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22nd, January Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: people are still donating to the find Maddie fund

News on Madeleine McCann, the innocent missing child, has been thin on the ground. But today the Sun has some news.... More »

22nd, January News

Wasted robot drone carrying six pounds of meth crashes on US border

ON the border between Tijuana and the USA, a drone helicopter carrying six pounds (2.72kg) of crystal meth has crashed. Well, if you're flying that wasted accientd can happen... More »

22nd, January News

Gotcha! The Sun used Page 3 to mock the snooty and the the smug

"God I hate the Sun," a friend texted late last night after a day of Page 3 nonsense. Hate is a strong word. But, great heavens, the paper is bloody irritating. Irritating in the way of a bright teenager who plays the idiot in class, fearing that to expose his intellect would make him seem less cool.... More »

22nd, January NSFW

A day with Eufrat Mai: the Fleshlight vagina model

Meet Eufrat Mai, the woman who was the vagina model for the FleshLight. Yep. Now you tossers can put a face on your glow stick... More »

22nd, January News

Page 3 Stunnas, The Suffragette, Fascist Mary Richardson and the Rokeby Venus at the National Gallery

ll this talk of ridding Britain of the scourge of Page 3 brings to mind the Suffragette Mary Richardson, who in 1914 took a knife into the National Gallery and slashed Velazquez's 'Rokeby Venus'... More »

22nd, January Chelsea

Transfer Balls: Chelsea sign Paul Pogba For £37m less than Manchester United paid for him

Transfer Balls - a regular look at rumour and utter drivel being presented as fact by the mainstream media - look once again at Juventus and France star Paul Pogba.... More »

22nd, January News

Prince Andrew's foot fetish orgy and an underage sex 'slave' star in The Jeffrey Epstein Mystery

Prince Andrew and Virgina Roberts share the Sun's front page. It's the story of sex and slavery. It's the story of "MY SEX WITH ANDY AND 8 GIRLS." Wow! Prince Andrew had sex with "girls"! Eight of them! More »

22nd, January News

Good news with Nicole Neal from Bournemouth: The Sun brings back Page 3

After a very brief hiatus. the Sun has restored topless stunnas to its page 3... More »

21st, January News

The fat-abusing Sun says the fat suffer 'nightmare abuse'

In "SUN GIRL'S DAY FROM HELL", Amy Jones (size 8) pulls on a fat suit and heads off to the gym ("A child points and laughs"); the bus stop ("A gaggle of kids point and giggle"); lunch... More »

21st, January Strange But True

Dear diarrhea: man keeps diary of every poo he laid in 2014

Redditor captainmercedes kept a 'captain's log' of every poo he took in 2014. Turds were noted for their size, texture, number and duration. .. More »

21st, January News 3

Je Suis Charlie Hebdo: When the NUJ stopped the Daily Star lampooning radical Islam

The NUJ's general secretay Michelle Stanistreet was on the 'Je Suis Charlie' march following the murders of Chartlie Hebdo staff. The NUJ made this announcement... More »

21st, January News

Conservative MPs and Daily Express poll sensation: 11.7% people want out of the EU

The Daily Express has news: "80% want to quit the EU."... More »

21st, January Arsenal

Arsenal Transfer Balls: Tiote, Augustin, Otamendi and Bryam join the Gunners revolution

Arsenal Transfer Balls: Who are the Gunners buying today? To date, the mainstream media has told readers that Arsenal are buying - get this - 63 players. And there are MORE! More »

21st, January Key Posts 1

The Chilcot Report unredacted: Tony Blair must die to pay for the sins of the many

The Chilcot Report has been mired by delay. The feel is that we are witnessing a cover-up. But do we need an inquiry to tell us that invading Iraq was wrong and based on iffy evidence? Do we need an inquiry to tell us that Tony Blair was just the head of a group who, allegedly, cooked-up reasons for what had been decided?... More »

21st, January News

Westminster paedophiles: PIE, Grafton Close dies and 'allegations of unnatural sexual proclivities' on file

Westmisnter paedophiles: a look at the story of child abuse in VIP circles in the 1970s and 1980s... More »

21st, January Money

New Hampshire lottery introduces bacon-scented scatch cards

Can bacon be associated with failure? Can the smell of bacon be link with wasting your money on games of chance? The New Hampshire Lottery has launched its first scratch-and-sniff scratch ticket. "I Heart Bacon Scratch Ticket" costs $1. The big prize is $1,000.... More »

21st, January News 3

Biased BBC: one Palestinian wounded in stabbing attack on aggressive Tel Aviv bus

A man has stabbed many peopls on a bus in Tel Aviv. The stabbings are riding high on the cycle. But what happened? ... More »

20th, January News

Je suis Page 3: The Sun is no Charlie Hebdo

So. The Sun caved into pressure from the righteous and dropped Page 3. Punters keen on tabloid news with a dash of topless stunna will be forced to read the Daily Star (or watch Sky TV with subtitles whilst surfing the web for bewitching breasts).... More »

20th, January The Consumer

We done Carr watches for coming up with the most sexist and tacky advert yet

Huge congrats to Carr watches for coming up with the most sexist/tacky advert yet. More »

20th, January Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Norwegian Fan Names His Daughter ‘YNWA’

COYR... More »

20th, January In Pictures

Artist gives abandoned kids' erotic play dolls a new makeunder

Can you scrub that disgarded Bratz doll into something less showy? One helping hand can. makes new clothes, shoes and haior for the dols who have been used by their owners.... More »

20th, January News

Free speech: Saudi Arabia arrests man who filmed public beheading and Ireland's dream

Saudi Arabia is an ally of the UK, the country whose leaders cry "Je Suis Charlie"... More »

20th, January Key Posts

Anti-Semitism is justified: views on the war on Jews and its causes

Thoughts on anti-semitism. One thing a Jew cannot do is fail. The other thing a Jew can always do is be held responsible for what their co-religionists do.... More »

20th, January Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Brendan Rodgers got Divock Origi on the never-maybe

Liverpool Balls: LFC manager Brenadan Rodgers has been talking about Divock Origi... More »

20th, January Celebrities 1

Celebrity Big Brother: The Sun's Katie Hopkins gets naked on Chegwin's Channel 5

Celebrity Big Brother is making news in the tabloids. In the Sun and Star (now the only paper for topless stunnas - watch those readership figures soar!). Both papers have a league table of how the housemates are getting along... More »