway, Scottish Protestant church going is about one thing – avoiding physical and emotional contact with another human being… Susan Boyle comes from a place where confidence can be in short measures, like the whiskey. But not her. She pulled out her talent to show them, almost to spite them. Look at me. I’ve never been kissed. Never touched. Don’t need it. –
Alan Black, SF Gate


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Susan Boyle Sings On Larry King: Video

SUSAN Boyle Watch: She’s live on Larry King live…

Anorak reader Cheryl in the US writes:

Anderson [Cooper] carried more on her tonight (right on after Larry King) but mainly repeating what Larry King said and he also showed her singing the song from the Titanic

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Ashton Kutcher Kills Twitter

ASHTON Kutcher aims to be the King of Twitter.

Can Ashton communicate in 140 characters or less?

In today’s look at how the media works, Anorak spots CNN leading with “BREAKING NEWS” on the story that CNN is writing about Hollywood pro-celebrity Kutcher.

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Susan Boyle Sings Live On Anderson Cooper: Video

SUSAN Boyle is becoming all things to all journalists.

Anorak reader Cheryl writes from the US that Anderson Cooper is getting ready (at an ungodly hour in a.m.) to run an exclusive interview he had with Boyle, and she sings for him sitting at her piano.

Then, CNN is running a special live interview with her at 7:30 a.m.

How long will the Boyle sensation last? Anorak says until she removes her fright wig, undoes her Frump Suit and reveals herself as the blonde stunna God made her…

Susan Boyle Sings Live On American TV: Video

Video: Barack Obama On Susan Boyle

Pictures: Susan Boyle Naked

Demi Moore Twitters Susan Boyle

Video: Susan Boyle On Britain’s Got Talent

Susan Boyle Look-Alike Exposed

Susan Boyle Is Britain’s Got Talent

Boyle by name – Susan Boyle Is Boiled Alive

She’s as big as a garage – Susan Boyle Sings In Her Garage

Susan Boyle To Sing At Olympics Opening Ceremony

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CNN Bias On Tea-Bagging

TEA-BAGGING is being covered by CNN. A group called “Founding Bloggers” arrives. But before that, the CNN reporter is intent on making her point.

Having introduced a man with his “two-year-old” she says the protest is not “family viewing” and goes back to the studio. Such are the facts:

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Queen ‘Tongues’ Michelle Obama

HER Majesty the Queen and Michelle Obama have come together – it being what Jade would have wanted.

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CNN Ignores Live Robbery To Talk About Chic Lit Book

CNN reporter Sasha Herriman and cameraman Peter Kavanagh LIVE! in Oxford Street, and oblivious to robbers smashing a jewellers windows in broad daylight.

Or as CNN puts it:

CNN reporter Sasha Herriman and cameraman Peter Kavanagh were filming in Oxford Street, London’s busiest retail area, when the raiders took a sledgehammer to the store’s windows in broad daylight.

Kavanagh kept the camera rolling as the thieves helped themselves to handfuls of luxury watches before roaring off on their motorcycles, leaving a crowd of stunned shoppers in their wake.

Either that or the intrepid news team missed the crime…

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How CNN Helped The Mumbai Terrorists: Update

IN Mumbai the terrorists are watching themselves on the telly.

Lynne and Kenneth Shaw, of Penarth, are in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

Mrs Shaw claims the American cable TV channel CNN broadcast details of where they were.

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How To Short Sell iPods And Steve Jobs

Apple was yesterday stung into denying its head Steve Jobs had suffered a heart attack. The false internet rumour had briefly slashed his company’s stock value.

It once again highlights the problems of the troubled relationship between traditional and new often totally amateurish and unregulated gossip mill new media.

The video posting on – a site owned by Time Warner’s CNN – caused confusion among investors. It was pulled after 20 minutes but not before the company’s stock temporarily dipped by almost 10 per cent…causing panic share selling.

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