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I’d Do Anything: Graham Norton Is Back for More

id-do-anything-oliver.jpg“I’D Do Anything”, the BBC’s new search for a star show, has a title that echoes the words of many casting couch auditions.

It is hosted by Graham Norton, who one imagines would do anything to be on the telly.

Norton came to the Beeb via Channel 4, where his eponymous chatshow featured steamy websites, sex toys and an adolescent probing of his guests to say something “naughty”.

“I’d do Anything…Ooer Missus, You Dirty Girl” is the title of this his latest title.

Each mention of the phrase “I’d Do Anything” should be given a visual full stop by the cameras panning to Norton who purses his lips, clutches his hands to his cheeks and forms his mouth into a perfect ‘O’.

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Valentine Warner Tells You What To Eat Now

hair-food.jpgMEET Valentine Warner, the man the Mirror heard called the “Russell Brand of the kitchen”.

Warner is the new face of the BBC celebrity chef series What To Eat Now, in which a TV chef places his food before the nation and tells them they must eat it all up or else they can’t go out and play.

But would you want to eat food prepared by man so dubbed? This is Brand, the priapic BBC presenter with the backcombed hair, author of the masturbatory memoir My Booky Wook.

That’s him serving you your TV dinner…

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Win A Date With Big Brother’s Chanelle Hayes

hayes-chanelle.jpgIn “CHANELLE” I need a man and it could be YOU”, Big Brother starlet Chanelle Hayes advertises herself on the Star’s front page.

To win Chanelle, readers are invited to answer not one, not two, but three questions.

Anorak put the questions to the typing pool and accounts team, and now features the top answers for each.

Can you do better? Answers go towards a GCSE in Big Brother Studies:

Q1. My perfume’s called Mwah!. If you were a perfume what would you be called and why?

A. Forgotten. One squirt of Forgotten and you struggle to remember whatshername from Big Brother. Also available in a men’s fragrance and room deodoriser.

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EastEnders Star Writes Her Own Scripts

eastedners-stacey.jpgSAYS Lacey Turner, EastEnders’ hard-faced harridan Stacey Slater: “I think a lot find me intimidating… The ones you want to talk to don’t come over – but you get the drunk ones who burp in your ear.”

And the EastEnders’ scriptwriters take notes…

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This Is The Best Entry Ever

THIS Is The Best Entry Ever…

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The World’s First Voiceless Phone Call

THE World’s First Voiceless Phone Call…

Well, not really. There’s the breathing. Always the breathing…

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Psychic Sally Sees EastEnders

psychic-1.jpgOK! Magazine’s “PSYCHIC SALLY” is in conversation with EastEnders’ Joe Swash.

Dim the lights…

Sally: You play your character in EastEnders relly well, as as far as the public is concerned, you are Mickey. But you have a burning need to do something else. Would I be right?

Joe: Yes, you would be.

As reported on Anorak on February 25, Joe has been written out of the EastEnders cast.


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Wajeha Huwaider’s Video For Saudi Arabian Women

WAJEHA Huwaide takes a stand against Saudi Arabia’s ban on female drivers in the kingdom.

In Saudi Arabia, this is rebellion:

Many women in this society are able to drive cars, and many of our male relatives don’t mind us driving,” she says in Arabic.

“I hope that by next year’s International Woman’s Day, this ban on us will be lifted.”

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Appeasing Islam: A Video


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The Wire, The Sun’s Pulizter Prize And The Death Of Newspapers

EXTREME Mortman looks at The Wire, The Sun And The Death Of Newspapers:

In Wolfe’s sprawling big city drama, the people on top — no matter how crooked or how lying, and no matter whether their stated purpose is to do the public good or harm — always finish on top. In “The Wire” conclusion, the ending appears upbeat — lots of smiling faces, lots of individual accomplishment, peppy music. But the folks who succeeded are, for the most part, crooks and liars.

The point was driven home — actually, bludgeoned home — by the Sun paper winning a coveted Pulitzer Prize, for essentially knowingly lying. David Simon (and did our eyes deceive us, or was that Simon himself in a brief cameo sitting at a cubicle with a sticker that says “Save The Sun”) has the paper winning an award for public service that they most certainly did not deserve. That comes after Haynes, in a newsroom rant, cites journalistic luminaries Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass.

The irony is that today, in real life, newspapers are being done in by the Internet, by bloggers. In Simon’s “Wire,” the Internet is acknowledged — but it’s not the reason for the newspaper’s black eye. It’s their own fault. It’s trampling on the truth, and disinterest in fact checking if it means missing a prize.


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Janina San Miguel Beats Miss Teen South Carolina

JANINA San Miguel Beats Miss Teen South Carolina in the ‘Unthreateningly Stupid’ part of the beauty contest:

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Go The Clockwork Green Team

GO the Greeen Team. You can have any colour so long as it’s green… (NSFW) The Clockwork Greens:

Green Team! Green Team!! Green Team!!!!

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Will Kerry Katona’s Father Please Confess

alan-titchmarsh-1.jpgARE you Kerry Katona’s dad? What about you? You? You? You? What about you James Spears?

