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How do get rid of an unwanted dog in Texas: shoot it on Facebook

dog murder


A woman from Troupe, Texas, asked her Facebook friends:

“I need someone to come shoot my dog, nobody here has the heart to do it! We will provide the gun!”

Mad, indeed. What Texan doesn’t own a gun? Like you, we too smell something stinky, and it’s not the 3-year-old Saint Bernard/English bulldog mix named Cinnamon.

Nicholas Pet Haven of Tyler, Texas, took the bait. He called Troup PD. They called the Smith County Animal Control. Between them you’d think they had loads guns. But they didn’t shoot the dog. They saved the dog that kept getting in the garbage.


dog  murder gun


“It’s devastating,” said animal shelter coordinator Nanette Moss. “I work with these dogs every day. They are my life, and when she walked through my door it just broke my heart. She’s a sweet dog and how can somebody shoot a sweet dog?”

Well, no-one. No-one shot the dog. But the woman got rid of one to a good home.

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Chelsea Balls: Diego costa ‘likes to cheat’ says Kut Zouma

Kurt Zouma has come out in support of his much-maligned Chelsea teammate Diego Costa as the fallout from the striker’s contentious performance in Saturday’s 2-0 win over Arsenal continues to…well, fall out.

Althought, when we say “comes out in support”, what we actually mean is “inadvertently admonish as a cheat”.

Footage of Zouma’s post-match interview with BeIN Sport is currently being stripped from Youtube like wanno, but thankfully Eurosport were quick off the mark in the transcribing stakes.

It begins with BeIN Sports reporter Carrie Brown asking Zouma: “Of course Arsenal will feel hard done-by, they will claim you should have had a player sent-off in Diego Costa but this is a player that’s famed for riling other players isn’t it? Are you surprised that they reacted in this way?”

To which the Chelsea defender duly replies:

No, we’re not surprised because we know Diego. Everyone knows Diego and this guy likes to cheat a lot and put the opponent out of his game.

That happened in the (Arsenal) game but he’s a really nice guy. We’re proud to have him, like the other players, and we’re happy to win this game today.

Costa is currently waiting to hear from the FA disciplinary commission as to whether he will face retrospective punishment for his conduct against Arsenal.

We’d advise Kurt Zouma to keep his character reference to himself in the mean time.

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Pig sex legend David Cameron is a lightweight Rebecca Loos

HUNTERBritish Prime Minister David Cameron placed his penis inside the head of a dead pig. Well, so says a ‘serving MP’, who adds, anonymously, that Cameron tapped the dead pig’s maw to enter an Oxford University dining society as a student. The club was the Piers Gaveston, so named after the apparently edgy lover of Edward II.

It’s not all that debauched, though, is it? Had the pig been alive at the time and had Cameron been trying to off it by choking the thing to death, you might have a story. As is it, we’ve got the kind of aside any abattoir worker would laugh off as ‘kid’s stuff’.

The anecdote features in Call Me Dave: The Unauthorised Biography Of David Cameron by Michael Ashcroft and Isabel Oakeshott.

Which makes us wonder if either writer ever read Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 72′, the writer’s reportage on the 1972 presidential campaign. Thompson writes:

In both the Ohio and Nebraska primaries, back to back, McGovern was confronted for the first time with the politics of the rabbit-punch and the groin shot, and in both states he found himself dangerously vulnerable to this kind of thing.  Dirty politics confused him.  He was not ready for it….

This is one of the oldest and most effective tricks in politics.  Every hack in the business has used it in times of trouble, and it has even been elevated to the level of political mythology in a story about one of Lyndon Johnson’s early campaigns in Texas.  The race was close and Johnson was getting worried.  Finally he told his campaign manager to start a massive rumor campaign about his opponent’s life-long habit of enjoying carnal knowledge of his own barnyard sows.

“Christ, we can’t get a way calling him a pig fucker,” the campaign manager protested.  “Nobody’s going to believe a thing like that.”

“I know,” Johnson replied.  “But let’s make the sonofabitch deny it.”’

