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8th, July Money

Beer, Oh Happy Produce Of Our Isle - And Good For Us Too!

THE Mail brings us the glorious news that beer is actually good for us... More »

8th, July News

Yetwree And The The Demolition Of Due Process To Save The Children

THE hunt is on for peados. Police, tabloids, broadsheets, Left wing, Right wing and MPs are hunting for child molestors. It might be a national obsession. But what are the facts? The Sun today delivers a report full of nods and winks... More »

8th, July Liverpool 1

Transfer Balls: Suarez Replaces Sanchez In Barcelona As Liverpool Seek New Camara

TRANSFER Balls: A regular look at rumour, speculation and opinion backed by anonymous sources presented as 'news' in today's mainstream media. The focus is on Luis Suarez... More »

8th, July Film

See Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix in All Is By My Side Trailer

Hendrix was a smooth, fascinating character with a preposterous talent and a gentle soul - that's not easy to capture. Moreover, Outkast's brilliant Andre 3000/Benjamin is playing the title role. There's no-one on Earth who wants this to fail... More »

7th, July Cars

Photos Of The Citroën Flying Cars

. Swedish artist Jacob Munkhammar is the first person to have spotted the obvous: these gliding French cars with the swivelling headlights and hydropneumatic self-levelling suspension system make great hover jets... More »

7th, July The Consumer

The Armadillo Bag Is A Thing Of Wonder

NO, that's not Donatella Versace. That's a dead armadillo handbag up for auction on eBay. If you can break your piggy bank (made from a real pig!) $299 ono... More »

7th, July Sports

Tour De France 2014 Photos: Stage Three - Cambridge to London

TOUR de France 2014: Stage Three - Cambridge to London... More »

7th, July Sports

Awkward Tour De France Vine: The Podium Kiss Off

Ouch! More »

7th, July Money 3

Well Of Course British Homes Are The Smallest In Europe

Because we're the only country in Europe stupid enough to insist that they must be small. This really isn't a surprising finding from Cambridge University... More »

7th, July Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Endure Feast And Famine In The Daily Mirror

TRANSFER Balls has a quick look at the kind of to-deadline exclusive churned out by the Daily Mirror... More »

7th, July Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Alexis Sanchez Move To Arsenal Is An Undone 'Done Deal'

TRANSFER Balls - Anorak's regular look at speculation and rumour being presented as fact in the mainstream press. Today the Daily Mail leads with news that Barcelona's Alexis Sanchez is on his way to Arsenal... More »

7th, July News 1

We Need A Free Press To Save Us From Child Abuse And Westminster Demons

WHY are we wasting money on this when we could be spending it on that?' is a favourite argument of the partisan. It's usually spurious. But this collection of front pages does make you wonder how the Press came to be the arch-villains of the unholy trinity of politicians, police, Press. And that in turn prompts further questions about the extent and expense of the phone-hacking inquiry... More »

7th, July Music

REVEALED: The Music Behind The Worst Album Art In The World

LESS than ten years ago, bad album covers suddenly became a “thing”. Sure, there had always been people like me: longtime vinyl enthusiasts who cherished these unholy creations; but, it took the Internet to really generate a widespread appreciation for the “bad album cover”... More »

6th, July News

Wali Watch: The Truth About Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi And His 'Expensive' Wristwatch

Oliver Duggan adds that Abu Bakr has been "ridiculed" for his wristwatch... More »

6th, July Liverpool 3

Transfer Balls: Liverpool Sell Suarez For £75.5m And Still Want Sanchez In Part-Exchange

TRANSFER Balls: a look at the media rpeorting on Alexis Sanchez, the Barcelaona player wanted by Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United (among others).... More »

6th, July TV & Radio

London Live TV Caption Hilarity (With Anthony Costa From Blue)

Just brilliant... More »

6th, July In Pictures

Tour de France 2014 Photos: Stage Two - York to Sheffield

Yorkshire laps up The Tour... More »

6th, July manchester united 2

Transfer Balls: Arturo Vidal Joins Manchester United For £22m Less Than Juventus Are Asking

What facts? More »

6th, July Sports 2

Andrew Strauss And Kevin Pietersen Trade Insults At The Crease

FORMER England captain Andrew Strauss chose to share his view of former England colleage of 82 Tests Kevin Pietersen at the Lord’s bicentenary celebration match between the MCC and the Rest of The World. Commentating for Sky Sports, microphones picked up Straus calling Pietersen a “c***” in an aside to one of his co- commentators, Nick Knight... More »

5th, July In Pictures

Tour De France 2014: Leeds To Harrogate In Beautiful Photos

Yorkshire never looked better... More »

5th, July Music

Jake Bugg Hates Music Festivals - Doesn't Mind Sexism

"I hate music festivals so much, but obviously to be this high up on the line-up and to be playing [at Glastonbury] is a privilege," he told NME. "But the actual experience of festivals I could really do without.".. More »

5th, July Music

Watch Robbie Williams Break A Fan's Arm In Newcastle

IT is always nice to watch someone successful make a fool of themselves. It isn't their fault we're all pathetically jealous, but they've got such nice and unusual lives, it is pleasing to find out their stuttering bozos like the rest of us... More »

5th, July Celebrities

Katie Price Tells Rolf Harris To Reach For The Sky

THIS week Katie Price was on the radio. She told us: “I have to confess if there is anything perfect about me, it’s my feet"... More »

5th, July Strange But True

Watch What A Drop Of Viper Venom Does To Human Blood

It's estimated that snakes bite around 5.5 million people every year, leading to 400,000 amputations, and up to 125,000 deaths... More »

4th, July Celebrities

'Sexless' Rolph Harris Smiles And Shows No Remorse As He Is Jailed

A GRINNING Rolf Harris arrived at Southwark Crown Court, London, by car with a large man in bad suit, thtree other large men, his daughter Bindi and his neice Jenny... More »