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Police Taser Thyself

Posted: 13th, November 2008 | In: TV & Radio | Comment (1)

How To Behave In London: Catching A Bus

NOTHING’S changed…much…

Posted: 20th, October 2008 | In: TV & Radio | Comments (4)

How To Write For BBC3

WANT to know how to write for BBC3. Here’s how…

And then…

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Posted: 19th, October 2008 | In: Photojournalism, Reviews, TV & Radio | Comments (2)

Wayne Rooney Predicts: Cheryl Cole To Win

WAYNE Rooney is the Sun’s Mr Ben, getting dresses up whenever wife Coleen wants to tell us a secret about his once private life.

Today Wayne is wearing a turban, rings on his fingers and a look of wonder.

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Posted: 15th, October 2008 | In: Sports, Tabloids, TV & Radio | Comment (1)

Nodding Heads: Berbatov Goes, Keane Goes, Defoe Goes

NODDING Heads: Just one more thing, Paul Merson

“They’re bottom of the league for one reason alone. Berbatov goes, Keane goes, Defoe goes” – Paul Merson on the Spurs season so far, Sky Sports

More sporting insight to follow…

Posted: 10th, October 2008 | In: Sports, TV & Radio | Comment

X Factor In Sex Change Shocker

HERE’S Austin Drage, X Factor finalist, doing his cover version of Bucks Fizz’s Makin’ Your Mind Up.

And if we wanna see some more… “No!” comes the cry. Get him off. But it’s too late. Alex whips off his Comfi-Slax to reveal a perfect ‘V’ that would shame the Red Arrows.

“I looked quite good as a woman,” says Austin, who is pictured rubbing his hairless chin.

This is “X FACTOR STAR SEX CHANGE SECRET”. It’s front-page news.

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Posted: 10th, October 2008 | In: Celebrities, Tabloids, TV & Radio | Comments (2)

Emergency As Celebrity Police Force Misses Arrest

SIR Ian Blair is gone, and the Celebrity Police Force is looking for a new leader to be tough on celebrity crime. (Surely have his picture taken with some of the country’s best lag talent? – Ed).

And while the search goes on, the Star brings news that Big Brother reject Rex Nomark has, allegedly, smashed someone in the face with his belt.

In other times the alleged victim, known only as John, would be invited to give a statement to police, and the CPF would haul Rex in to the station for photos and autographs.

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Posted: 7th, October 2008 | In: Celebrities, TV & Radio | Comment (1)

Strictly Come Dancing Judge Exposed As Straight Man

TO the set of the BBC’s bloated Strictly Come Dancing, then. And news that dance judge Craig Revel Horwood is an illegal immigrant.

We have never seen beneath the desk at which Revel Horwood sits, but allegations are that it houses a Colombian cleaning lady, a family of Ukrainian shoe polishers and three Bangladeshi waiters.

Born in Australia, Revel Horwood is alleged to have married a British woman called Jane in 1990, who he left 12 months later to set up home with one Lloyd Rooney.

The allegation is that Revel Horwood is not a camp dance judge with drip-dry hair, but a hot-blooded heterosexual male who has bedded women.

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Posted: 6th, October 2008 | In: Tabloids, TV & Radio | Comments (2)

Zeroes For Heroes: Simon Cowell Fights On The Front Lines

WHAT better way to salute the British armed forces than by instructing 12 wannabe singers and budding celebs to sing a warbling version of Mariah Carey’s Hero?

Answer: none.

The Sun features the X Factor’s first ever song for charity, and hears Simon Cowell say that:

“It’s too good an opportunity to pass up.”

Indeed, even in war there is opportunity for spivs, arms manufacturers and entertainers to get rich and famous. For Vera Lynn, read four-piece girl group Bad Lashes.

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Posted: 6th, October 2008 | In: Celebrities, Tabloids, TV & Radio | Comments (4)

Big Brother Housemates: The Cull Begins

BIG BROTHER stars in bloodbath,” screams the Daily Star. “AMAZING STREET BATTLE.”

