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Crash Sight TV Reporter Nearly Killed By Crashed Bus

IN Today’s Guide To TV Reporting, we remind you not to stand too close to the bus crash.

The media does like be at the centre of the story – but let’s not be a statistic, people…

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Dog Gets Even On Honking Car Driver

DOGS. You like them. So. Here’s a video of a dog getting even on a car driven by biting off the licence plate. And that’s it…

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The One Show: Adrian Chiles Gags, Lenny Henry Kills And Cilla Black Noshes George Harrison’s Avocado

ADRIAN Chiles is the moribund, miserable face of the ITV World Cup output. But he used to be on The One Show – as ghastly as it sounds –with Christine Bleakley listening to Cilla Black saying “George Harrison introduced me to Avocado” and Lenny Henry killing more than just jokes – people, people: he killed people.

We are, of course, only joking. Our pal Casetteboy has pulled together a compilation video of Chiles’s The One Show best bits. He should use it as his showreel. The video makes Chiles look interesting, edgy and funny. TV can lie. And it can lie very well…

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The Oddest IMDB Biographies

THE Internet Movie Database (IMDB) is a great resource for movie matters. The facts keep coming. Who was in what. What they did. What the PR told them to write. And so on. The site has a few memorable bios in the talent’s profile pages. Here are some choice parts they played – look out for the woman who has a little accident, the old woman who doesn’t have sex and the “lesbian in a restaurant”…


Picture 1 of 20

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Boyanka Angelova’s World Cup Masterclass

BOYANKA Angelova does things with a ball that will make Robert Green and World Cup footballers feel ashamed.

Take it it away Boyanka…

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Big Brother Look-Alikes: Nathan, Bert, Dave And Marc Chapman

BIG Brother is 13 weeks of Davina McCall shouting at an empty room as even Channel 4 realises that the only thing to do with people keen to appear on the dead show is to take the piss out of them – which is why 81 fools arrived to stand in line while 14 of their number made the cruellest cut. OK– not 81 fools. Steve Gill had his legs blown off in Northern Ireland where he was a serving soldier. Steve Gill wins the show. But before you look away, here are a few look-alikes…

Big Brother 11 2010: Housemates In Pictures And Nicknames

Big Brother: Rachael White (Beyonzee) And Corin Forshaw (Fraudon) Flash The Flesh: NSFW


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Piers Morgan Replaces Larry King At CNN: Thank Robert Green

PIERS Morgan is replacing Larry King as the face of CNN chat. The four-year-deal is said to be worth $5,5milion. And you can thank Robert Green.

So. Piers Morgan leaves for the US. Another Simon Cowell judge, Cheryl Cole is reported to be heading over there. And in exchange all we need do is instruct Robert Green to let America win the World Cup game with England 1-1.

We win!


Picture 1 of 14

Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Joe McElderry and Piers Morgan (left to right) during the National Television Awards 2010, at the 02 Arena, London.

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Snapping Turtle Meets Reporter’s Nose: Video

INTRODUCING CBS 2’s Tony Aiello who joins When Animals Attack: Pictures Of Animals Going For People. Aiello is holding a female snapping turtle. So. how doe sit feel to be snapping turtle?

The answer is swift:

“I’d like to think I have a ‘nose for news. I’m glad my nose survived in one piece.”


“I knew the creature walked slow, but snapped quick. I sure found out just how quick. No wonder snapping turtles have been around for more than 50 million years. They know how to fend for themselves.”

But they need an agent. Next weeek, an intrepid reporter investigates how man-eating tigers got their name:

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Thief Smashes And Grabs Own Head: Video

TO New Zealand, where two local criminal masterminds are using a rock to attempt a break in at Empire Skate, in Herd Street, Chaffers Marina.

Says Detective Sergeant Mark Scott:

“We can see from the CCTV images, one of the offenders is seen throwing a rock at the window which then comes down and hits him on the head, at which point they flee the scene.”

