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Watch rare insects take off in super slow motion

Dr. Adrian Smith has recorded rare insects just as they take flight. Having attracted the bugs with a black light, plume moth, Smith captured their moves at 3,200 fps.

More from Dr Smith on YouTube.

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Woman gives birth to triplets carried in two wombs

Humans can create triplets a few ways. There are: fraternal triplets, which come from a polyzygotic pregnancy of three eggs; triplets from a dizygotic pregnancy, where one zygote divides into two identical foetuses – the other does not; and identical triplets – three foetuses from one egg. And now this:

A mother has become the first in the UK to give birth to triplets carried in two separate wombs.

Melanie Bassett, 32, already a mother-of-two, was stunned when doctors discovered she was carrying identical babies in one womb, and another single foetus in the other.

Brooke and Isabelle, along with their younger triplet Beau, were born in January.

Two wombs. And, yes, the mother is a woman.

Spotter: Telegraph

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Golfer Jack Nicklaus delighted his daughter marries a man called Todger

Todger Strunk Todger Nicklaus Christie Nicklaus

Hyumef golfer Jack Niclaus is delighter to tweet the wedding of his daughter christine to Todger Struknk.

For American readers and Todger’s parents, a Todger is British slang for a penis, a knob, a bellend. you get the idea. The other idea is that if Todger took Chrisine’s name, he’d be Todger Nicklaus.

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China cabin crew advised to wear nappies on flights

Back doors to manual on China’s airlines. A guide issued by the country’s civil aviation authority tells Chinese cabin crew to wear nappies and avoid the lavatory for Covid-19 safety. A full nappy might ensure a softer landing and deter all but the most ardent perverts from seducing the cabin crew, but is it dignified to crap yourself at 30,000 feet whilst serving dinners?

In no way linked to the cabin stink, crew are also advised to wear medical protective masks and disposable rubber gloves.

Passengers are advised to bring their own food; to do as Bill Clinton did and not inhale the moving air; and in case of emergency exit by the rear.

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London pub takes order for one Scotch Egg and 63 pints

Tier 2-ers can order a Scotch Egg and thus legally order alcohol to float it in. According to the rules, a Scotch egg is a “substantial meal”, something that must be ordered if you want to drink in the pub. Pubs can order or make a load of Scotch eggs and lob them at the punters. And it does not have to be large Scotch egg – containing a full hard or soft boiled egg wrapped in pork and breadcrumbs – it can be a Scotch egg of any size.

And so to a pub in London, where an order has gone in for 63 pints of beer, 12 glasses of wine and one Scotch egg:

Yeah, a Chorizo Scotch egg, which sounds revolting.

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Namibia elects Adolph Hitler

Old campaigners and neo-voters will be disappointed to learn that Adolf Hitler has no plans for world domination. Adolf Hitler Uunona, newly elected to represent the Ompundja constituency in the former German colony of Namibia, tells Bild his politics has “nothing to do” with Nazi ideology.

Hard cheese, indeed, on those hearing the news of Adolph Hilter’s victory and thought it the right moment to emerge from their Brazilian hideaways, Austrian bier kellars and, well, Switzerland to march again. (Not that they ever hid – more than half of the leadership of the West German Justice Ministry were former members of the Nazi party, including dozens of former paramilitary SA members.)

Mr Uunona says his father had named him after the Nazi leader, but said “he probably didn’t understand what Adolf Hitler stood for. As a child I saw it as a totally normal name. It wasn’t until I was growing up that I realised: This man wanted to subjugate the whole world. I have nothing to do with any of these things.”

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No deal Brexit promises boost for dogging in Kent

dogging brexit

“There is something deeply British about dogging.” So goes the opinion of a Government cabinet minister, who according to the Sunday Times, also noted, possibly with a sneer: “Do Europeans even do dogging?”

KentOnline offers the promise that a “no-deal Brexit could lead to increased dogging in Kent lay-bys”, a Great British hobby the minister says will be boosted by patriot British lorry drivers looking to alleviate the tedium of waiting in their cabs for paperwork to be sorted by engaging in traditional al fresco sex and voyeurism.

Dogging is now Great British Dogging. Look out for it on the BBC sports channels and a celebrity version on ITV 3.

