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Take Me Out sex scandal with filthy carpets and explicit Facebook photos

IN the “TAKE ME OUT SEX PARTY SCANDAL”, the Sun uses its front page to tell readers of a “2-day boozy bash”; “Mansion trashed”; “Mob’s obscene pics”.

Take Me Out is the Saturday Night TV show watched by people slumped in front of the telly and not going out. The Paddy McGuinness-fronted dating show is “a televisual representation of chucking out time at your local nightclub, as 30 shrieking women compete to date one man” while dressed like extras from a Hollywood sex-and-sandals slave auction.

At the end of rounds in which the male introduces a video of himself being nice to his mum and showing his muscles, the women ask innuendo-laden questions and the man performs a 30-second talent act, the ladies show their interest by keeping their light lit – white means he’s well in; red means he either has to pay for it or has no chance. McGuinness then utters the best catchphrase on British telly, “No lighty, no likey.

This is the backdrop for the Sun’s story, which follows the week’s earlier news that contestant Aaron Withers’ punched a woman named Amy Kerr in the face during a pub fight with her boyfriend Simon Edwards in Frome, Somerset. Withers, a “tarmac worker'” who has advertised himself as a £50-an-hour escort, pleaded guilty and was fined £200 and told to pay £50 compensation to both victims.

So. To today’s shocker:

HORDES of Take Me Out wannabes had a wild sex and booze party at a £4.5million mansion which was trashed.

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How skipping stones work – a scientific video on Holy Balls

HOW do skipping stones work? This is how, according to the brains at Brigham Young University.

Holy Balls!

Holy Waboba! from Tadd Truscott on Vimeo.

Spotter: Paul Berger

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Media Week with Kerrang! radio’s Alex Baker is beyond parody

MEDIA Week catches up with Alex Baker, presenter and commercial programming manager at Kerrang! and Q Radio. He is not a work of parody nor of Bret Easton Ellis.

Highlights are:


You know that horrible ‘HONNNK’ tone that the iPhone alarm makes? Apparently it’s not that alarming as I’m sleeping through it like a baby. I hate to sound smug (and I realise that I do), but I love working in radio, so springing out of bed in the morning, once awake, is never a problem.

I get into the office at 8am – not bad considering the New Year’s drinking shenanigans. Ever since I started working in the commercial radio sector, I’ve had an internal pact that I only drink the products on New Year’s Eve that we, at Kerrang! Radio and Q Radio, have advertised that year. So Saturday night consisted of the potent mix of Jack Daniel’s and cola/ginger in a can, Marston’s Hobgoblin, and Budweiser, thanks to everyone at InBev – who will be pleased to know that I allocated a designated driver and drank their product responsibly.

Next up, some script writing for a really exciting Virgin Active campaign, a campaign that will, for the first time ever, make weight loss my job.

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The Delivery – a John Lewis boy with a box film

FIRST came the John Lewis boy and his head in box Christmas gift. Now comes the Laughing Basset comedy group and their weepy box – starring Truman, Gina Jenkinson, Richard Colley (with laughter from Steven O’Neill)…

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RIP Bob Holness: with Konnie Huq and The Two Pauls

RIP Bob Holness. Christina Martin remembers:

I WATCH Blockbusters repeats every tea time on Challenge.

During yesterday’s episode I turned to my boyfriend and asked: “Is Bob Holness still alive?

Today he died.

I’m think I may have jinxed him.

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Natasha Giggs gets a dollar for Celebrity Big Brother

CELEBRITY Big Brother housemate Natasha Giggs does not feel like she has had the chance to out across her side of the story of her affair with her brother-in-law Manchester United player Ryan Giggs other than what people read in the, er, stories she sold to the tabloids?

As she entered the house, Big Brother played Aloe Blacc’s I Need a Dollar. The Big Brother celebrity budget only goes so far…

PS-  This is not the first Big Brother Natasha has been on.

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Alana off Toddlers & Tiaras is here to be loved (video)

DONTCHA love hating other parents? As such, Alana’s parents, June and Mr Living-The-Dream – as seen on TV’s Toddlers & Tiaras – must laugh at the rest with gusto. You can’t have that must paper towelling and be wrong about anything. It’s what Noah would have used to absorb the flood had he had real foresight and a blonde child:

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Hamster Submarine runs on renewable energy

THE Hamster Submarine runs on renewable energy:

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Frankie Cocozza found lurking in plug hole (Video)

What’s blocking your plug hole? Let’s see. Why, it’s X Factor reject Frankie Cocozza! Or is it Chewbacca’s arse?

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Park Jo Min is South Korea’s Adele

ADELE can’t sing. Adle is sick of throat. But  15-year-old Park Ji Mon can sing. Park Jo Min’s accent is spot on. It’s incredible. Can BT hire Park Jo Mon for their Indian call centres, or just move their call centres to South Korean. She’s no Adele but  Park Jo Mon  can make beautiful musak while you repeatedly smash your face into a desk.