Also in Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail ’72, published in 1973, Thompson turns to the subject of journalism:

So much for Objective Journalism. Don’t bother to look for it here — not under any byline of mine; or anyone else I can think of. With the possible exception of things like box scores, race results, and stock market tabulations, there is no such thing as Objective Journalism. The phrase itself is a pompous contradiction in terms.

In Better Than Sex: Confessions of a Political Junkie, the fourth volume of his Gonzo Papers originally published in 1994, Thompson adds:

There are a lot of ways to practice the art of journalism, and one of them is to use your art like a hammer to destroy the right people — who are almost always your enemies, for one reason or another, and who usually deserve to be crippled, because they are wrong. This is a dangerous notion, and very few professional journalists will endorse it — calling it “vengeful” and “primitive” and “perverse” regardless of how often they might do the same thing themselves. “That kind of stuff is opinion,” they say, “and the reader is cheated if it’s not labelled as opinion.” Well, maybe so. Maybe Tom Paine cheated his readers and Mark Twain was a devious fraud with no morals at all who used journalism for his own foul ends. And maybe H. L. Mencken should have been locked up for trying to pass off his opinions on gullible readers and normal “objective journalism.” Mencken understood that politics — as used in journalism — was the art of controlling his environment, and he made no apologies for it. In my case, using what politely might be called “advocacy journalism,” I’ve used reporting as a weapon to affect political situations that bear down on my environment.

So about that pig… do you believe it to be true?

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Watford restaurant served horse to diners who ordered zebra

Meat is RED RUM

Meat is RED RUM

If you ordered zebra and received horse, would you notice? Is the marbling different – the zebra being the more stripy meat? Watford’s Steakhouse eatery has been fined £4,000 after steaks it served as “zebra” and “wildebeest” turned out to be horse and venison.


The Standard says food inspectors “noticed a ticket in relation to their order which read; ‘1 venison, chips and salad; 1 horse, chips and salad” with no reference to either zebra or wildebeest, St Albans Magistrates’ Court heard.”

No horse meat featured on the menu. But 22kg of horse meat was in the restaurant’s freezer.

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Jamal Muhammed Raheem Ul Nasir: paedophiles get lower sentences for raping white girls

Jamal Muhammed Raheem Ul Nasir


Jamal Muhammed Raheem Ul Nasir is a paedophile. He’s in prison. Good. But what’s odd is that when sentencing Nasir, the judge gave him a longer sentence because his victims were Asian. It follows that the judge wold have given him a shorter sentence had he only raped white girls. Where boys stand in the league table is not known.

We only know about this because Nasir appealed his seven-year sentence. He lost. He could not prove that he had not abused the girls, nor that they were not Asian. Via the Court of Appeal we learn that Judge Sally Cahill, supported by Mr Justice Walker, decided that the fact the girls were Asian was an “aggravating feature”.

The Mirror sums up:

Mr Justice Walker said it was fair for paedophile Jamal Muhammed Raheem Ul Nasir to get a tougher sentence because of the shame brought on the girls’ communities. Ul Nasir, 32, carried out sex attacks on two underage girls and was jailed for a total of seven years at Leeds Crown Court in December last year. He was convicted of two counts of sexual assault on a child under 13 and four counts of sexual activity with a child.The judge who jailed him, Sally Cahill QC, specifically said that the fact the victims were Asian had been factored in as an “aggravating feature” when passing sentence.

You still wonder how the abuse of predominately vulnerable white girls in Rochdale, Rotherham and Oxford went on for so long? 

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Jimmy Savile: BBC pays compensation to children’s home boy abused on BBC TV show

4th February 1965:  Disc-jockey, Jimmy Savile lights his breakfast cigar in the Bloomsbury hotel room which he has made his home.  (Photo by Chris Ware/Keystone Features/Getty Images)

4th February 1965: Disc-jockey, Jimmy Savile lights his breakfast cigar in the Bloomsbury hotel room which he has made his home. (Photo by Chris Ware/Keystone Features/Getty Images)


Jimmy Savile makes a return to the news, featuring in the Daily Express story: “Jim’ll fix it victim paid by BBC: ‘I ran away but BBC security team took me back’.”