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Got wood? Massive penis goes missing in Germany

If you get offered a large wooden penis about two-metres high, call the police. It might be stolen from the Allgäu region in Germany. The massive wooden wood has perched on the 1738-metre-high Grünten mountain near Rettenberg for years. “Someone must have sawed it over in a cloak-and-dagger operation,” the owner of the nearby Grüntenhütte lodge told the Allgäuer Zeitung.

Helmut Hunter, sorry, Holger Stabik from the police headquarters in Kempten is investigating. “Every possible clue is being investigated – but so far there are none,” he says.

Of course, you could just make another one. How hard can it be to fashion a massive knob from a tree? Or are locals just waiting for snow?

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Prince William needs a German or Greek passport

Prince William Brexit

A new biopic starring Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana needs a Prince William – and only actors with British-European passport holders can apply. If you’ve only got a post-Brexit British passport, you cannot audition for the tole. Apparently it’s something to do with the film’s financing.

But it doe make me wonder: does the future King William qualify for a German passport?

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Whack A Mink – 10 million Danish Mink rise again

Over 10 million mink have been culled in Denmark. The Danes found that the ambulatory fur coats carried a mutation of the Covid-19 virus. The Chinese eat bats. The Danes breed vermin. Who could suspect things would go wrong?

The Telegraph says offed mink have been spotted popping up from their graves. So let’s grab a spade and play Whack a Mink:

As if the Danish government’s rushed decision to cull and bury more than 10 million minks wasn’t a grisly enough story, thousands of the animals’ bloated cadavers have begun to re-emerge from their shallow graves.

The phenomenon was reported by Denmark’s state broadcaster DR on Tuesday after mink carcasses were spotted popping up to the surface at a mass burial site at a military training field on Sunday.

“It is an extraordinary situation,” Thomas Kristensen, a press officer with Denmark’s National Police, which is responsible for the mink burials, told state broadcaster DR.

“In connection with the decay, gasses form, which cause the whole thing to expand a little, and then in the worst case they get pushed out of the ground.”

“It seems like no one really knows the consequences of this,” Susan Münster of the Danish water board told Jyllands Posten. “I must confess I find it worrying.” 

Anyone not find it worrying? It’s like a Guy N. Smith novel made real.

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Police arrest Nick Gear for suspected burglary

To New Zealand, where police have arrested a suspected burglar. Stuff reports;

Nicholas John Gear, 31, appeared at Nelson District Court on Monday on a charge of receiving stolen property.

Yep – Nick Gear.

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Bank wants children for its ‘WANK Coloring contest’

Wank the dog

To Japan, where the Nishi-Nippon City Bank invited children in Nagasaki. to colour in the bank’s mascot. Just add come colours to Wank The Dog.

From the bank’s website:

The popular event “Wank Coloring Contest” , which was held at the West Japan City Bank last year and attracted more than 2,000 works , is coming to the city of Nagasaki this year! Whether you are familiar with Wank or not , be sure to wield your arm for a gorgeous prize !

Wank the dog

The contest will be judged by Groovevisions, who created the “timeless” Wank The Dog. Entries are limited to one WANK per person.

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Man’s Halloween decor so obscene police are called many times

One man’s Halloween decor is so obscene, so disgusting, so outrageous that police have been called several times to what look likes a slaughter on his front lawn. Police have rocked up and taken photos at the Dallas, Texas, residence. They have, however, not rounded up the usual suspects.

“It’s just fun,” says Steven Novak about his decorations. “Halloween is the perfect opportunity to put on a spectacle.”

“As an artist, I’ve always got projects going on outside so my neighbours always see me making things. They asked me when I was going to do something for Halloween and they finally talked me into it,” he told NBC News.

Rumours that the neighbours have not been seen for a while are just viscous gossip.

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New Yorker Leonard Shoulders falls into a sinkhole full of rats

Leonard Shoulders (real name), 33, was waiting for a bus in the Bronx, New York. Without warning, a sinkhole opened up beneath him. He fell in. He landed atop a pack of rats. Afraid of one crawling into his mouth, Leonard Shoulders kept his lips sealed. Unable to scream, he waited, enduring the horror and the pain from broken arm and leg. His brother tells the New York Daily News:

“He couldn’t move, and the rats were crawling all over him. He didn’t scream, because he didn’t want the rats going into his mouth.”

Leonard Shoulders (that name…) is now recovering in hospital.

