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16th, May News

Juxtaposition fail: Florida Times-Union slaps gun show sticker over shooting story

This Friday Florida Times-Union front page features a gun show sticker by a story of a shooting. ... More »

16th, May News

Observer Food Monthly exposes cover model's eating problem

Observer Food Monthly highlight the 'worst aim ever': More »

16th, May News

Westminster Paedos: Tory MP Alexander Victor Edward Paulet Montagu secret sex crimes against children

The Times has news that an MP who abused boy in 1970s let off with a police caution.... More »

16th, May manchester united

Manchester United: Losing David De Gea Shows How Weak The Team Is

Manchester United's David de Gea continues to dither over a new £200,000-a-week contact (well, so says the Times; the same contract is valued at £140,000-a-week in the Daily Mirror).... More »

16th, May Celebrities

Robin Thicke's mum and dad have sex to his music

Sexy times at Chez Thicke, where Robin Thicke's dad Alan, 68, and wife, Tanya Callau, 40, are talking about their sex lives. News is that they like to have Robin in the room, aurally speaking... More »

16th, May Strange But True

Essex police wait 23 days for drugs dealer to use the toilet

Public Health England cites Sy Allen, 30, arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply class A drugs on March 31. Police belived Allen, of Wood Green, London, had secreted drugs inide his body.... More »

16th, May News

Intruder 'looking for teenage girl' accidentally groped her dad

To Dickson, Tennessee, where Corey Huddleston, 52, is charged with aggravated burglary and sexual battery. Huddleston is accused of going to the home of Bret and Elizabeth Cutrell and behaving badly.... More »

16th, May News

'Slick' Chuka Umunna reinvents himself as indecisive and insecure

When Chuka Umunna annunced his decsiosn to stand as Labour leader, he adressed the electorate with his video... More »

16th, May Sports

Cocaine Is For Dopes: Hull City's Jake Livermore Caught Cheating

Hull City's Jake Livermore has tested positive for cocaine. Livermore was randomly tested after Hull had beaten Crystal Palace 2-0 on April 25. His club manager Steve is “devastated”. Livermore, a £8m signing from Tottenham, has been suspended by the club... More »

15th, May Liverpool

Liverpool: Steven Gerrard’s hair evolution mapped out in football stickers (photo)

There we were, busy painstakingly compiling a season-by-season photographic retrospective appraisal of Steven Gerrard’s 17-year hair portfolio only for the bloody BBC to go and steal our thunder by cobbling this little beauty together… More »

14th, May News

Thom Yorke Not John Terry Is On The Cover Of An Iranian Sex Help Manual

More »

14th, May Key Posts

My life as a Californian sex doll doctor (photos and video)

RealDoll's take one helluva pounding. And Slade's job is to go in there and make the rough, broken and chaffed smoother than a rubber glove... More »

14th, May The Consumer

Jart: You can send your mother a fart in a jar

You can now spend your money to send farts in a jar - a Jart - through the post. For $10 plus shipping, you can send a crispy, airy, or juicy blow off and a note to your mother / enemy / lover... More »

13th, May manchester united

Manchester United: Chris Smalling, a burning hot tub and naked barbecuing

The story is that Manchester United and England's Chris Smalling's garden hot tub caught fire. The Sun says Smalling wasn't at his Bowdon, Altrincham, home at the time. The fire was spotted by a passing police car... More »

13th, May News

OAP expelled from nursing home for hiding prostitute under his bed

A Philadelphia-area man is looking for a new digs. The 70-something year old - described as one of the “more mobile gentleman” - was kicked out of his Norristown assisted living facility for hiding a prostitute under his bed.... More »

13th, May News

Vegetarian man offended by the smell of meat threatened fellow train passengers with knife

To the Traunstein to Munich train, Germany, where a vegetatian, 29, has been driven berserk by the smell of meat.... More »

13th, May Chelsea

Chelsea owe Roman Abramovich £1,041,243,000 and rising

In the year to June 2014, Abramovich's loan rose from £984m to £1,041,243,000. More »

12th, May News

Lord Janner: 203 votes on the law and police PR with dead Jimmy Savile

Lord Greville Janner: a look at reporting on the beleaguered Labour peer... More »

12th, May News

Fighting on a Clapham Junction train was just an everyday commuting 'nightmare' in London

Quote of the week comes to use via the Daily Express. The paper's report on a travel "nightmare" at London's Clapham Juncion station is headlined: "Commuters brawl as power cuts halt trains"... More »

12th, May Books

Reader photocopies his Kindle to make a more expensive physical backup

Artist Jesse England's “E-Book Backup” project sees him photocopy his Kindle version of George Orwell’s 1984. He photocopied every page, one by one. Eh then uploaded the scanned copy to his Kindle... More »

12th, May Manchester City

Manchester City Balls: Guardiola's tabloid journey takes him to Manchester United

Is Pep Guardiola heading to become the next manager of Manchester City? The Sun has been relating the story. ... More »

11th, May Celebrities

Eileen Daly: the topless magazine years (photos)

Once upon a time, Eileen was a titilaing wonder. Back in the days of erotica, top-shelf magazines and Scandi porn, Eileen was a women of many names. We've compiled a list... More »

11th, May Strange But True

Police scrape smugged heroin from inside man's foreskin

The man on a train from China to Tibet has secreted heroin inside his foreskin... More »

11th, May Politicians

Why Survation and the Daily Mirror failed to publish the poll that showed the Conservatives on course for victory

The polls got it wrong. The Conservative Party won the General Election. But one poll you never saw was spot on-ish... More »

11th, May News

Welsh bus company pull ad with topless model offering wa*kers the chance to 'Ride Me All Day For £3'

A Welsh bus company has used a topless woman to encourage wa*kers (that's not just 'walkers' - ed) to "Ride Me All Day For £3”.... More »