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American shirt can be worn for 100 days: Britons remain sewn into their underwear

Wool-Prince 100

FASHION company Wool&Prince claims you can wear their shirts for 100 days straight and still feel fresher than a daisy in Will Smith’s hair.

Wool&Prince founder “Mac” wore his company’s shirt for 100 days and felt fine. No washing. No ironing.

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Women’s lingerie, on sale for men to wear


IS Mangerie a thing? If not, it is now as a company called HommeMystere has decided to make women’s lingerie for men. They’re offering things like thongs and padded bras, and hope to change the landscape of men’s underwear.

The Australian firm said their under garments include ‘comfortable men’s panties that really do fit, bra straps that don’t fall off the shoulder, teddies that don’t ride up halfway through the night and quality soft fabrics that feel great for all day wear’.

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Soft Paris lingerie aims to destroy British feminism and crap on your lawn

soft paris

SOFT Paris is a French knickers and undies company (that’s lingerie – ed) aiming to teach the clueless, potato-sack-clad British woman how to dress for sex. To promote the brand, the company has issued its 10 steps to seduction. Most British men would be happy with availability and warmth. But we can all be more. Says Soft Paris:

Why do English women hunch over, either shuffling or stomping? This is not seductive. Take the time to look around you, proudly, chin up/shoulders back, walking with one foot almost in front of the other, to undulate your hips provocatively.

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Kickstarter of the day: The Shirt Shirt (silent ‘r’)

kick starter

KICK STARTER project of the DAY: The Shirt Shirt. It might be a parody:

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H&M employs plus-sized mannequins


SWEDISH fashion store H&M is wrapping its outfits on size 40-42 mannequins. What it invests in more plastic and reduced floor space, it will reap in good PR.




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How to tie an Eldredge Knot in your neck tie

HOW do you tie an Eldredge knot in your tie? The knot is the work of Jeffrey Eldrege. The creator of the Eldredge explains:

Tying a four-in-hand every day got old. So I looked up how to tie other knots when I happened across this video tutorial for the ‘Ediety Knot‘ which introduced me to the concept of tying a knot using the tail end of the tie. I didn’t do anything special to actually develop the knot save play around with a tie until I found something I liked…In real time it took maybe two years to perfect.

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The all-purpose JeanPants Underwear for Aussie Rules and swimming

NEVER again need you be unprepared at the beach or pool. When the hot weather hits, you can strip off your ComfiSlax ans showcase your CUW JeanPants Underwear *. These snug cotton boxer shorts look like a pair of very tight jean cutoff shorts. You’re the Duke in Daisy.

* Also worked for Aussie Rules!

Spotter: GeekAlerts

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The Oscars 2013 – all the stars’ dresses in photos

THE Oscars 2013 – who wore what. Nicole Kidman cam dressed as a Dubai beach oil slick; Jessica Chatain looked Hollywood fabulous; Charlize Theron looked elegant; Adele looked meh; Jennifer Aniston had channeled her personality into her dress (dullsville); Bradley Cooper’s mum wore Ostrich by Bernie Clifton; Naomi Watts’ dress was unfinished; Catherine Zeta Jones wore a face that makes an Oscar look pot-marked; and Anne Hathaway has a tissue tucked in somewhere:


Image 1 of 48

Nicole Kidman arriving for the 85th Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles.

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Moustache transplants give men ‘the air of a tiger’

“HAVING a moustache was always a big thing, ever since the Ottoman time. Most Arab leaders have moostache, or some form of facial hair. I think culturally it suggests masculinity, wisdom and experience.”So says one Saudi Arabia-based journalist about the fashion for moustache transplants.

Dr Selhattin Tulunay runs a moustache-replacement service in Istanbul. He performs 50 to 60 mouschache transplants a month.

“For some men who look young and junior, they think (a moustache) is a must to look senior… more professional and wise. They think it is prestigious. They have some celebrities as role models, like Turkish singer and actor Ibrahim Tatlises. Politicians think a moustanche will boost their appeal to voters.”

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Anya Hindmarch does it with dominoes at London Fashion Week 2013

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The fashionistas of London Fashion Week 2013 – photos of fashion’s forwards

LONDON Fashion Week 2013: we’ve been photographing the fashionistas seen outside Somerset House. Look out for: 1980s colours; the BA Robertson fan club; men dressed as clerics; men dressed as furtive sex shop browsers (circa. 1973); and other cool kids…


Image 1 of 83

Fashionistas seen outside Somerset House attending Day Three of London Fashion Week on February 17, 2013 in London.