The BBC, of course, attempted to squash its own investigation into Sir Jimmy’s alleged crimes, but did dear old Aunty really delivers victims for the depraved DJ to abuse?

THE BBC has paid £15,000 to a fan of Jimmy Savile who was molested in Television Centre as a teenager after writing in to Jim’ll Fix It. Savile paid for the young fan to travel to London only to hand him over to another abuser. It is understood to be the first BBC settlement to be made public following the Savile scandal.

Now aged 54, the victim tells all. It was 1977 when he wrote to Savile:

“When I arrived I was shown to his room at Television Centre and met him and there were other small children present… I ran out and tried to get help and asked the security men at reception to help but an assistant of Savile’s turned up and took me back to his room with security. I had been so used to being sexually abused I knew what was to come. A man in his 40s or early 50s joined us, sat behind me and said he would be taking care of me.”

The man says Savile was “sexually aroused” with small girl on his lap. Then someone named Brian came in and took him away.

“At this house (the club) Brian abused me and a much smaller boy aged between seven and nine who looked very poorly and thin and was also being abused by a very obese man… [Next morning] Savile came in, and took the other boy away and said I should hurry up to have breakfast. I had breakfast and Savile made me a lunch box.”

The teenager was was taken to Victoria Station and given £5.

He later returned to the children’s home in Northern Ireland, which has itself been the subject of a public inquiry into abuse.

That’s interesting. Kincora?

Says Robert:

“The BBC initially said that Savile was not known as a groomer and that was given as a reason for refusing the claim. Then they said my being abused by his friend was not something they could or would consider. I believe there are many cases where the BBC has refused claims because Savile was just the arranger for abuse by others and the BBC does not believe it is responsible.

“I believe this is a scandal because clearly Savile via the BBC brought me over to be abused by someone else.”

But what about the children’s home? The Express offers nothing.

Over in the Mirror, we get more:

NHS pays Jimmy Savile victims a paltry £10,000 – while half have yet to receive a penny

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Video: Watch Chelsea’s ‘cheating’ Diego Costa elbow Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny and get away with it

Chelsea beat Arsenal 2-0 thanks in no small part to dire refereeing that saw Diego Costa some how escape a red card.

Costa was shown a yellow by referee Mike Dean for clambering and slapping Laurent Koscielny. He then whined to Dein that Gabriel – whom he appeared to scratch – had trodden on his toe. So Gabriel was sent off.




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VIDEO: Watch loathsome Chelsea striker Diego Costa escape a red card for scratching, pushing, slapping and elbowing Arsenal


Chelsea were on rare old form against Arsenal this afternoon, with Jose Mourinho’s side adopting spoiling tactics from the outset as they hustled their way to a 2-0 win at the Bridge.

The game was tailor-made for Diego Costa, who was in his element as he baited, goaded, dived, slapped, bitched and whined his merry way through the match – the Chelsea fans gleefully serenading his efforts as he reeled through his entire risible repertoire.

As part of the act, Costa was shown a yellow by referee Mike Dean for clambering all over Laurent Koscielny, with the loathsome striker managing to get away with a couple of half-arsed slaps into the bargain…

Arsenal centre-half Gabriel was then sent-off for allegedly “kicking out” at Costa as the pair mingled on the half-way line – the point at which referee Mike Dean got all excited and duly lost all semblance of control of the match…

The Gunners then had Santi Cazorla dismissed in the middle of the second-half, the Spanish midfielder picking up a second yellow for an over-zealous tackle on Cesc Fabregas to duly leave his side with just nine men on the pitch for the final 10 minutes.

All in all, another dismal advert for Premier League football.

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Refugee data: 21% of 210,000 first time asylum seekers in past three months are from Syria

Eurostat has the figures on migration and refugees seeking asylum for the first time:

Over 210 000 first time asylum seekers in the EU in the second quarter of 2015


Over 210 000 first time asylum seekers in the EU in the second quarter of 2015


Over 210 000 first time asylum seekers in the EU in the second quarter of 2015


Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.54.19


Such are the facts.

