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Black rhino survives encounter with TV crew

THIS video features cameraman Kim Wolhuter in a stand-off with a black rhino. Kim survives. As does the rhino.

I wonder what the rhino has to say about the encounter, perhaps that he met a man stood in his path and decided that charging him would be foolhardy because if he hurt the human others humans in the big truck to the left would kill him. His cousin is an authority on human behaviour and will include this episode in his university thesis: why do white humans stare and collect our excrement?

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The five greatest home shopping TV fails of all time

ANROAK loves watching Home shopping channels. Every now and then you get a memorable moment:

The Ladder To (Seeing) Stars

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Getty Dubs: stock videos with added sounds to make you laugh

THIS is a compilation of stock videos from Getty Images dubbed with sounds to make you laugh:

Spotter: Getty Dubs, via BlameItOnTheVoices

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Baby misses dad’s beard (video)

BABY misses dad’s beard (video):



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Is Syria a sign that End of Times is upon us? Fox News v Channel 4

IS war in Syria a sign that the End of Times is upon is. Has the end of the world begun?

Fox News

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BBC News presenter can’t tell the difference between an iPad or a stack of paper

LIVE TV is a treacherous thing at the best of times, as a BBC News presenter fond out when he delivered a bulletin holding a pack of photocopier paper instead of an iPad.

Simon McCoy was doing his thing to camera, talking about ‘drunk tanks’ (not nearly as exciting as they sound) when he accidentally picked up a stack of A4 paper instead of his tablet.

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Penguin designs bride’s wedding dress

SO. The bride and groom are with a penguin. What could go wrong:

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BBC moves towards quotas for women in broadcasting: abbatoir workers, as you were

AliceArnoldSHOULD there be quotas for men and women? If men are under-represented on a board of panel, should there be more men? Alice Arnold, the former BBC Radio 4 newsreader and BBC presenter Clare Balding’s civil partner, has said that a “quota for female radio hosts is the only way to achieve equality”.

Do we need quotas to ensure more woman work in abattoirs and road building? What about more men on make-up counters and supermarket check-outs? Quotas?

Tony Hall, the BBC’s Director General, says:

“We have got to be more reflective of the audiences who are listening to our programmes. That is why by the end of 2014 I would like to see half of our Local Radio stations with a woman presenting on the Breakfast shows.”

Arnold says:

“Without a directive of a quota from above, the figure of 50 per cent will simply never be achieved. Not because there are not good women out there, there are plenty, but they have to be sought out and given the opportunity…Women broadcasters are as good as male broadcasters. This is a fact. But we are fighting a history of sexism in broadcasting and in life that has gone on ever since the transistor radio took pride of place in the parlour.”

Won’t it be just as sexist to make rules that bar men from doing a job?

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Superstars and Superfans: Paul Burrell is now as Royal as Princess Diana

Paul Burrell, Princess Diana's former butler, looks at a long, formal dinner dress in oyster duchesse satin, with a bolero jacket by Victor Edelstein that belonged to the Princess of Wales, in New York Monday Aug. 13, 2007. At left is the dress, valued at over $300,000 that is being offered on eBay through August 22, with proceeds going to the America's Promise charity which raises money for disadvantaged children. Burrell is returning as a judge for the second season of the WE cable television channel reality series "American Princess." At left is a positive negative black and white evening dress and bolero jacket by Murray Arbeid, second left is a long, formal dinner dress in oyster duchesse satin, with a bolero jacket by Victor Edelstein and at right is a long evening dress of back silk crepe and diamante paste embroidery by Catherine Walker, both of which also belonged to Princess Diana. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

PAUL Burrell is plugging his TLC show Superstars and Superfans.

From the makers of Sky1’s Pineapple Dance Studios, Superstars and Superfans follows the lives of some of the UK’s most dedicated and obsessed celebrity fans, providing a glimpse into the eccentric world of these real-life celebrity devotees, while also delving deep into the lives of the celebrities over whom the superfans obsess. What happens when their worlds collide?