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John Galliano dresses like a schlocky Nazi

ONE day John Galliano will make Hassidic Jews on-trend. The convicted anti-semite who declared his love for all things Hitler (it’s zer shorts – to die fur) was spotted heading to Oscar de la Renta’s show at New York Fashion Week yesterday. 

The New York Post was disgusted. “SHMUCK,” it screamed. How very dare he mock Hasidic Jews. Galliano was dressed in a long dark coat and a grey homburg hat. His hair was twirled.

Young Hassidic Jews sigh with joy. “Finally, already,” they say in one voice. “Finally, the satin and velvet coat, the furry hat and tucking the trousers into the long black socks is fashionable. After 150 years, finally this look is hip again.

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Anti-drone Stealth Wear: the anti-conformist hoodie

ADAM Harvey has designed anti-drone Stealth Wear. Hoodies are useless, says Harvey:

Conformity is what surveillance wants and fashion is anti-conformist. And I think the decision to conform or not happens on a personal level. The projects I’ve been working on act upon surveillance in a way that exploits a vulnerability and makes this vulnerability accessible through using something ordinary (hair, makeup, or fashion) in a non-conformist and legal way.

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The pick of British Fashion Council’s London Collections 2013: Men

WE’VE been at the British Fashion Council’s London Collections: Men. This is what you dudes will be wearing next year. Old Mr Anorak was ever ahead of his time:

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Kate Middleton’s face turns to leather

KATE Middleton Pregnancy Watch: The Duchess of Cambridge is a bag lady:

National Ledger: “Kate Middleton is pregnant and many are celebrating including those in the fashion world.”

To celebrate the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy, Gucci has made an exclusive bag for Duchess Catherine.

The Italian fashion house has created the Catherine Bag for the 30-year-old royal, following the announcement she is expecting her first child with husband Prince William .

Guccio Gucci, grandson of Gucci founder Guccio Gucci, says the bag is completely handmade and hand-sewn, and “was inspired by Kate’s delicate features and immense charm”.

They made a leather bag because it looked like Kate’s face. So leathery is Kate what when she opens her mouth you don’t know whether to listen or toss your keys in…


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The worst underwear advert ever

IS this the world’s worst ever advert for underwear:

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Men’s underwear sales slacken with age

MEN. Do you buy underwear? Do you think the undies in your drawers never get old. Are you married to good woman or the son of a fine parent who just replaces you revolting old guntees with fresher ones? Business Insider’s Sam Ro looks at the data:

HS Dent, an economic forecasting firm, compiled Census data on spending behavior and presented them as a series of demand curves. The curves measure average annual expenditure for a given product over the age of the consumer.

The loungewear curve includes Hugh Hefner’s housecoats. Although what’s under it may be prone to sagging.


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Kylie Minogue loses a foot on Elle magazine cover

KYLIE Minogue is on the cover of the January 2013 issue of Elle magaine. She looks goo. But where is her foot?

Suggestions, please…


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London’s Teddy Boys – a photo essay

ALL hail the Teddy Boys. Long-drape jacket, drainpipe trousers, slim tie, plain shirt with high collar, brothel creepers and overt socks the Edwardian style. And hair. It’s all about the hair. Teen culture always is.

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Yoko Ono’s hand job fashions for Opening Ceremony (full range in photos)

YOKO Ono has designed range of clothing for Opening Ceremony. The outfits are based on Yoko’s drawings from 1969. She had intended John Lennon to wear them – to “celebrate John’s hot bod”. She gave Lennon the sketches as a wedding gift. The clothes scream one thing: John asking Yoko, “Did you get a gift receipt, love?

The mesh cut out shits cost $145.00. The kneeless Conservative Pants are yours for £255. And the Hand Trousers are $335.00. For that money you can go to a tailor in Thailand and get an actual hand stuck to your cotton crotch. The hand will even do the ironing and tell you how great you look…


Image 1 of 11

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Si Chan’s Hug Me Jacket (for insane muppets)

MEN’S Fashion item of the day: London’s College of Fashion graduate Si Chan blogs has a jacket to make men feel “warm and hugged“. The “Hug Me Jacket” could cost £800, if it ever gets made. But if you do make it, some muppet will come to buy it. Most likely Krazy Kermit…



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