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Refugees crisis: debunking the claim about Muslim cowards

DID you see the Facebook picture of the male refugees?





That image is a screenshot from a CBC news video. Other images from the same video are below:


Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.49.11 Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.48.26 Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.47.43 Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.47.32 Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.47.18 Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.46.28


Such are the facts.


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Arsenal and Chelsea balls: Wenger and Mourinho milk the shake

LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 26:  Arsene Wenger manager of Arsenal looks on as Jose Mourinho manager of Chelsea reacts during the Barclays Premier League match between Arsenal and Chelsea at Emirates Stadium on April 26, 2015 in London, England.  (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)


In readiness for today’s Premier League match between Chelsea and Arsenal, the Sun fearlessly confronts the serious issues:

PUNTERS can get 11/4 on Mourinho and Wenger shaking hands.

In “Hands up Jose: I’ll offer Arsene a shake” we once more revisit the issue of pre-match handshakes, something which occupied reams of print and hours of Sky telly when Patrice Evra and Louis Suarez, then of Manchester United and Liverpool, respectively, were in disharmony. And there was the Chelsea shake, when John Terry and Wayne Bridge were due to go palm-to-palm after the Chelsea captain had been accused of rubbing his hands and god knows what else over Bridge’s lover. And there was Terry once more, this time shaking and not shaking the hands of Anton Ferdinand and his brother Rio.

We’d always suggest that most football fans would prefer there to be no handshaking at all – no teams walking down the lines shaking hands before matches; no cloying talk of the ‘football family”; and no presenting of the match ball on a tee, as if it were the Holy Grail or golf. Most fans actually enjoy the animosity, the rivalry and the passion.

But we were wrong. The media tells us that the handshake is steeped in meaning. Shaking someone’s hand is not a shallow routine dreamt up by a FIFA wonk, possibly to mask the passing of cash, rather a sign that the handshakers are soulmates, working in harmony, each in tune with the other’s needs and morals. Don’t kiss the bride, shake her hand. And keep shaking it should she fall over, lose a game of Pictionary or be substituted for a younger, fresher wife.

The encouraging thing is that Jose Mourinho can work his snark into anything, and when the Sun says he will offer Arsene Wenger “a peace handshake” we give it the side-eyes and examine the comment for it being more loaded than Boris Johnson at a Bullingdon Club house party. Minds turn to previous peace handshakes between Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler, Tony Blair and Colonel Gaddafi, Noel Gallagher and Liam Gallagher.

Indeed the Sun adds:

He may put Wenger on the spot by offering him his hand in full view of TV cameras, instead of in the Stamford Bridge dressing room. 

That the TV cameras are zooming in on the managers’ hands is in itself odd – but when you have 6 hours of pre-match and post-match airtime to fill with chatter and heated debate, you seek action in dust. For instance, if Mourinho is using his hands to shake, will he not be using them to wave in the air and point at perceived signs of unfairness; will Arsene Wenger be able to work the long zip on his coat with just one hand? Will either manager mark goals, bad fouls or injustices with a handshake?

As for Wenger, well, he says:

“Realistically, people come to watch football and all the rest is a little bit secondary. What’s important is the quality of what we will see on Saturday at 12.45pm — and you want people to focus on that.”

You do. But BT and Sky have invested heavily in camera technology, so expect lots of forensic focus on pretty much any hand that moves or doesn’t.

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Immigration balls: Daily Mail says illegal immigrants in Dorset demand less British food



The Daily Mail has news of migrants – who are changed in the UK media from swarming, scrounging scum to joyous symbols of our noble humanity. The paper declares:

Immigrant deportation centre is ordered to make its food less British after inmates from more than EIGHTY countries complain about meals

Less British? What does that mean, then – less chicken tikka masala, lasagna and nachos?

Ben Wilkinson writes:

Illegal immigrants from more than 80 countries have complained about being served food that is too British as they await deportation.

