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Anti-drone Stealth Wear: the anti-conformist hoodie

ADAM Harvey has designed anti-drone Stealth Wear. Hoodies are useless, says Harvey:

Conformity is what surveillance wants and fashion is anti-conformist. And I think the decision to conform or not happens on a personal level. The projects I’ve been working on act upon surveillance in a way that exploits a vulnerability and makes this vulnerability accessible through using something ordinary (hair, makeup, or fashion) in a non-conformist and legal way.

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The pick of British Fashion Council’s London Collections 2013: Men

WE’VE been at the British Fashion Council’s London Collections: Men. This is what you dudes will be wearing next year. Old Mr Anorak was ever ahead of his time:

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Kate Middleton’s face turns to leather

KATE Middleton Pregnancy Watch: The Duchess of Cambridge is a bag lady:

National Ledger: “Kate Middleton is pregnant and many are celebrating including those in the fashion world.”

To celebrate the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy, Gucci has made an exclusive bag for Duchess Catherine.

The Italian fashion house has created the Catherine Bag for the 30-year-old royal, following the announcement she is expecting her first child with husband Prince William .

Guccio Gucci, grandson of Gucci founder Guccio Gucci, says the bag is completely handmade and hand-sewn, and “was inspired by Kate’s delicate features and immense charm”.

They made a leather bag because it looked like Kate’s face. So leathery is Kate what when she opens her mouth you don’t know whether to listen or toss your keys in…


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The worst underwear advert ever

IS this the world’s worst ever advert for underwear:

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Men’s underwear sales slacken with age

MEN. Do you buy underwear? Do you think the undies in your drawers never get old. Are you married to good woman or the son of a fine parent who just replaces you revolting old guntees with fresher ones? Business Insider’s Sam Ro looks at the data:

HS Dent, an economic forecasting firm, compiled Census data on spending behavior and presented them as a series of demand curves. The curves measure average annual expenditure for a given product over the age of the consumer.

The loungewear curve includes Hugh Hefner’s housecoats. Although what’s under it may be prone to sagging.


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Kylie Minogue loses a foot on Elle magazine cover

KYLIE Minogue is on the cover of the January 2013 issue of Elle magaine. She looks goo. But where is her foot?

Suggestions, please…


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London’s Teddy Boys – a photo essay

ALL hail the Teddy Boys. Long-drape jacket, drainpipe trousers, slim tie, plain shirt with high collar, brothel creepers and overt socks the Edwardian style. And hair. It’s all about the hair. Teen culture always is.

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Yoko Ono’s hand job fashions for Opening Ceremony (full range in photos)

YOKO Ono has designed range of clothing for Opening Ceremony. The outfits are based on Yoko’s drawings from 1969. She had intended John Lennon to wear them – to “celebrate John’s hot bod”. She gave Lennon the sketches as a wedding gift. The clothes scream one thing: John asking Yoko, “Did you get a gift receipt, love?

The mesh cut out shits cost $145.00. The kneeless Conservative Pants are yours for £255. And the Hand Trousers are $335.00. For that money you can go to a tailor in Thailand and get an actual hand stuck to your cotton crotch. The hand will even do the ironing and tell you how great you look…


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Si Chan’s Hug Me Jacket (for insane muppets)

MEN’S Fashion item of the day: London’s College of Fashion graduate Si Chan blogs has a jacket to make men feel “warm and hugged“. The “Hug Me Jacket” could cost £800, if it ever gets made. But if you do make it, some muppet will come to buy it. Most likely Krazy Kermit…



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Unforgivable home croch clothes from the 1970s

DID you home crochet in the 1960s and 1970s? Did you buy Aunt Lydia’s Knit Crochet Heavy Rug Yarn? Did you read publications like Knitting & Crochet, In Shawls and The Easy Art of Ripple Crochet? These people did. Look out for the brooding brother dressed the same as his mum, dad, and sister; the woman knitting her own bikini by the pool; man and dog look alike; the neck brace that let’s you dress like your toilet; and more…


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Courtney Love fashion line has worst washing instructions ever

YOU might not want her perfume to smell like her, but you’ll adore Courtney Love’s new fashion range. Called Never The Bride, Love flogs it thus:

“This is the stuff that I would wear if I was young enough to not look like Betty Davis in What Ever Happened To Baby Jane. In the Hem of all the dresses, there’s a ruby and it says c***.”