This series we meet superfans including Jax who has an obsession with Shane Lynch from Boyzone and has an ‘Aladdin’s cave’ dedicated to all things Shane Lynch, she even has her very own personal fantasy world – “Lynch Land” where she meets Shane and plays out their would-be life together, Victoria whose obsession revolves around Westlife, she has created her very own Westlife ‘hall of fame’ in her hallway, dubbed the Westlife Passage with pictures of her favourite stars, and Theresa whose obsession with Rod Stewart has seen her attend over 150 of his concerts and keeps a momentum of each one in her ‘Rod Room.’

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Teen Exorcists: Bob Larson, Margaret Thatcher and hunting Satan for Jesus in London

thatcher devil satan

A COUPLE of nights ago, BBC3 (the network’s “youth channel”) broadcast Dan Murdoch‘s observational documentary Teen Exorcists, the latest example of media fascination with Brynne Larson and her two friends Brynne Tess and Savannah Scherkenback, writes Richard BartholomewThe trio come across as personable, good humoured, and bright – yet they are committed to the beliefs and worldview expounded by Brynne’s father Bob Larson, a man who has been a familiar figure in US media for years with extravagant tales of Satanic cults and of exorcising thousands of people who he says have been spiritually oppressed by demonic powers.

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Simon’s Cat in Mirror’s Mirror

IN this episode, Simon’s Cat ,called Mirror Mirror, the cat is “challenged by a familiar adversary”:

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Behold the Stoddens! Doug Hutchison give Courtney a big set of balloons


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Arctic Monkeys on X Factor and beer bellies

The Arctic Monkeys, winner of the Band award, pose backstage at the GQ Men of the Year Awards in association with Hugo Boss at the Royal Opera House, London.

THE world of rock music is a dreary place at the moment and one of the few likeable bands on the circuit are Sheffield’s Arctic Monkeys. Whether you like their music or not, they seems to stand for something rather good. They’re defenders of the working classes without being boorish. They’ve always had half decent haircuts. They have fuzz pedals.

And in an interview on Newsnight, AM’s frontboy Alex Turner got onto pop music.

Turner defended the existence of X Factor:

“People get too angry about X Factor and talent shows. Just let them get on with it; you need that to kick against. People talk about how that’s ruined everything but there’s always been shitty pop music,whether it came from a television show or not.”

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Twerking Girl who catches fire on video that went viral is a Jimmy Kimmel hoax

YOU know that video of a twerking girl who sets herself on fire? Yes, the one that’s all over the web. Well, it’s a fake.

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Snoozenight: Newsnight editor says Rachel Reeves is boring – viewers delighted

Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rachel Reeves talks to employees at Manthorpe Engineering near Ripley, Derbyshire today .  PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Monday 31stOctober 2011. Picture credit David Jones/PA

NEWSNIGHT editor Ian Katz tweeted that Rachel Reeves, Labour MP for Leeds West and Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, is not good telly, even at 11pm when viewers are tying to clear their mind for sleep. Any more of this and the BBC can forget about needing to broadcast golf ever again.

“Tnks … except for boring snoring rachel reeves … playout was fun tho, wasn’t it? telly MUCH netter [sic] than snooooozepapers innit”.

Reeves, who had been interviews by Jeremy Paxman, replied:


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Superman ‘reflected’ attacker’s cowboy boot into Wonder Woman’s face – TV report of the year

wonder woman attacked


JENNIFER ‘Wonder Woman’Jennifer Wenger and Christopher  ‘Superman’ Dennis, have been attacked by a “cowboy boot wearing transient“. The super duo were were recording an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live when the woman pounced.

Highlights to look out for in the news report to follow:

Wonder Woman: “Right here’s where the heel went into my leg… of the boot. And when it hit my leg it bounced over and hit right here, where it’s bruised. and raised”

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Local News watch: Bullet-proof squirrel teams up with bomb-proof parasite

Bulletproof squirrel

ABC WGNO – “God bless Louisiana” –  reports on a remarkable rodent: ”

Bulletproof Squirrel Proves to be Quite a Survivor

Tyler Wing reports:

A squirrel on the North Shore of Louisiana is alive and still gathering nuts after apparently taking a bullet. “How is he alive? How did that bullet get there?” wonders scenic and wildlife photographer Christine Regusa, who discovered the bulletproof squirrel in her Covington backyard.

Says Regusa:

“I was on the bench over there. Squirrel was right by the tree. Didn’t even look at the picture after I took it until the next night.  Then I realized, oh, no! It’s a bullet!”