Ok. So…

Nearly three quarters of the 575 men housed at one removal centre – half of which have criminal convictions – told inspectors they were not happy with the food.

They were asked is they liked the food.

Rather than traditional prison fare such as shepherd’s pie or fish and chips…

Traditional prison fare… Fare? Is Ben Wilkinson living in the 1850s? And, Ben, mate, porridge and gruel are traditional food for lags. ‘Doing bird’ is not a reference to roast chicken.

…the Verne Immigration Removal Centre in Dorset has now been told to serve up ‘more culturally diverse’ dishes in an effort to cater to the huge range of nationalities.

Big deal..


Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 21.34.48


Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 21.34.38


Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 21.34.31

The HM Chief Inspector of Prisons report published last month also said the English language menu should be printed in a range of dialects. The report reads: ‘The quality of food was adequate but it lacked cultural diversity – menus were not diverse enough to meet the needs of the population.’

The menus are only in English. You can read the full report here.

And in case you thought housing detainees in an old Victorian prison fort on Portland was anything but grim, Peter Bone, Tory MP for Wellingborough, is here to tell us that it’s not grim enough:

“To suggest we should mollycoddle these people who have no right to be here, or have been in prison, is ludicrous. We shouldn’t worry about the food as long as it is healthy and nutritional.”

Maybe Pete will be unhappy with this part of the report:

The separation unit environment was poor and it was used frequently. Some detainees were held there for several weeks. Cells were dirty, some toilets were filthy and the exercise yard was stark. Relationships between staff and detainees were affable but the regime was generally poor.

Or this bit:

The inspectors found 30 minutes of free legal advice was available and many detainees “struggled to obtain representation to fight their cases”.
Their report also highlighted “excessive stays”, including almost 40 men being held for more than a year, and one held for five years, which inspectors described as “one of the worse cases of prolonged detention we have seen”.

The prisoners were given a survey. One question was:


Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 21.16.37


Wilkinson adds:

Nearly three quarters of the 575 men housed at the Verne Immigration Removal Centre in Dorset – half of which have criminal convictions – told inspectors they were not happy with the food

No, Ben, that’s not true. On the above response, 52% said the food was ok or better.

And when compared to the last survey, 29% saying the food was very good or good does not mean nearly 75% said it was bad.


Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 21.35.34



As for making a complaint about anything – not just the too-British food – just 21% have.


Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 21.23.01


Such are the facts.


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Madeleine McCann: another £2m earmarked for 6 more months of searching

mccann-rewardMadeleine McCann is back on the news. The Sun reports “£2m boost for cops in hunt for Maddie”.

Why not offer that money as a reward and wait? After all, in years of looking for clues, the police have come up with zilch. Of course the News of The World offered €2.5m as a reward years ago. That paper shut down. The Sun on Sunday, its replacement, has yet to issue the same offer.

The story continues:

BRITISH cops have been granted an extra £2million to go searching for missing Madeleine McCann for another six months. 

And then what?

More than £10million has already been spent on the hunt for the toddler who disappeared from a holiday apartment in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz in 2007.

As ever all we get to do is look at the parents:

Her parents Kate and Gerry were last night said to be “extremely grateful” for the Home Office cash.

What else do we know:

But former GP Kate and heart doctor Gerry, both 47, have been preparing for the probe to be shelved.

Why are their jobs always mentioned?

They have put thousands of pounds into a fund for when it ends.

Sure. But if £2m lasts six months, mere thousands won’t go far. you need to spend the money wisely. Here’s the McCanns’ spokesman to explain:

“Kate and Gerry remain extremely grateful to the police. They are pleased that funding is in place. They know the investigation cannot go on for ever.”

It’s the story we want to end.

The BBC adds:

Home Office minister Lord Bates said the total cost to the end of June was £10.1 million, with another £2 million budgeted for the next year… Lord Bates disclosed the full cost of the investigation in an answer to a written parliamentary question from Lord Black of Brentwood. 

