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20th, November News

The 'Guardian Class' Want Video Games Rated For Sexism

In light of “Gamergate”, Sweden’s “government-funded innovation agency” Vinnova are looking at rating video games by their “sexist” content... More »

20th, November News

Andreas Hykade Shows Us What It's Like To Be A Drug Addict

What is drug addiuction like? Well, coming off heroin is like having your skin peeled off. Another friend had repeated, hellish flashbacks... More »

20th, November The Consumer

Real Barbie Dolls Comes With Spots, Stretch Marks And Issues

Want to see the real Barbie doll? Nickolay Lamm wants to show us what a real woman as a plastic doll would look like. His Lammily doll has impetigo, a mole, wounds, bruises and - unlike Mr Stretch Armstrong - stretch marks... More »

20th, November News

College Sex Modules: Univesity of Main Adopts The Nutzoid 'Yes Means Yes' Policy

Once upon a time college was fun and rebellious. Then it became about compliance... The University of Maine has adopted the ‘yes means yes’ consent policy... More »

20th, November Technology

REM, Depression And Genius: The Twenty-four Hour Mind

In Rosalind D. Cartwright's The Twenty-four Hour Mind: The Role of Sleep and Dreaming in Our Emotional Lives, she turns to a link between REM sleep and depression... More »

20th, November Strange But True

Pensioner Collected Hundreds Of 'Borrowed' Bicycles In His Apartment

EVEYONE needs a hobby... More »

20th, November Key Posts

Westminster Paedophiles: The Elm Guest House, Vishal Mehrotra And Whispers

THE Westminster Peadophile ring story continues to build... More »

20th, November Strange But True

Cambridge Man Arrested For Threatening Tesco Staff With Picture Of A Gun

TO the Tesco Extra store in Bar Hill, Cambridge... More »

20th, November Celebrities

The Sun Says: Sick Footballers Bully Gemma Collins By Comparing Her To Wayne Rooney And Shrek

GEMMA Collins is out the I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! jungle and the Sun says she's been bullied. No, not by a TV producer encouraging her to eat a kangaroo's anus. Gemma's been bullied by footballers on Twitter!... More »

20th, November Celebrities

Gemma Collins Gets £40,000 For Teaching Us How To Kill A TV Celebrity

WHY did weeping Gemma Collins quit the I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! jungle? ... More »

20th, November Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: Robert Murat Is Back On The Front Pages

The latest no news... More »

19th, November manchester united

Manchester United Are One Justin Bieber Away From Total Victory

MANCHESTER United news: the club's executive vice-chairman told investors... More »

19th, November News 1

Kyron Horman: Police Leave The Investigation To Sockpuppets And Haters

An up-date on the story of the missing child from Portland, Oregon... More »

19th, November Strange But True

Video: Spider Hauls A Shell Into A Tree For Shelter

SPIDERS are fantastic. They are also terrifying... More »

19th, November News

Free Speech: Timothy Stanley On The Death Of Thinking At Oxford University

WHEN the Oxford University's compliant, scared, iliberal wimps and bigots censored an abotion debate, anyone sane should have noted that "Free speech is under assault on campus". Tim Stanley was one of the speakers who was shut down by the unenlightend, ignorant mob... More »

19th, November Celebrities

Change The Bleedin' Record: Bob Geldof's White Saviour Complex Dreams Of A Black Christmas

Bob Geldof walks into this international effort as a nostalgia act from the 1980s. He seems unaware of all the parodies of his charity singles... More »

19th, November Sports

Brass Banned: Let's Pray The Dire England Band Get The Chop After Scotland Game

More »

19th, November Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: Robert Murat Is Back But Daniel Entwistle Is Still Missing

More »

19th, November Technology

UK Crowdfunding Project Will Bury Your Hair On The Moon

A British-led consortium has outlined its plans to land a robotic probe on the Moon in 10 years' time. Its aim is to raise £500m... More »

19th, November News 1

Molly Crabapple: Ferguson Showed The Truth About Police

Molly Crabapple write on Freguson, the small US city where a white police office shot dead a young black man... More »

19th, November Anorak TV 1

The Worst DJ Event Ever! A My Little Pony Disco Inferno

EVER been to a disco that made you feel awkward, terrible and upset at the realisation that you were among your people?... More »

19th, November Chelsea

Chelsea Balls: Didier Drogba Retires With His Scalps

YOU can only describe Didier Drogba's career as a rollercoaster. He's been sulky, wayward, stopped a civil war, been brilliant and of course, scored loads of ace goals. He's also had rather suspect hair since forever, but we'll let him off... More »

19th, November Strange But True 2

Hunter Shooting Dead Dear Shoots Hunter's Buttocks

THE turkey shoot in Dutchess County, New York. Hunter 1 has shot and kileld a deer. He's hauling it to his truck... More »

19th, November Fashion

Elly Prizeman Is British Fashion's Newest Star

Hello Internet Land! I felt I needed to write some words for all the questions, comments and feedback being received about the shirt I made for him that has caused such a stir... More »

19th, November Money

Yvette Cooper Wants To Tax Brits Going Abroad

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