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18th, November News

College Sex Attacks And Prohibition

“A vast majority of college women’s rape claims involve alcohol..." More »

18th, November Books

Sexist Barbie Says 'I Can Be...A Computer Engineeer' - But Only If The Boys Do All The Work

WHAT can Babie be? Well, if you melt her down, she could be doorstop, a martial aid part of South Korean car's dashboard. But to Martel, Babrie can be anything. Barbie Can Be...A Computer Engineeer... More »

18th, November News

Harry Roberts Gives His Only Ever Interview Again And Again And Again

WHEN police murderer Harry Roberts was released for prison, the Mail on Sunday had an "exclusive"... More »

18th, November Books

John Waters Reads: My Singing Anus And Carsick Parodies

John Waters hitchhiked his way across the USA. He's written it up in Carsick... More »

18th, November Police Log

Roy Keane Has Another Pop At The Manchester United mafia

More »

18th, November Money

Someone, Somewhere, Is Wrong about Prostitution, Clients And The Numbers

More »

18th, November Strange But True

Rainbow Oneupmanship: A Fallstreak Hole Forms In The Sky Over Wonthaggi, Australia

More »

18th, November Arsenal

Ten Years on from Pizzagate: Man Utd and Arsenal both look toothless now

More »

18th, November Celebrities

One Direction: Drugs Abuse Would Have Been One Reason To Admire The Sun's Zayn Malik

ONE Direction singer and sort-of dancer Zayn Malik has "blasted drug abuse claims made about him by a presenter on live US TV.".. More »

18th, November The Consumer

FAIL: London Estate Agent Strutt And Parker Creates Truly Terrible Ad

To London, where Tom Doran @portraitinflesh spots this hideous advert from esate agency Strutt And Parker... More »

18th, November News

Watch a 93-Year-Old Smoke Marijuana For The First Time

When you're 93-year-old, it's time to take a hit from your first joint. .. More »

18th, November The Consumer

Nurtured Sea Salt In A Thing That Exists

Special purchase for special people... More »

18th, November News 1

Exaro, The BBC And The People Are Killing Justice For A Paedophile Murder Story

THE fall out from the Mirror's report on alleged peadophiles is that fingers are being pointed with no proof. Compensation-seeking lawyers, police PRs, self-serving politicians and anyone looking for a whistleblower... More »

18th, November In Pictures

Super Flemish: Super Heroes As Sixteenth Century Portraits

SACHA Goldberger asks at the start of this SuperFlemish series: What if Superman was born in the sixteenth century? And what if the Hulk was a Duke? How might Van Eyck have portrayed Snow White?... More »

18th, November Strange But True

Seals Filmed Raping And Killing Penguins

IS Nothing Safe? Seals having sex with penguins... More »

18th, November News 2

Christians And Muslims Fight For Right To Murder For Their Beliefs

Barbaric assaults on religious liberty are greeted in the West with an embarrassed silence. Canon Andrew White is one of the bravest people I know. For nine years this former Middle East envoy for the Archbishop of Canterbury, who has played a key role in freeing hostages in the region, has been the vicar of St George’s church in Baghdad... More »

18th, November News

Oxford University Abortion Debate Cancelled Because Protests And Cowards

THE CENSORS won! More »

18th, November News

Devon Man Guilty Of Possessing 9 Pence Worth Of Cannabis

TO North Devon Magistrates's court, where Christopher Saunders, is answering the charge of being in with possession of nine pence worth of cannabis... More »

18th, November Anorak TV

Cowboy Policeman Takes On Wheelie Riding Biker In The City of London

TWO lines to listen out for in this video of a man on a bike doing a 22mph wheelie in the City of London and the policeman ticking him off... More »

17th, November In Pictures

Artist Makes Surreal Freakish Body Sculptures

THESE life-like sculptures by Jonathan Payne look like chewy, crunchy pieces of raw meat. The warty skin, demented toenails, primary sexual characteristics contorted and paired into unnatual horrors are captivating... More »

17th, November News

Free Speech Abort! Oxford University Students Run Scared Of Abortion Debate

BRENDAN O'Neill and Timothy Stanley are going to debate abortion at Oxford Students for Life's Abortion Culture debate. Or are they? Cherwell, the independent student newspaper of Oxford University, has news... More »

17th, November News

Jimmy Savile And The Married Bisexual Monk And Convicted Child Abuser Who Fixed Clocks For Kids

Confidential social services reports confirm that Keith Harding, an antiques expert who appeared on the 1980 Christmas edition of the show, was involved with the notorious campaign group, the Paedophile Information Exchange (Pie)... More »

17th, November Sports

Study: Footballers With Wider Faces Are Most Aggressive

A STUDY of the 2010 World Cup revealse that a player's facial width to height ratio (FWHR) predicts his aggressiveness... More »

17th, November News

Transfer Balls: Marco Reus Chose Chelsea Over Arsenal And Liverpool In A Spin

TRANSFER Balls: Is Marco Reus heading to Chelsea? The Daily Express has been updating readers with no news whatdsover... More »

17th, November Money

Money Buys Happiness: Lottery Winners Reveal What Happened Next

WHAT happens after you win millions on the lottery?... More »