He said:

“The total cost of the investigation in to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann (Operation Grange), up until end of June 2015, is £10.1m. The Home Office has budgeted £2m for the investigation in 2015/16. The Home Office funds this work from the special grant budget. The level of funding provided to the Metropolitan Police in relation to this investigation is reviewed regularly and will continue to be monitored.”

Such are the facts.

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Video: Baltimore teenager charged with attempting to beat classmate to death

Sean Johnson baltimore


What would you do if you saw Sean Johnson, a burly, 17-year-old sportsman, beating a classmate before stamping on his face in the school cafeteria in Baltimore? Would you film it?

This video of Johnson beating his target is shocking:



The Root says:

A student at Baltimore’s Frederick Douglass High School is facing attempted-murder charges in a violent attack on his football teammate who he believed stole a piece from his football helmet… Sean approached his teammate asking if he stole the visor from his football helmet, which the victim denied. Nonetheless, authorities allege, Sean began “hitting [the teen] in the face causing him to fall to the floor unconscious.

The Baltimore Sun offers more context:

…city schools CEO Gregory Thornton and Douglass staff walked among the throng of students chatting and waiting for their buses. Students did not seem jarred by Wednesday’s attack, Thornton said, adding, “Unfortunately, they see it as normal.”

That’s entertainment….

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Haringey’s new logo lolz: ‘more than just a place. It is an attitude’

haringey logo


The London borough of Haringey has invested £86,000 on a new logo – their first new design for eight years. The new sign “communicates who we are today”. 

Haringey is “more than just a place. It is an attitude.”

Spotter: Standard


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Alexander Levlovich: turning a Jewish man’s death into a word game

The New York Times tells readers about the death of Alexander Levlovich, 64.

Jewish Man Dies as Rocks Pelt His Car in East Jerusalem

The headline originally stated another location:


nytimes hadid


Diaa Hadid continues – her emphasis continues to be on the dead man’s race (he is not just any man; he is a ‘Jewish man’):

A Jewish man died early Monday morning after attackers pelted the road he was driving on with rocks as he was returning home from a dinner celebrating Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, the Israeli authorities said. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called an emergency meeting to discuss rock-throwing, mostly by Palestinian youths.

But who tossed the stones at the Jewish man’s car? Is their ethnicity as important as it was in defining the man’s death?

Words matter in a place where nuances and context are important. Is Hadid guilty of telling and not showing?

Kevin D Williamson muses:

MEMO FROM: Copy desk

TO: New York Times Foreign desk

RE: Diaa Hadid for AM international; mark-up attached

HEAD: Jewish Man Dies as Rocks Pelt His Car in East Jerusalem [ED: “As rocks pelt his car”? How exactly did the rocks go about doing this? Are these special angry Palestinian rocks that get up off the ground and hurl themselves at Jews? Unless we’re talking about The Rock, in which case he’s going by “Dwayne Johnson” these days, I don’t think a rock is capable of committing an act of violence on its own.]

BYLINE: Diaa Hadid DATELINE: Ramallah, West Bank, 14 September 2015

COPY:  A Jewish man died [ED: “was killed.”] early Monday morning after attackers pelted the road [ED: “pelted the road”? They were aiming at the pavement? Please clarify.] he was driving on with rocks as he was returning home from a dinner celebrating Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, the Israeli authorities said. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called an emergency meeting to discuss rock-throwing, mostly [ED: “mostly”? Which other rock-throwers were discussed at the emergency meeting?] by Palestinian youths.

Neither reports are unweighted – although, unlike Hadid, Williamson is not presenting himself as a impartial reporter. Both are practising the journalism of attachment, the trend to present everything in terms of black and white, good and bad, right and wrong. And the journalist of a attachment is always on the side of the good.

Alexander Levlovich

Alexander Levlovich

An official version of event is told by the Israeli government:

Alexander Levlovich, 64, was returning home to the Armon Hanetziv neighborhood in Jerusalem at approximately 11 p.m. after a Rosh Hashana holiday dinner when his car was struck by rocks thrown by Arab youths on Asher Viner Street. He lost control of his vehicle, apparently also suffering a heart attack, and was critically injured when it struck a pole. Two passengers in the car were lightly injured. Alexander was evacuated to hospital and died shortly afterwards.