In other news: New York City turkey farmer worries about shortage of meat for Christmas hotdogs.

killer giant invading german scottish rats britain daily star, daily express tabloids

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Huge 2000-year-old cat Nazca Line unearthed in Peru

Nazca cat

To Peru, where archaeologists have brushed the dust way to reveal a 2,000-year-old Nazca Line feasting the likeness of a cat. The enormous glyph was etched into a hill around 250 miles southeast of Lima, Peru. The big cat is about 120 feet long.

Why it’s there is mystery. Perhaps better to ask why it wouldn’t be there? We live in an age where big public works of art are all the go. That artists working for the Nazca peoples between 200 B.C. and 600 A.D. drew large artworks is a link to our shared past. And back then they didn’t have Netflix and Twitter to fill the day.

Not too far away from the big cat is a giant spider. And if the song is right, the images feature a trail which will ultimately end up with the bones of an old lady who swallowed a horse – to catch the cow, to catch the goat, to catch the dog, to catch the cat, to catch the bird, to catch the spider, to catch the fly.

I don’t know why she swallowed a fly. Best leave that puzzler for the scientists.

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Four clowns of the apocalypse descend on Fargo

Clowns can make anything worse. To Fargo, North Dakota, where Roxane Salonen and her teenage son are playing tennis. They spy four figures approaching. All four are wearing clown masks. They are the four clowns of the apocalypse. She calls the police and speaks to the media. The West Central Tribune takes up the story:

She said they were chanting something as they closed in on her and her son, but they quickly ran as she called the police who told her it was the second report of masked clowns in the city that night.

“Even if it was a practical joke, right now it probably isn’t a good time to be doing that, because there’s so much worry right now in the world,” Salonen said.

For Brenda Giere, the owner of Halloween Express, clown costumes have become more popular in her store over the past few years.

She said clown masks and suits have been outselling classic Halloween costumes like werewolves and pirates, just based on scare factor alone.

Clowns – with their masks, socially distancing shoes and clip on noses, will clowns be the human cockroaches that outlive the Covid-19 pandemic?

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Luxury holiday company promotes Auschwitz death camp as part of Christmas ‘escape’ package

The marketing blurb for Inspired Luxury Escapes is tempting: book your “escape” to Krakow. There’s booze, sausages and the world’s No.1 Nazi death camp:

As the Christmas period approaches, Krakow transforms into a captivating winter wonderland. With the Old Town’s medieval streets providing the backdrop, wander 80 market stalls picking up unusual decorations while sampling traditional Polish dishes. Not to mention everyone’s favourite festive tipple – mulled wine. Included in our special offer is a tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the most notorious Nazi concentration camps.

Mulled wine and so much more than the more humdrum Nazi death camps advertised on other Christmas escapes:

Inspired luxury escapes Auschwitz

Its a “great way to get into the Christmas spirit”:

Book now to ensure disappointment in the depravity of humankind.

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Hitler advertisers heaters in Taiwan : ‘Declare war on a Cold Front’

Hitler heaters

When you think of Germany, which personalities come to mind? Which individual makes you think of Germany? In 1999, for people in Taiwan it was Adolph Hitler. DBK, based in the southwest German city of Kandel, was advertising its space heaters:

“We decided to use Hitler because as soon as you see him, you think of Germany. It leaves a deep impression,” said Shen, who works in the company’s planning and design department.

Shen said the company had not been worried that the public would have a negative reaction to an ad that features a man who oversaw the killing of millions of Jews during World War II.

“Most people in Taiwan are not that sensitive about Hitler,” she said.

One country’s joke is another’s abomination:

It’s all about selling, right? Try to win over the audience and not put them off.

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Medics remove large snake from sleeping woman’s mouth in Old Wives Tale News

snake woman throat sleeping russia

Medics have removed a four-foot long snake from the guts of woman in Levashi, a village in Dagestan, southern Russia, says The Metro. Said to have been sleeping at the time and waking with a feeling of illness, the young woman was rushed to hospital. Hailed by the words “Let’s see what this is”, medics, we’re told, put her to sleep and inserted a tube via her throat. They then retrieved a 4ft “snake”.

So says The Metro in a story that lacks the woman’s name, the medical centre’s address and what happened to the long beast and the patient. Also lacking is a mask for the medic holding the critter and an explanation as to how the snake is hooked on the end of a piece of soft tubing slid inside the patient. Do doctors fish around inside their charges in Russia – literally? But no fear because in place for fact, the trusty Metro notes that the population of the local town is 11,500 and is at an altitude of 4,165 ft.