Spotter: The Daily What


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Women shoplifts crate of Guinness up her skirt (Video)

WANT to see a woman shoplifting an entire crate of Guinness up her skirt?

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A dog wearing trousers walks downstairs

WANT to see a dog wearing trousers walking downstairs on his ‘hands’? Sure you do:

Spotter: The Daily What

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BBC news anchor David Robertson does close-up magic

BBC news anchor David Robertson showcases his close-up magic as he reads the news in Scotland.

The Mirror’s Live TV tried a similar stun to enliven news with its News Bunny and the Weather in Norwegian, the latter a forerunner to the Tony Blair Government’s championing of lifelong education.

The BBC has been merging news and entertainment for a decade by cha-cha-cha-ing news readers on to pro-celeb dance show Strictly Come Dancing, inviting Will Young to be pundit on Question Time and presenting the to-deadline mutterings of BBC presenter Jeremy Clarkson on a BBC news magazine show as a lead news item on the BBC news.

David Robertson’s magic pen is just another step in that direction.

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Brendan Adhere is the man who slipped on the ice

BRENDAN Adhere is The Man Who Slipped On The Ice. He slipped on ice in Dublin. It was filmed and broadcast on the telly.

Brendan became a TV star.

How they laughed.

But what was it like for Brendan to be a national joke? Well…

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Bad TV: woman scared of snowmen meets huge snowman on This Morning

BAD TV presents the woman who can’t stand people dressed as snowmen being introduced to a snowman peeping through Jimmy Savile’s old Y-fronts on ITV’s This Morning. Sheehs! Get a load of the pair to her right. They can melt snowmen with their hair…

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The X Factor Voiceover Man Strikes Back

IT’S The X Factor uncut. Peter Dickson is the X Factor voiceover man striking back. (Yep, we found another version.)

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Peoples falling over on icy stairs (video)

PEOPLE slipping on icy stairs is a video of people slipping on icy stairs that proves CCTV is useful for getting laughs.

Comedy is someone else falling over – tragedy is you falling over:

Spotter: Break

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America hates Steve Jones on X Factor

AMERICA is a notoriously difficult nut to crack and, if Robbie Williams couldn’t do it, then Steve Jones certainly can’t in his tenure as The X Factor USA role.

When the show returns for a second season, it seems the former T4 presenter will have to watch it on ITV2, nursing his P45 from Simon Cowell. Unsurprising really, given that he’s roughly as charming as a machine that makes cardboard boxes.

USA Today referred to him “as charmless as a Ken doll and even less animated.”

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Dutch TV presenters Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno eat each other (video)

DUTCH TV, which has given us Big Brother and, Celebrity Big Brother, now brings the world Test Rabbits or Guinea Pigs (Proefkonijnen), the show in which TV presenters Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno eat each other. Two men eating other’s meat. Dutch private booth TV just went mainstream.

Zeno eats a slice of Storm’s bottom. Storm eats a piece of Zeno’s stomach. It’s Celebrity Fit Club – The Short Cuts.

Says Dennis Storm:

“It is weird to look into the eyes of a friend when you are chewing on his belly.”

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Stewie the cat puts Connar into a trance

STEWIE the cat is filmed settling Connar to sleep. Well, so says Aarongrant1 on YouTube. Anorak knows cats. They are self-serving creatures. Stewie is exercising mind control. One day Connar will disobey mum and dad. Mark out words…

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Kids getting intentionally crap Christmas presents from Jimmy Kimmel

JIMMYKimmel called on his viewers to give their children an intentionally crap and early Christmas present and then film it. It’s brilliant:

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Calvin and Hobbes twisted snowman torture is wonderful

FANS of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip will love this video Christmas card of the snowman torture scenes. Incidentally, if you do end up alone and sleep with a snowman this Christmas, try not to complain about the wt patch in teh morning. It’s Christmas!

Spotter: i09


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How many workers does it take to stop an out of control concrete buffer?

HOW many workers does it take to stop an out of control concrete buffer?

Spotter: DailyWhaT

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Harry Judd wins Strictly Come Dancing as McFly make it a pro-celebrity two-step

HARRY Judd has won televised pro-celebrity dance show Strictly Come Dancing. Harry Judd now makes it two in a row for his band McFly, following in the steps of Dougie Poynter, King of the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here jungle.

For a long time all eyes were on Ola Jordan’s midriff. Indeed, if McFly are to tour again we invite them to include Ola as kind of Bez at the front of stage. It could only go well.

Congratulations, then, to Harry Judd. Before the baffled eyes of Bruce Forsyth, Judd accepted his massive Glitterball trophy, and blessedly did not use the word “journey” in his valedictory speech, thus breaking from his Strictly contract and revealing the revellious streak we look for in our musical stars.

Said Harry Judd:

“All I can say is, from the bottom of heart thank you to everyone for voting for Aliona and me. I’ve been on the best show on TV and I’m just honoured.”

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Man demolishes tower like game of Jenga

IN this video a man attempt to demolish a Tower as if playing Jenga whil doing an impression of Fred Dibnah meeting Buster Keaton:

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