What does it pay to be Kerry Katona’s father? We do not know. All the Sun says is that the celebrity lettuce shaker wants the man she believes is her dad to take a DNA test on her TV show Kerry Katona: Crazy In Love.

Kerry’s supposed father is John Dowd, although on first view the Anorak mistook him for Alan Titchmarsh. Therein would lie a greater story.

But John it is. He received this letter from a TV production company: “Kerry would like to do a DNA test with you. However, because we are filming the whole time, we would like to capture this on camera.”

Nothing like a spot of science to enliven a celebrity-fed reality TV show.

Says John: “It’s like blackmail, it’s unbelievable. They’re basically saying, ‘If you don’t do it on TV, then she won’t do it’.”

The Alan Titchmarsh show is on 2.30 pm at ITV1.

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The War On Terror Ray Gun

THE War on Terror Ray Gun. Brought to you by the makers of War On Stupidity:

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Paul Radcliffe’s Olympic ‘Arse Bath’ And BBC Man’s Wee Spot Of Bother

paula-radcliffe.jpgSPORTS quote of the day: BBC Breakfast news presenter Chris Hollins reporting on athlete facilities at the Beijing Olympic village: “A shower might cause problems for Paula Radcliffe, who as we know prefers an arse bath or two.”

Adding: “Sorry. An ice bath. I’d better go.”

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Nick Clegg Gets On His Bike

nick-clegg.jpgSTEVE Webb, the Liberal Democrat’s environment spokesman, is sat on the GMTV Sunday sofa talking of his boss, Nick Clegg.

Says he: “Nick is experimenting with some sort of low-carbon moped for getting around London, so I’m sure there is photograph coming out of that.”

And one that should be reproduced for years and years and years to come…

Picture: Poldraw

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US Soldiers Torturing Puppy: Dogs Of War

DO these videos – including one of a US soldier throwing a puppy off a cliff – reveal the dehumanization of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?

It makes for unpleasant viewing:

Leaving scene of accident:

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Anne Diamond Needs To Be Thick Skinned

anne-diamond.JPGASKS Hello!” magazine of Anne Diamond, who walked off Celebrity Fit Club:

“Some hurtful things have been written about your struggle with your size. Have you become thick-skinned?”

Or just big boned? Anne…

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A Coronation Street On Every Street

coronation-street.jpgPLANS are afoot for a Coronation Street pub on “YOUR STREET”, says the Star on its front page.

What having a pub on every street in the country will do for binge drinking can only be feared, but if it what the fans of the soap demand, then it will hard to stop.

We would argue that to be truly authentic, your street should host a knicker factory, a cab office, a bus stop, a corner shop, a kebab shop and the associated doctor’s surgery.

In a stroke, Britain’s manufacturing industry is restored, the NHS is improved, car emissions curtailed, supermarkets beaten, drink-driving banished and, if the kebabs can be laced with free range tomato and organic horse the heath of the nation improved.

If you have been affected by any of the words in today’s story call 0800 CONFUSED, where Casualty’s team of medics will be on hand to help…

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Labour Says BBC Is Soft On Cameron

jeremy-paxman.jpg“LABOUR accuses BBC of going soft on Cameron,” says the Mail.

Labour has lodged an official complaint, claiming Radio 4’s Today programme has given David Cameron an easy ride in recent interviews.

In a letter to Sue Inglish, the BBC’s head of political programming, Labour’s vice- chairman Dawn Butler says presenter-Sarah Montague avoided any “unexpected questions”.

Says Miss Butler: “On the last five occasions Mr Cameron has appeared on the Today programme, dating back to November 1, his interviews have lasted less than eight minutes, they have been exclusively on a subject of his own choosing, and no questions have been asked by the interviewers on any other topical issues.”

The BBC denies any bias. And we wonder if this is less the fault of the BBC than of its star interlocutor Jeremy Paxman, whose hectoring, smirky-style of interviewing is what we expect our politicians to endure.

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The BBC’s Shaky Coverage Of That UK Earthquake

DAVE Lee sees the earthquake that shook the UK on Sky News within 15 minutes. He lives in Lincoln, close to the epicentre.

Meanwhile the BBC fails to even mention the UK earthquake a full half an hour after it happened.

This was the earthquake brought on by global warming

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Celebrity Cull: Suzanne Shaw Wields Blade On Dancing On Ice

MORE news on the Dancing On Ice Celebrity Cull.

Followign this and this, the Mail screams: “Drama On Ice: The moment Suzanne Shaw’s skate sliced open her partner’s face.”


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We Are The World In Japanese

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A Leap Year Proposal Leading To The Seven Year Itch

TO the GMTV broadcasts. Amid the chintz and the Mr Sheen sparkling teeth, a viewer proposes to the lover she’s been dating for seven years. Seven years…. Seven years…. Seven years

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Worst Nude Movie Scenes of All Time

Paper Magazine’s Top 10 Worst Nude Film Scenes of all-time:

1. Philip Seymour Hoffman – Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
2. Patrick Dempsey – Some Girls
3. Terry Bradshaw – Failure To Launch
4. Donald Sutherland – Space Cowboys
5. Kathy Bates – At Play In The Fields Of The Lord

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