Wonder that the rock doesn’t just sink into the sponge-like matter…

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Big Brother 11 2010: Housemates In Pictures And Nicknames

BIG Brother 2010. All the housemates in pictures and nicknames:

Rosie Gibson: Cider With Josie.
Steven Gill: Nelson
Ben Duncan: Duncan Flares
Rachel White: Beyonzee
Nathan Dunn: Monobrow
Dave Vaughan: Friggins
Caoimhe Guilfoyle: Vowel
Govan Zachariah Hinds: Andi Peters
Shabby Katchadourian: Stabby
Ife Kuku: CooCoo
John James Parton: Wally Parton
Sunshine Martin: Doc Martin
Corin Forshaw: Fraudon
Mario Mugan: Muggy

Big Brother 2010: The Dregs – Live Blog In Pictures


Picture 1 of 20

Davina McCall with John as he enters the Big Brother house at Elstree Studios, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

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How Not To Load A Jetski Into A Van: An Idiot’s Guide

IN Today’s Video Guide, we teach you how not to load a jetski into a van:

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In Pictures: Voices And Faces Behind Famous Cartoon Characters

EVER wonder what the face behind a cartoon character looks like? Here’s a gallery featuring Nemo, Homer Simpson, South Park, Spongebob and more… Do you have a face for cartoons?

Cartoons That Look Like Celebs: Rihanna’s Woodpecker


Picture 1 of 22

Dan Castellaneta - Homer-Simpson

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Spelbound Break Britain’s Got Talent Records: Pictures

SPELBOUND wins Britain’s Got Talent and 13 members of the acrobatic gymnastics dance outfit split the £100,000 top prize. We caught up with Douglas Fordyce and the rest of Spelbound at a press conference at Sony headquarters in London. Yeah, Sony, wher Simon cOwell works. And Spelbound are now his. Says he:

“I’m very proud of you.”

While Cowell is relieved that all the hard hours in the gym have been worth it, we’ve got more facts.

* Britain’s Got Talent ended with a peak audience of 14.1 million last night, plunging from last year’s figure of 19.2 million.

* The event also attracted a huge television audience, with initial estimates suggesting almost 20 million people tuned in to see the ten acts battle it out for the title. If the figures are confirmed, it would mean the final was ITV1’s most popular show for almost five years.

In pictures:


Picture 1 of 7

Alex Uttley of Britain's Got Talent winners Spelbound speaks to reporters during a press conference at Sony headquarters in London.

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The Pee Wee Herman Goat Win Britain’s Got Talent – We’re Spellbound

EAT your heart out Spelbound and chandi – Pee Wee Herman goat wins Britain’s Got Talent. Well, he should have.

The goat does impressions. He’s propably not even a goat..

He’s that good…

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Spelbound Wins Britain’s Got Talent 2010: Pictures, Videos And Live Blog

SPELBOUND Wins Britain’s Got Talent. The little orange action figure with the six pack who flew over Amanda Holden’s head says he’d like to thank Amanda for… Come on, who thought he was going to thank Amanda for the make-up?

Amanda says Spelbound should open the London Olympics in 2012. We like it. Who needs hundreds of drummers, tens of minutes of fireworks and athletes waving at their mums and videotaping the crowd – a quick 90 seconds of tumbling extravagance, a huge pot of Touche Eclat and job done. Cheap as chips.

They are terrific.

Simon Cowell: On live TV that was one of the most astonishing things I have ever seen!

The others:

Janey Cutler: Edith Piaf is better off out of it. Likeable woman. Loadsa pluck. Amanda says Janey wanted her autograph. She didn’t tell us if she gave it to her.

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IN today’s Horse Jump Fail of The Day we go to Sao Paulo, where the lads are forming a human diamond for horse and rider to jump through.

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Drinking Problem Video of The Day: The Delano’s Russian

DRINKING Problem Video of The Day is presented by the Russian woman in the Delano’s grocery store on 27th & Geary in San Francisco.

The man behind the camera tells us:

I shot this after she had been going at it for a while and she’s starting to slow down. She was throwing bottles at other customers before. I know she’s Russian because that was the language she was yelling at the poor store clerk and the security guard who tried to stop her. Six cops ended up coming, and the first one pulled his gun the second he turned the corner and yelled out “Raise your arms or I’ll put a bullet in your fucking head!” While this was going on, I bought some mac & cheese from a panicking cashier.