Levlovich, a divorced father of three, was born in Jerusalem and lived in the city his entire life. He was the manager of a residence for disabled people in Jerusalem’s Gilo neighborhood. Shimon Zurieli, Director General of ILAN, the Israeli Foundation for Handicapped Children, said: “He was a man of gold, with hands of gold and a heart of gold” who, with virtually no budget, found ways to make life easier for the residents. He was also an avid van of the Hapoel Jerusalem basketball team.

Facts. When an issue is emotive, it’s always useful to stick to them.

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Helen Mirren: the not so secret beauty regime

helen mirren face


Helen Mirren has been talking with Bella Blissett for the Daily Mail. When not selling Rubber Gloves, Dame Helen works for anyone company. Can you guess which one it is – and, no, the Mail didn’t see fit to label it’s article an ‘advertorial’:

The 70-year-old actress has four Emmy awards, five Baftas and two Golden Globes to her name, and received a damehood in 2003. In sum, she’s the epitome of a ‘national treasure’…

In sum, she’s the epitome of a ‘national treasure’…

Ok, we get it. Move on…

“I’m pretty laissez faire about my beauty routine… Yesterday, I whacked on L’Oréal Paris Excellence Age Perfect Hair Colour in Light Beige Blonde [shade 9.31] for 25 minutes, then washed it off – job done.’

Who is her ‘beauty hero”?

“I love cleansers and body creams that make me feel clean and fresh, but my absolute favourite is L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Classic Night Cream.

Blissett reveals the answer to our question:

Helen is a spokesperson for L’Oréal Paris Excellence Age Perfect Hair Colour, available nationwide


Who knew?


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Ahmed’s clock: Steve Wozniak makes a ‘bomb’ and Stephen Amell call time

ahmed'a clock


Ahmed Mohamed wants his clock back. Police in Irving, Texas, are satisfied that the 14-year-old’ clock is not a bomb. Ahmed Mohamed tells Good Morning America:

“The clock is still in the custody of the police. I want it back with my humility,” 

As Ahmed waits for his clock, Apple inventor Steve Wozniak shares a memory:


Apple inventor Steve Wozniak bomb


Ahmed only got a hug from Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton. But someone else faired worse.

“Arrow” star Stephen Amell said Wednesday that he will “go away for a bit” in the wake of controversial comments made on Twitter about Texas teenager Ahmed Mohamed.

What did he say?

“Didn’t mean to offend anyone today,” Amell said in a video posted on Facebook. “Wasn’t trying to equate things that are very, very different. Was simply trying to say that two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Amell was blasted on Twitter earlier Wednesday after tweeting “Stereotyping Texas isn’t any better than stereotyping Ahmed. Just so we’re clear.”

And that was it.



Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 08.56.00


We live at a time when any thought not bang in line with the conservative view is shouted down. You can set your clock by it.

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School suspends 11-year-old pupil who thought he had marijuana but didn’t



You know how it goes. You want to be with the cool kids but you’re a naif berk. You’ve heard that marijuana is great for looking grown up. You tell the big boys you can get some. You might even buy some from them. Problem is that it’s not weed – it’s tea / oregano/ your mum’s Bizzy Lizzy. And in the US of A that means trouble:

The student, the 11-year-old son of two school teachers, had to enroll in the district’s alternative education program and be homeschooled. He was evaluated by a psychiatrist for substance abuse problems, and charged with marijuana possession in juvenile court. In the months since September, he’s become withdrawn, depressed, and he suffers from panic attacks. He is worried his life is over, according to his mother, and that he will never get into college.

The only problem? The “leaf” found in the student’s backpack wasn’t what authorities thought it was — it tested negative for marijuana three separate times.


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Corbyn’s feminists: Labour MP Jess Phillips tells Diane Abbott to ‘fuck off’

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 18.22.45Thanks to Labour MP Jess Phillips we now know that women – portrayed by many as irony-proof, reactionary, weak and victims-in-waiting – can handle themselves. Phillips’ contribution to womanhood was to tell fellow Labour MP Diane Abbott to “fuck off” during a heated debate at a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP).