Says Dr. Rose Lemarie at Southeast Veterinary Specialists.

“Clearly the squirrel has been shot.”

Thsi leads to the follow-up shocker:

WGNO Viewers Offer Other Explanation For Bulletproof Squirrel

Some of our viewers also let us know that the lump could be from a worm parasite instead.

For now, there’s no word of any plans to trap the squirrel and find out for sure.

A local news mystery endures…

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Australian newsreader: “Tonight, I’m going to sound like a drunk…”

THE news is so often stuffy and depressing, that it’s nice when it goes a bit awry. Take, for example, the news anchor in Australia who is going viral no doubt, after her late-night bulletin was coloured with a rather peculiar on-air comment.

WIN News Canberra anchor Kerryn Johnson accidentally began the broadcast by saying: “Good evening. Tonight I’m going to sound like a drunk.”

Obviously, and needlessly, Johnson has expressed a fair amount of embarrassment about the whole thing.

WIN issued a statement after the incident that read:

“This is a newsreader who sets a very high standard for herself. To have it go to air when it was not intended to has been more than embarrassing for her. Kerryn has been presenting news for over two decades and has never put a foot wrong. I’m sure our viewers will understand.’

Have a listen:

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Chris Fountain sacked by Corrie after this ‘rape rap’

Chris Fountain arrives at the TV Choice Awards at the Dorchester hotel in London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Monday 10 September, 2012. Photo credit should read: Ian West/PA Wire

OVER in Yorkshire, there’s a fall-down funny group of rappers called SY Cypher. They freestyle in a self deprecating manner, often threatening to shoot each other with guns they clearly don’t have. Their videos have been hilarious and canny, but alas, no more.

The group had to make all their videos private after they got much more attention than they bargained for, after Coronation Street/Hollyoaks alumni Chris Fountain decided to get in on the act. Appearing masked as ‘The Phantom’, Fountain did a lousy rap with a heap of crass jokes, which regrettably included something about rape.

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Newsreader interrupted live on-air by her own child

Lena Alwash

CHILDREN are idiots aren’t they? Especially your own. And one Moroccan newsreader found that out when her daughter interrupted her at work while she was live on telly.

Lena Alwash’s live broadcast on Morocco’s Medi 1 TV channel is interrupted when her daughter randomly appears behind her to hand her a mobile.

Upon realising her mum might actually be working and addressing viewers, rather than just blankly talking to the ether in a stern voice, the child realises how dim she is and tries to duck out of shot.

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Boy celebrates his new toy ‘boner’

TOY of the day: A 3-year old boy loves hi new “boner”.

Spotter: Most Watched Today

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Bad Ad Watch: Status Quo for Australian shop Coles

BAD Ad Watch: Status Quo for Australian shop Coles:

Are you with the Quo or Adele, who said:

 “I don’t want my name anywhere near another brand. I don’t wanna be tainted, or haunted, and I don’t wanna sell out in any way. I think it’s shameful.”

Was Bill Hicks right – are the Quo now “off the artistic roll call forever. You’re another whore at the capitalist gang bang … Everything you say is suspect and every word that comes out of your mouth is now like a turd falling into my drink.”

Are the Quo selling groceries or just selling out?

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Channel 4 turns One Direction fans into its latest freak show

Liam Payne (left) and Harry Styles of One Direction meet fans outside Radio 1 in London.

NO-ONE loves music more than teenagers and, no-one loves One Direction more than teenager girls. With that, Channel 4 decided to air a documentary about 1D’s fans, painting them in a less than flattering light. That’s Channel 4’s forte at the minute, mocking people who need a council house, can’t speak English, are part of the travelling community and people on benefits.

If you’re working class or foreign in Britain, you can thank Channel 4 for turning your social media feeds into something akin to a UKIP rally.

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Whodunnit in Scotland: ‘It wasn’t me’

ANORAK presents a Whodunnit, Scotland style:

Other reasons to love the Scots.

Spotter: Other Parents

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Channel 4 to broadcast from a public toilet

channel 4 toilet

REMEMBER the story about the Glasgow nightclub called Shimmy, that got closed down because it let people spy on the girls toilets through a pervy mirror?

Everyone was pretty outraged that someone would do something so obviously weird… everyone apart from Channel 4 who it seems have taken the idea and are going to turn it into a television show.

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