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Nike X-Ray bone tights for ‘the athlete unafraid to make a statement’

WOULD you wear Nike Women’s Exclusive Print tights are athletic tights. The skeleton pattern is designed to “show what women are made of” . You can see the wearer’s “inner toughness.” You can buy them nude.

The new Nike Women’s Exclusive Print tight is a performance based pant for the athlete unafraid to make a statement. On the outside, she might be the girl next door, but on the inside, her body has survived grueling workouts, often pushing through pain, broken bones, pulled muscles and harsh tears…

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Women’s product of the day: Kleinert’s On and Off Dress Shields

KLEINERT’S On and Off Dress Shields kept you fresh and dainty before deodorants and antiperspirant made boob tubes and bra tops acceptable. But hold on! It looks like these device still exits.

A visit to the Kleinert’s website tell us:

Regular shape double ply 100% cotton washable dress shields with vinyl barrier. Elastic slips over arm and shoulder, pins to bra. Our Dress Shields help keep clothes fresher and longer lasting by absorbing perspiration. These “sanitized” shields are treated to inhibit bacterial growth and retard odor.

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Photos: The Philip Treacy Show at London Fashion Week with added Lady Gaga

TO the Philip Treacy Show at London Fashion Week, with added Lady Gaga. One day all the cool kids will be dressed as a serving suggestion:


Picture 1 of 25

A model on the catwalk during the Philip Treacy fashion show, held at the Royal Courts of Justice as part of London Fashion Week.

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Barbara Hulanicki – ‘Fashion today is so boring’

READY for the Barbara Hulanicki/Biba Brighton exhibition later this month, here’s an excellent documentary interview with the fashion legend, created byJo-ann Fortune for Visit Brighton.

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The corset: before and after photos

BEFORE Spanx, Body Magic, liposuction and Lycra, there was the corset. With the right amount of resistance and stitching, your figure could be altered to defy gravity. Everything went up with a corset – including your chin and eyebrows. They were available for children, too. And they worked. Get a load of these before and after photos:


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Austerity denim by Adele Fado

FASHION update: for all your hipsters with short arms and deep pockets, Italian fashion designer Adele Fado brings you the ultimate austerity jeans. It’s what everyone in Southern Europe’s wearing…

Spotters: YooxHeavy Browsing

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How to Magazine Modeling, with Parick Sulentine and Parch

HOW to Magazine Modeling, with Parick Sulentine and Parch:

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How male fashion work (video)

HOW male fashion works. Language makes this NSFW:

Clip from series 3, episode 1 of Burnistoun.

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Spanx for men are just back-to-front Y-fronts

ONE highlight of last week was the arrival of Spanx for men, heralded in the Daily Mail as the man knickers that “enhance the derrière’s natural roundness, and adds extra support in all the vital places.” Italian undies outfit D.HEDRAL commends to our attentions the “angle fit” technology, which took three years to perfect. Anorak is aghast.

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Big Face animals T-shirts are a meme (photos)

THE epic dog T-shirt is a meme. With Big Face Animals (guinea pigs,dogs and apes) you will never be alone:


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The Converse shoe trousers are ready for your foot

NEVER have your trousers clash with your shoes again! Never have your trousers ‘fall out’ with your shoes!  Sebastian Errazuriz has created the Shoe Pants, the dungaree jeans – Converse combinations of your dreams. Sock are options – and for squares:

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Video compilation of catwalk models falling over

VIDEO compilation of catwalk models falling over. Add a laughing Stuart Hall and it’s Jeux Sans Frontières never went away…

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In photos: Wave-Gotik-Treffen (Wave Gothic Festival) in Leipzig, Germany

IN Photos: the Wave-Gotik-Treffen (Wave Gothic Festival) in Leipzig, eastern Germany. The skulls and the crossbones represent “dark culture”. In Germany, they might well symbolise recent history…


Picture 1 of 18

Participants of the industrial and gothic music festival Wave-Gotik-Treffen play with their costumes in Leipzig, eastern Germany, on Saturday, May 26, 2012. For several days, Leipzig has become a real gothic paradise – white makeup, bold-up eyes, black hair and incredible outfits. (AP Photo/Jens Meyer)

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