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23rd, March News

Nazi bunker found in Argentina: but why bother keeping it a secret?

Have they found a secret Nazi hideout in Argentina? Researchers at the University of Buenos Aires have found old German coins dated between 1938 and 1941 and bits of 'Made In Germany' china in buildings deep in a remote part of the jungle... More »

23rd, March manchester united

Transfer balls: Paul Pogba to join Manchester United after signing and not signing for PSG

Transfer Balls - a look at drivel presented as football fact by the mainstream media. Today the Press return to France and Juventus star Paul Pogba. And news is that he's on his way to Chelsea and Manchester United... More »

23rd, March Celebrities

One Direction: Eleanor Calder puts her hair in a ponytail and Louis Tomlinson in her memory closet

Meet Eleanor Calder. Who she? Well, she is the ex-loved to One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson. Today's Eleanor's on the cover of the Daily Star. "Pain is etched on her face" after Louis was pictured kissing a "half-naked mystery girl"... More »

22nd, March News

Media bias: anti-Semitic attack on London synangogue was just a 'break-in'

What do we know about the anti-Semitic attack on a synagogue in London's Stamford Hill, a place with a notable Jewish population?... More »

22nd, March News

Indian villagers stage mass pooing against amendments to land acquisition bill

Can you poo on demand? They can in Jharkhand, eastern India, where around 60 locals protesting the Narendra Modi government's land reforms squatted and defecated on demand in front of the Barwadih office block... More »

22nd, March Arsenal

Liverpool and Manchester United Balls: 43 Seconds of Steven Gerrard out-performed 45 minutes of Adam Lallana

Liverpool lost 1-2 at home to Manchester United in the Premier League. We at Anorak always like to see what the local newpapers of both sides thought of the game.... More »

21st, March manchester united 1

Manchester United: Spitting Jonny Evans pleads the Winslow Boy denfence

Banned for spitting at Newcastle United's Papiss Cisse - who then returned fire with interest - Manchester United's Jonny Evans is talking to the Times. The headline - "If I'd genuinely spat, Mum and Dad would have been disgusted" - gives readers heads-up as to what the kind of nonsense they can expect. ... More »

20th, March Key Posts

The greatest news pun ever: Jilted Jun and one Rong don't make it right

To China, for what must be the greatest news pun of the century. The story involves Wu Hsia, 21, his ex-girlfriend Jun Tang, 20, and his new lover Rong Tsao, 22... More »

20th, March Madeleine McCann 5

Madeleine McCann: Innocent Brenda Leyland was hounded to death by the Trollhunters

When Brenda Leyland was doorstepped by Sky News reporter Martin Brunt, she became the "McCann Troll", the woman who under the name 'sweepyface' had bombarded Twitter with accusations and slights against the parents of missing Madeleine McCann.... More »

20th, March News 1

LSE Occupiers minority demand end to occupation and a campus according to Kenny Everett

To the London School of Economics, where students love the place so much they are occupying it. Occupation is good, say the LSE students shut inside the Vera Anstey Suite meeting room, now dubbed the 'Free University of London'... More »

20th, March Strange But True

Sunderland man tricked into crime by burrowing Rampant Rabbit

Sunderland magistrates' court calls David Hutchinson, 48. So. Why ddi he have an unpaid for £35 Rampant Rabbit marital aide device in his pocket he left the Ann Summers store?... More »

20th, March Sports

Basketball player with sexually suggestive name sees it used over and over

To Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, wher the local Medican Hat News has been reporting on Medicine Hat College Rattlers men’s basketball player Guilherme Carabagiale... More »

20th, March News

Cyril Smith: No guarantee police won't be prosecuted for blowing the whistle

Only the Daily Mail leads with the story on its front page. Readers hear news of "Another Cyril Smith Cover-Up"... More »

20th, March Arsenal

Transfer balls: Arsenal's Walcott to Liverpool, Sterling to Real Madrid and Manchester United's Falcao to the Arndale Centre

Transfer balls: The big football news in the Daily Mirror is that Arsenal's Theo Walcott is off to Liverpool. Maybe he will "Never Walc Alone"... More »

19th, March News

Dad straps child to motorbike and makes her go to school (photos)

To India, where 40-year-old Bhagwat Singh has been spotted taking his daughter to school in Uttar Pradesh, India.... More »

19th, March Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: the Police Federation and spelling it out

Madeleine McCann: a look at reporting on the missing child... More »

19th, March News

Darth Vader robs a bank: police say his outfit is 'rare' (video)

Disguise of the day: the man dressed as Darth Vader who robbed bank in Pineville, North Carolina... More »

19th, March News

Ashers To Ashers: Northern Ireland cakes shop makes muppets for Christians

Ashers Baking Company didn't want to bake a cake decorated with slogans supporting gay marriage. The Northern Ireland bakery doesn't want to make a statement about gay marriage, which remains illegal in the country. It also goes againt their religious convictions as Christians. So. Thanks for your enquiry but no thanks... More »

19th, March News

Westminster paedophiles: how police Sergeant Don Mackintosh and the church saved Cyril Smith in Stockport

Westminster paedophiles: a look at the story of VIP crimes against children during the 1970s and 1980s. The tabloid Press have been hot on the news of corruption in high places. Let's look at today's coverage... More »

18th, March marijuana

Pimp My Steroptype: woman smokes marijuana with Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran

Pimp my stereotype: an occasional look at subverting racial and cultural stereotypes. .. More »

18th, March Books

11 innocent children's books ruined by adults' dirty minds

Mindful of that, we bring you 11 books from childhood that took on alternative meanings in adulthood.... More »

18th, March News

The uplifting story of an armless man and blind friend who planted 10,000 trees in China

Jia Haixia is blind. Jia Wenqi is a double amputee. And rather than sitting around doing nothing they have set about enlivening the barren landscape around Yeli Village in northeastern China.... More »

18th, March News

Westminster paedophiles: Cyril Smith, Sidney Cooke and official secrets in Coronation Buildings, Lambeth

Dead Liberal MP Cyril Smith did not only paddle boy's bottoms. In the 1980s, he was arrested in London as part of an investigation into alleged sex parties with teenage males. It is further alleged the arrest was kept secret by police, who abused the Official Secrets Act to protect the alleged pervert... More »

18th, March Chelsea

Transfer balls: Chelsea make Bale, Varane, Reus and Messi their tops targets

Transfer balls spoits the Daily Express story that Chelsea will spend £150m this summer. Anthony Chapman calls this "incredible". And it would be... More »

18th, March Fashion

Daily Mail invites readers to perv at 'underge' American Apparel model in her underwear

Irony overload in the Daily Mail, which brings news that an advert by fashion company American Apparel has had "ANOTHER advert banned, this time for 'too sexy' photos of underage-looking model in thong bodysuit"... More »