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28th, April marijuana 2

Marijuana: Jack's Amendment, Carly's Law and Mary Ann Coleman's fight for a drug that works

Would you give medial marijuana to your ill child if you thought it would help them? In Alabama, Mark Coleman wants to use marijuana to treat his 13-year-old daughter, Mary Ann Coleman. She has low-functioning autism.... More »

28th, April Arsenal

Clegg's Arsenal, Cameron's Aston Villa or Miliband's Leeds United: the General Election vote for football fans

David Cameron is the latest (but probably not the last) politician to learn that football, when used as a political football, can result in an own goal... More »

28th, April News

Lord Janner: When Frank Beck worked for MI6 and children were bathed like dogs

Lord Janner is still in the news. The Labour peer, who won't face the court for alleged child abuse because his dementia makes him unfit for trial, remains in the media's crosshairs... More »

27th, April Strange But True

Nothing says RIP than putting your dead lover's ashes inside a glass dildo

Good news, deadsters. You can carry on shagging after you've stopped breathing. Mark Sturkenboom's “21 grams memory box” has a box for the widow or widower in need of company... More »

27th, April News

Obituary of the day: Richard West's mysterious journey to Singapore

Richard West's obituary contains a truly brilliant anecdote... More »

27th, April Strange But True 1

Famer ordered to take take down his pornographic hay bales (photo)

Aussie farmer Bruce Cook has been threatened with “publishing pornographic images”. Will he remove the offended hay bales?... More »

27th, April Chelsea

Chelsea: Eden Hazard owes it all to toxic John Terry, the Premier League's best player

Chelsea captain John Terry is a great footballer. Saying that is hardly going out on a limb. He has been terrific for Chelsea... More »

27th, April News

Jim Wells' gay comments are none of the police's business

Northern Ireland Health Minister Jim Wells has resigned? Why? Well, there was that comment her made, the one about gays and paedos... More »

27th, April Sports

If Floyd Mayweather Jr is your child's role model it's time to review your parenting

Floyd Mayweather Jr is a role model. Well, so says a voice on ESPN’s program Outside the Lines, which looked at the boxer ahead of his fight with Manny Pacquiao... More »

27th, April Strange But True

Mug Shot of the day: the Washington eyebrow lady

Mug Shot of the Day comes to us via Police in Washougal, Washington, who arrested 36-year-old Marsha Santoro... More »

27th, April News 1

Lord Janner: Liberal Democrat councillor Frank Beck and police sirens

Lord Janner: a look at reporting on the allegations of a Westminster peadophile cover-up... More »

27th, April marijuana

Watch Rhapsody In Blue: Ex Cops Smoking Weed

Anyone want to do a British version? .. More »

26th, April Sports

Spurs Balls: Kyle Walker is monitoring twitter for signs of idiocy

Spurs and England footballer Kyle Walker is in the news for something he didn't do. Someone told someone who told me that Kyle Walker was in the news. So. I looked at Google. And this is what I saw... More »

26th, April Strange But True

Watch how a trapped snaked thanks its rescuers

This video of a trapped snake being cut has a great ending. But it's not what you think More »

26th, April News

Katie Hopkins V New Labour: human cockroaches v the human virus

When Katie Hopkins called migrants "cockraoches" in her Sun column, she was compared to Hitler by many, including UN high commissioner for human rights, Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein of Jordan... More »

26th, April News

Lord Janner: Official Secrets mean only the dead can talk

Lord Greville Janner: a round-up of media reporting on the Labour peer mired in the story of Westminster peados. More »

26th, April News

Newspaper corection of the week: The Halesowen News' shop for kleptomaniacs

Oh, collector maniac... More »

26th, April Strange But True

450 kg man moved to new nursing home by crane and flatbed truck (video)

Brian Butler need to move when notice was served on his Providence, Rhode Island, nursing home... More »

25th, April Liverpool

Liverpool keep Jordan Henderson but will Nivea stick by their man?

Jordan Henderson has penned a new five-year deal to play for Liverpool. Good news for Liverpool fans. And at £100,0o0-a-week good news for Henderson, who will just be able to afford a season ticket at top-flight boxing... More »

25th, April Sports 1

We should love Manchester United's Wayne Rooney more than tax dodger Lewis Hamilton

The richest sportsman in the UK is Lewis Hamilton. But he's not. Because he lives in Monaco... More »

25th, April Strange But True

Cocaine trafficker escapes by giving his GPS monitor to a cat

Uses for cats No. 2: mobile getaway device.... More »

25th, April News

Lord Janner: DPP, FGM and shuffling across the carpet to genital abuse

Lord Janner: a look at reporting on the Labout peer in the news... More »

24th, April News

Beyond parody with Katie Hopkins: Royal UN Offical tells British media that free speech has its limits

Katie Hopkins compares migrants to 'cockroaches in her outrageous-to-deadline Sun newspaper column. And the UN high commissioner for human rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, says: “The Nazi media described people their masters wanted to eliminate as rats and cockroaches... More »

24th, April News

President Reagan shootist John Hinckley wants to be free, join a band and date his new girlfriend

John Hinckley, 59, the man who in 1981 shot President Ronald Reagan and three other men (Jim Brady was shot in the head), wants to be in a band. Hinckley has been living in a psychiatric hospital ever since he was found not guilty by reason of insanity to the shooting. (He did it to woo actress Jodie Foster.)... More »

24th, April Arsenal

Transfer balls: Liverpool's bid for Arsenal target Asier Illarramendi is lost in translation

More »