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Meet adult baby and nappy enthusiast Damien Turner

Dave: if you’re a cosy fit, will pamper you

The pandemic has been good for people who prefer to work from home. You get to stay in your pyjamas, at least from the waist up if you’re on Zoom; have the radio on; and use your own toilet. If you’re Damien Turner, 28, from West Virginia, you can even get to go to the toilet in your nappy.

Says Dave, a member of the ABDL community: “Gag-ga-go-toy-toy.” Or to put it through Goo-Goo-Google Translate: “Diapers are very convenient, comfortable, and cute. It’s a very nice lifestyle and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.”

He goes on: “Dressing and acting like a baby gives off a very calm, relaxing, safe vibe. It’s almost as if you were back in preschool without a worry in the world. Employment is hard. I’m constantly in and out of jobs. Sometimes my employers find my pictures online or just can’t put up with the fact I’m wearing a diaper and acting childish in the workplace.”

Drooling is ok, we art Anorak are pretty col with that. Scrawling on walls, yes, that too. Pooping your pants, less so. Also tantrums, strops, meltdowns and eating large green candles of thick snot straight from source are not much liked.

“I’ve lost a few childhood best friends,” adds Dave, most likely losing them when they starting shaving and mutated into adults. Although if Dave’s patient he might hook up with some old faces again when incontinence strikes.

Spotter: Mirror

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Cashing in on death: the Covid-19 plush toy (made in China)

You can buy a Covid-19 Plush toy and snuggle up to a stuffed effigy of the virus that has killed and contributed to the untimely deaths of thousands of people.

Covid-19 plush toy

Somebody wrote the following:

It’s quite incredible (and mildly terrifying!) how a bunch of tiny microbes can have such a profound impact on the world.

You’ve been trying your very best to avoid it for the last few months, but now you can get your well-sanitised hands on COVID-19 – in cuddly plush form!

As you search the web for a cancer cuddly or an ebola action figure, another company says a small percentage of money raised from sales of the cuddly Covid-19 plus toy will go to “charities supporting healthcare workers who need essential supplies, vulnerable families who need care and children who are losing healthy meals due to school closings.”

As nurses and doctors snuggle up to the thing that might kill them at work – and the sane wonder why you didn’t just give all the money to charity – you can know that the Covid-19 toy is made in China – just like the real thing!

Covid 19 plush toy

Says no-one: ‘Where can I get Covid-1 to 18 and complete the set?’

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Boy snorted out plastic Lego piece stuck in his nose for two years

Th side-effects of inhaling Lego cannot be overstated

For two years Sameer Anwar, 7, had a piece of lego stuck up his nose. The other day he sniffed a pile of warm, pink cupcakes, felt something move, blew his nose and the plastic toy fell out – covered in fungus. Sameer of Dunedin, New Zealand, slotted the Lego piece up his nose in 2018. He told his parents what he’d done. A trip to the doctor produce nothing. The advice was to sit tight and watch it come out the other end. It didn’t.

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Dead man comes back to life and win Lottery twice

In 1999 Bill Morgan, 37, suffered a heart attack and was pronounced clinically dead. Having narrowly survived a car crash, Bill was given emergency drugs which triggered an extreme allergic reaction causing his heart to stop. Medics pronounced him clinically dead. But after 14 minutes of inaction, Bill’s heart restarted. But he was now in a coma. Twelve days later Bill came round. The better news was that everything was working properly. He’d made an incredible recovery. And then luck struck. Bill won a car on the the lottery. Great news.

Lottery winner coma

Local TV got wind of Bill’s story and invited to him to relive the moment when he bought the ticket and won the car. So off Bill went to the shop with the TV crew in tow. He’d show them how he’d bought the ticket and won the car – a useful asset to a man living in a caravan. The cameras rolled. Bill played along. He bought a new ticket. And checked the numbers. “I just won 250,000,” said Bill. “I am not joking. I just won 250,000. Please don’t film me.”I don’t believe this is happening. I think I will have another heart attack. Oh gosh!”

Spotter: Flashbak

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Black panther shadows a leopard in a brilliant photograph by Mithun H

Thanks to photographer Mithun H for allowing us to share his picture of Saya, a black panther, and a leopard mate Cleopatra in India’s Kabini Forest. “Usually in the courting pairs generally it is the male who takes charge and moves around with the female following close behind. But with this couple, it was definitely Cleo who was in charge while the panther followed,” he says on his Instagram.

Spotter: Mithun H

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