Smash and gab:

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Miley Cyrus Hates Shallow Pop, Appears On Britain’s Got Talent (Lesbian Kiss Pictures)

MILEY Cyrus was on Britain’s Got Talent. Miley was singing her song called Can’t Be Tamed.

That’s her pretending to kiss a female dancer.

That’s her dressed in fishnets and basque.

That’s her in the choreographed dance routine giving full throat to:

For those who don’t know me, I can get a bit crazy
Have to get my way, yep
24 hours a day
‘Cuz I’m hot like that
Every guy, everywhere just gives me mad attention
Like I’m under inspection,
I always get a ten
‘Cuz I’m built like that

Here’s the virginal Miley telling Billboard magazine:

“With anything-the clothes I wear or the way I want to look-I don’t plan it. Even with the video [for “Can’t Be Tamed”] I had the treatment, but beyond that, it was whatever comes. We didn’t have all the choreography set in stone because I didn’t want it to end up looking fake and polished. Everything in life has to come naturally or I feel like it’s just been done.”

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Lurker Of The Day: Man Wears Only A Sock To Be On Greek TV

LURKER of The Day is this chap on Greek TV who wants to appear on the magic box dressed only in a sock.

Ankle, knee or leg warmer, sir?

Note: the image looks like a trailer for the Brady Bunch home sex tape.

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Thieves Attacked With Flying Bookcase

A WOMAN has been robbed. Her bag has been snatched.

Locals react.

She gives chase. They give chase.

The thieves’ bike crashes.

A bookscase flies. Then a cupboard…

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‘Breakfast Is About Jesus Christ’: Michael Declares Himseslf An Atheist To Catholic Mum (Video)

MICHAEL tells his Catholic mum he’s an atheist. Mum reacts. A camera trolls. And Jesus gets breakfast ready.

Michael, breakfast is about Jesus Christ. Well, not the Pop Tarts, obviously – they are about the Devil. But the corn flakes are definitely Jesus’s…

NSFW language:

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Eurovison: Lena Meyer-Landrut Wins With Mambo Number 5 Meets The Ting Tings

EUROVISON winner Lena Meyer-Landrut is delighted to win the procession of glitter and bias with Satellite. Louis Berga (Mambo Number 5) and the Ting Tings (That’s Not My Name) are thought to be appreciative.

There is very little that is original:



Ting Tings:



Picture 1 of 16

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Eurovision 2010: The Winners, The Losers And The Pictures

IT’S the Eurovision live blog. Eurovision is the type of democracy that teaches the world how prejudice and glitter can mix. The stunners and the munters:

There are 25 singers and songs. Yeah, just 25. The last time Old Mr Anorak listened people sing 25 songs in a row was at the Somme to keep spirits up.

The Winners & The Losers

Band name of the night: Moldova’s Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira

Sunstroke is the legal high of choice in Moldova.

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TV Reporter Get Lots Of Parking Tickets As Real Life Invades

KTLA’s Gayle Anderson understands that things on the telly are not necessarily better than things in real life. Anderson is presenting a car feature in Santa Monica and lovely Rita is in turn presenting each car with a ticket to the show.

Because it’s on the telly, it can’t be real life – it has to be better. You can be robbing a bank to illustrate the lax security at a local branch, and so long as it is on the telly the cops will stand by and watch. Some will grin and shout “Hiya, a. Look, I made it. I’m a movie star, ma.

Back in the studio, the hard-faced woman wearing surgical scrubs yammers on about the parking attendant “not understanding” that this is telly. She understands. And she does not care. The presenter should think herself lucky she wasn’t nicked for filming an officer without permission.

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TV Reporter Filmed Breaking Into Car, Almost

THANKS to this TV reporter we know how easy it is for a “car prowler” to break into a car.

All he needs is hammer, a car and closed window.

To help us, the hard of understanding, better know how a car window breaks when hit by a hammer, the reporter has a hammer and a window.

Roll VT. And check the door isn’t open:

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