And so the cull is upon us. OMA Law Of Perpetual Celebrity states:

“For every one new celebrity created an existing celebrity should be thrown onto the EU Celebrity Mountain; there should be no more than 62 front-line celebrities at any one moment; one must be called Noel Edmonds.”

If you want to find what happened to H from Steps, Caprice and Faria Alam go to Silo 13245b on the complex that borders Brussels Airport. Wear boots, overalls and no branded merchandise.

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Posted: 6th, October 2008 | In: Celebrities, Tabloids, TV & Radio | Comments (2)

Bush And Archangel Gabriel Drive Animals To Suicide

AS if the global warming wasn’t enough, the poor dumb animals have to listen to Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel as the Earth dies…

If only her dad had signed the Kyoto agreement… For shame!

Without Kate and Pete, you can hear the bow bend…

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Posted: 4th, October 2008 | In: TV & Radio | Comment (1)

Ken Livingstone Is The BBC’s Voice Of the Apocalypse

“THIS is the Wartime Broadcasting Service. This country has been attacked with nuclear weapons.

“Communications have been severely disrupted, and the number of casualties and the extent of the damage are not yet known.”

In the 1970s, the BBC and the Government made ready for nuclear war:

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Posted: 3rd, October 2008 | In: TV & Radio | Comments (4)

Muslim Fundamentalists Promise To Destroy EastEnders Omnibus

ANORAK has found it hard to admire Muslim fundamentalists. But this might be about to changes the Star thunders:


Might the front-page screamer read:


It’s Ian Beale, right. His plans for Square domination are the hallmarks of the Jew. First the café, then the fish ‘n’ chops shop, and when he has the world food supplies in his thrall, he comes for the little children…

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Quote Of The Day: Tony Jacklin’s Four Balls

SPORTING Quote of the Day: Tony Jacklin on golf…

“Tom Wesikopf pined a note to my locker door with just these four letters – TEMPO” – Golfer Tony Jacklin on Sky Sports


Posted: 3rd, October 2008 | In: Back pages, TV & Radio | Comment (1)

Harrowing Stuff: Knife Crime Ravages Yorkshire Village

KNIFE crime is not the preserve of the city or market town kebab shop.

It is everywhere. It is rife. To a barn in Yorkshire we journey where the everyday story of country folk features a young farmer impaled on a blade.

Harrowing scenes as Andy Sugden, of Emmerdale, is impaled on an iron harrow. His wife leaves him to die.

“How times have changed,” says Jane Moore in the Sun, recalling the days of home-cooked farm fayre, when a young famer would kill himself with a shotgun and the kids sold Es from the rave barn.

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Posted: 1st, October 2008 | In: Tabloids, TV & Radio | Comments (12)

Russell Crowe Cures The Credit Crunch

“I WAS thinking,” Russell Crowe tells US TV host Jay Leno:

The New Zealand-born actor announced, during a US TV talkshow appearance, a plan to cure America’s financial crisis … Crowe believes the US Government should give each American $US1 million.

His reasoning was that the US has a population of about 300 million, and a $US300 million outlay was a fraction of the $US700 billion financial bailout package rejected by politicians in Washington DC yesterday.

He should have thought a little harder though—a $US1 million handout to 300 million people would cost $300 trillion.


Posted: 1st, October 2008 | In: Celebrities, TV & Radio | Comments (24)

Channel 4 News Plays For Laughs With Inigo Gilmore

IS Inigo Gilmore, of Channel 4 news, a spoof creation, a parody, the work of a satirist?

In a report from New York, Gilmore attempted to show how life in the Big Apple was changed by spotting man selling discount suits, people not wanting to be filmed not talk to him, and Wall Street workers on their way to work with a sense of “urgency”:

Of course, as Gilmore on the scene will attest, Wall Street workers are famous for the Yankee Doodle Dawdle, the slow walk to the office that epitomises the laid-back Big Apple Over Easy Way.

