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16th, April TV & Radio

8 Entertaining Examples Of TV Phone-In Swearing

There’s nothing clever about phoning up John ‘Captain, Leader, Legend’ Terry on Chelsea TV and shouting, ‘You’re a fucking cu*t!’ Nothing clever at all. But you have to admit, it’s pretty funny.... More »

16th, April Gifs

The Greatest Weight Loss Gif Of All Time - Ever!

THANKS to Reddit user dignityblows, aka Amanda, we get to see the world's best ever weight loss Gif. And it might also be the world's best ever cured-of-wearing-glasses-gif, too... More »

16th, April Key Posts 1

Dead And Rotting Cyril Smith Stinks Less Than When He Was Alive

THE Liberal Democrats claim they had no idea Sir Cyril Smith, the Labour mayor of Rochdale who became the town's Liberal MP and that Party's chief whip, was a pervert.... More »

16th, April Music 1

Modfather’s Pay Out: Paul Weller Calls Daily Mail Voyeurs For Perving At His Kids And Gets Payout

MUSICIAN Paul Weller has won himself £10,000 in damages after pictures of his children were "plastered" on the Mail Online. The High Court said that Associated Newspapers had to pay up after Weller and his family complained about a number of paparazzi shots were published with the headline "A family day out: Paul Weller takes wife Hannah and his twin sons out for a spot of shopping in the hot LA sun"... More »

16th, April Music 1

Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher To Make A Record Together?

THE animosity circus that was Britpop, with everyone trying to outdo each other by saying "we're the best band in the world" and slating other bands was fun for 10 minutes. When bands like Scotland's The Gyres started calling themselves the best band in the world, everything got a bit claggy.... More »

16th, April Flashback

1930 Grand National: Jockey G Goswell Is Helped To An Ambulance As His May King Flounders In The Beecher's Brook Ditch

FLASHBACK to March 28 1930... More »

16th, April Film 1

Back from the Dead: The 5 Lamest Horror Movie Monster Resurrections

THROUGHOUT cinematic history, our most beloved monsters -- from Dracula and The Wolf Man to Freddy Krueger and King Kong -- have returned again and again to haunt our nightmares, and our movie screens. In any horror movie or monster movie sequel, the primary challenge is thus always quite specific: how do we get our beloved monster back after so thoroughly and completely defeating him at the end of the previous movie? How do we snatch defeat from what seemed like victory?... More »

16th, April Music

Dentist Plans To Clone John Lennon From A Tooth And Raise Him As A Son

A CLEARLY bonkers Canadian dentist called Dr Michael Zuk has spoken of his not weird and distressing at all plans to clone dead Beatle John Lennon and raise him as a son... More »

16th, April Anorak TV

Regretful Reviews: Supertaster Amanda And Paddy Spend 10 Minutes Reviewing A Terry's Chocolate Orange

IN this regretful review 'Supertaster Amanda' and Paddy Uglow spend 10 minutes reviewing a Terry’s Chocolate Orange?... More »

16th, April News

Local News Watch: Transgender Former Soldier Appeals For Stolen Corsets

Roxanne, 65, tells the News Shopper: "What gets me is she said she never wears suspender belts or things like that so why did she take them?"... More »

16th, April Anorak TV

Hail Mary! Hail Mary! Sing Along At Lent To The Hour of Our Death

ANROAK'S favourite Christian rocker William Tapley, aka the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse, has a song for Lent... More »

16th, April News

Swindon Council Fights Fish Crime By Removing All The Fish From The Wiltshire and Berkshire Canal

IN a bid to stop fishing, or poaching as the officials call it, on the Wiltshire and Berkshire Canal in Swindon, Swindon Borough Council has removed the fish, all 1,098kg (2,421lb) of the stuff... More »

16th, April Money

How Does Regulating Plastic Bags Stop Germany From Invading France?

IT was Sr. Barroso who told us, in a piece in The Times, that the aim and purpose of the European Union was to stop Germany from invading France. Again. So, every action of that European Union needs to be looked at in this light... More »

16th, April News

London Woman Suffers 'Smoke Inhalation' When e-Cigarette Explodes

E-CIGARETTES not only make you look like a pillock and a wimp, but they are no good for you... More »

16th, April News 1

Massive Asian Hornets Are Going To Kill Us All

KEVIN SCHOFIELD, Chief Political Correspondent of the Sun has news from the hives of power: VICIOUS Asian hornets three times the size of normal wasps are making their way to Britain, a chilling report warns... More »

16th, April Flashback 6

10 TV Shows That Time Forgot

WITH every fall season in the US comes another batch of TV shows doomed to failure. The history of American television is littered with roadkill – most of which we have collectively forgotten. Well, no longer. I have personally scooped up the scattered remains of nine TV shows to share with you. It won't be pleasant, but you can feel good that it's all in the name of historical preservation... More »

15th, April In Pictures

Penitents Of The "La Vera Cruz" Brotherhood Take Part During a Holy Week Procession in Cordoba

There be wizards... More »

15th, April Sports

Manchester City Balls: Daily Mail Creates The Weakest Back Page Story Ever

IN the race to produce a new story on every leading club every day of the week, the Daily Mail does not flinch. Today, the paper of record leads with news that Manuel Pellegrini has visited a cashpoint machine. More »

15th, April Film 2

Through a Glass Darkly: 5 Horror Films and TV Episodes about Mirrors

THE painter Pablo Picasso once asked who can see the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter. Popular horror films and television programs have long highlighted all three possibilities, but focused most intently, perhaps, on the mirror... More »

15th, April Celebrities

James Corden Says Something Truly Incredible About People At The Brits

FEEL free, at any point during this article, to tut to yourself "Cuh! Including yourself are we, Corden?" James Corden has hit out at some of the "horrible" people who attended the Brit Awards while he was doing a very thorough job hosting the dreadful ceremony... More »

15th, April Film

The New Noah Is Looking A Bit White - And There's A Weird Reason For That

European artists painted Jesus as a white guy and everyone cleverly ignored the fact that he would have at least been olive-skinned, or even darker. He definitely wasn't some white guy with fair hair and a neat beard who looked like he might be the road manager for Creedence Clearwater Revival.... More »

15th, April Money 2

Would You Use Facebook As A Bank? Because They'll Be Asking You Soon

IT looks like Facebook is going to open itself up as something of a bank. Why not, they've a billion users already and that could make them the largest bank in the world by a long way if they can pull it off. They're starting over here in Europe too... More »

15th, April News

Doctors Successfully Create And Implant Working Lab-Grown Vaginas For Women (And Men)

PSST! Want to buy a vagina? Four women born with an underdeveloped or absent vagina have been living with artificial ones for the past four years. The women hd Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome(MRKH).... More »

15th, April Key Posts

10 Terrible Easter Treats From Your Christian Childhood

EASTER is upon us. How will you celebrate? Chocolate and sweet treats are traditional methods. Let's take a look at some of the best Easter sweets for Jesus:... More »

15th, April Money 1

Airbnb Home Share Is A Boom To Prostitution

YOU may or may not know what Airbnb is. It's a system whereby people can rent out their homes, or an extra bedroom, for a couple of days or a week or whatever. And therefore it's also a website where you can rent a room in a town for a week or a night or two or whatever.... More »