Phillip, MP for Birmingham Yardley MP, is upset that the four top jobs in party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s team have gone to men. She wanted a woman to get one or more of them, perhaps a woman like her – a woman who in the heat of diplomacy told Ms Abbott what to do. As she says:

“I roundly told her to fuck off.”

After which, according to Ms Phillips, Abbott “fucked off”.

Future Foreign Secretary Phillips tells the HuffPost:

“People said to me they had always wanted to say that to her, and I don’t know why they don’t as the opportunity presents itself every other minute. I said: ‘Who the fuck do you think you are?’”

The tableau only gets more lovely when we realise that Mr Corbyn and Ms Abbott, appointed Shadow International Development Secretary by the new Labour leader, were lovers in the 1970s.

It might also offer an explanation as to who daubed the graffiti on a wall in Stoke Newington Church Street, where Abbott is MP. For years the legend declared:

“Diane Abbott is a Slag”

Ms Phillips is not done. She adds:

 “It was nothing to do with the fact they were lovers.”

She then writes in The Huffington Post:

“Whilst our start was cordially disharmonious, perhaps me and Jeremy Corbyn can take this journey together. Me a new MP, him a new leader.”

She had us right up to’ journey’. Jeremy would put you inside your own special carriage, with all the other, strident, foul-mouthed women.


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As seen on Facebook: Ice Cube converts to Islam, joins ISIS and heads to Birmingham from Syria in a rubber dingy

Have you heard the news that ICE Cube, immensely likeable star of rap outfit NWA and Hollywood blockbusters, has joined Islamic State? We saw it on Facebook – so it must be true!




Balsall Heath – get ready to rumble….

Update: thanks to the massive error in this post, we’ve corrected it and had the writer deported to Ice T’s North Korean compound.

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Jim Gilmore’s big night in: the candidate CNN and you ignored

How many retweets?

How many retweets?


Dana Milbank has a great story on the Republican presidential candidate not invited to appear on CNN’s debate. Fifteen got the invitation. One did not. His name is Jim Gilmore.

“I’m very disappointed,” the former Virginia governor told me when I reached him on Wednesday. He paused, as if reflecting on his word choice. “Uh, actually, I’m angry,” he revised. In fact, “I’m really upset about this…

“It’s wrong and against the public interest. I just am rebelling against the unfairness of it all and the wrongness of it all. CNN is not being faithful to the stewardship they’ve taken on.”

So how did Gilmore spend his evening?

And so the former governor, Republican National Committee chairman and chairman of a national homeland-security commission did the only thing he could do: While the other candidates reached tens of millions of Americans on the airwaves, Gilmore went to his campaign office in Alexandria, Va., and tweeted out his own answers to his 1,500 followers using the hashtag #GOPDebate:

Was it a hit? Did it trend? No. After a few tweets were pretty much ignore, he tweeted that it was “all process and nothing to tweet about.”

Milbank got in touch.

Could he say how much money he has raised?

“Nope, can’t do that,” he answered. (He has not yet had to file a report to the Federal Election Commission.)

Would he run ads?

“We’ll augment our strategy with ads if we raise enough money to run ads,” he replied.

How about campaign staff?

“Okay, let me count,” he replied. “Dan. Dick. . . . Alex. Um, let’s see here. Um, Jeff. . . . I think seven at this point,” although “some are part time.”

Read it all.


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Bassem Eid has a message for the bigots, anti-Semites and the BDS movement

Bassem Eid, director of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group, has lived in the Shu’afat refugee camp. He wants to to talk about the man and woman in the street, the “average” Palestinian. In his view the Islamists, anti-Semites and the censorious Boycott Divestment Sanction (BDS) movement have hijacked the Palestinians, using them as devices through which these knowing can display their superior morals and dislike of the barbaric Israeli Jew.

Palestine is occupied by monocular Westerners who know best.

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