Inigo Gilmore – a does of laughter in trying times…

Posted: 30th, September 2008 | In: TV & Radio | Comment

Andrew Neil Watches Andrew Duncan’s Back

POLITICAL insident of the day: Andrew Neil looks forward to look back…

“Shouldn’t you have had better hindsight” – BBC’s Andrew Neil to Tory MP Alan Duncan

With the economy shafted, the BBC in total control of the media  and politics a game for failures and company men aren’t we due a revolution..?

Posted: 30th, September 2008 | In: Politicians, TV & Radio | Comments (8)

ITV’s News Blackout And The Death Of Local Journalism

YESTERDAY the TV watchdogs announced they are to allow ITV to slash it’s news coverage in the regions (as Anorak told you it would three days ago).

ITV was once a collection of independent TV stations round and about Britain..but financially and inextricably linked more and more. They are hard pressed as TV ad men diversify and put less money into a rapidly burgeoning airwaves pot. Cutting the expensive local news teams is the accountancy solution.

It should be a matter of deep concern this is being allowed. The coverage so far has been that of stricken viewers bemoaning the lack of local and regional news which this is likely to cause. There should be huge alarm at the real end result.

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Posted: 30th, September 2008 | In: TV & Radio | Comments (12)

The Rosie Fingered Dawn Of Soapy Porn

“And over on ITV, Corrie turns more tawdry than ever,” says the Daily Mail, a fact illustrated by picture of Corrie’s 18-year-old slapper Rosie Webster in her bustier.

It is not the first time Coronation Street has gone for a shock effect using the Rosie Webster character. She was just 17 when scriptwriters cast her last year as a Lolita-style seductress having a sordid affair with her tutor.

How old was he, then? Just for, er, interest’s sake?

Mail readers clack their marmalade-coated tongues and fire off a foamy email:

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Posted: 26th, September 2008 | In: Tabloids, TV & Radio | Comments (5)

American Police Get Irony

EVEN American police get irony…

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Culling Time: Big Brother’s Jen Promises To Kill Sara

ANORAK calculates that there are still five more permutations for Big Brother housemates to work: Sara has yet to shag Jen, who has yet to shag Mo, who has yet to shag Steph, who has yet to shag Mario who has yet to be admitted to The Priory.

Today the Star reports that Sara has been involved in “girlie romps” with Jen.

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Posted: 24th, September 2008 | In: Tabloids, TV & Radio | Comment

BBC Is Hung Up On David Blaine

EXHIBITIONIST David Blaine is hanging upside down over a section of New York’s Central Park.

Anyone walking below Blaine should take an umbrella lest his catheter break, and, for similar reasons, a bucket and towel.

His hanging is a lead story on the BBC’s Breakfast show, on which presenters are invited to walk the fine line between snooty and trashy. Watching is not enough unlike tuning into a dinner conversation at a provincial golf club.

Sian Williams – who for deaf viewers and anyone who might want to draw their one conclusions attempts to read the news with her eyes alone (wide for a happy story; narrow for sad; squinting for disapproval) – wonders why anyone in their right mind should want to see Blaine hanging upside down.

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Posted: 23rd, September 2008 | In: Celebrities, TV & Radio | Comments (16)

Strychnine Come Dancing: Jessie Wallace Declares War


With Big Brother at an end, the Daily Star mans the news wires and looks elsewhere for news.

And it finds the sensation that Jessie Wallace, the former EastEnder starring as a trainer dancer on Strictly Come Dancing, has called model Jodie Kidd a “horse” and actress Cherie Lunghi a “snob”.

And when Jessie Wallace explodes, you’d best duck lest a sequin take an eye out. This is “war”.

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Posted: 22nd, September 2008 | In: Celebrities, Tabloids, TV & Radio | Comments (5)

Mike Atherton On Cricket’s Establishment

QUOTE of the day: former England captain Mike Atheron on cricket’s future…

“Over time the less established players very often become more established” – Mike Atherton

More to follow…

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